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  1. For those interested in a written history of Houston back in the 40s and 50s, there was a Houston Press columnist named Sig Byrd who wrote 6 times for much of the year, He started publishing his "Strolling in Houston" column in late 1947. These columns touched upon the many people and places Sig encountered in Houston; bar owners, bouncers, poets, painters, winos, housewives, and many more. He often would cite full names of people and addresses of home and businesses. He eventually turned some of these columns into a book, "Sig Byrd's Houston" 1955. I've been scanning his columns and p
  2. A Sig Byrd update. A small archive (753 and counting) of his out-of-print "Stroller" columns has been placed online... Also, a Google map of the many address and locations mentioned in the columns... http://g.co/maps/8nfcr
  3. On one of the other related threads... "A guy I used to know is the nephew of the guy living there. His uncle built it as an observatory in case of an invasion by "unknown" enemies...it is the biggest trailer trash piece of crap on a stick on the planet. Like the smell of dog piss and rotting mold? Have I got a place for you." What a great combination of strange architecture and conspiratorial paranoia. Previously, I had visions of Farrah Fawcett posters, wood paneling, brown shag carpet and bongs. But now I see maps of hidden government complexes, walls of short wave radios and diagrams of
  4. I hope I'm not asking about a building already talked about. But I had no idea how to even start searching for info about this place. Does anyone know the story behind this building? It is off of North St, near the 45N. Google Map link here... http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Houston,+TX,...p;z=19&om=1
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