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  1. And a number of these issues are complicated by issues inherent to implementing at-grade light rail in a city with under half the population density of LA... People talk about being pro-rail anti-metro. But being pro-rail to the point where you want to see rail regardless of how poor the implementation is will result in these sorts of outcomes. People make the case for rail, but that case consistently falls apart when you compromise grade separation just to see any sort of rail be implemented. Street cars vanished from modern society some time ago for good reason. When you limit yourself to surface streets, buses are a more efficient more flexible solution.
  2. Don't know if they make it themselves, but BB's Cajun Cafe on Montrose near Westheimer has a boudin po' boy.
  3. The thought of paying to induce additional wear and tear to my vehicles is absurd to me. And where people were going a constant speed before, you have them accelerating and breaking violently at times.
  4. They had a few signs up for "Bridge Event Parking" on Monday, at the bridge and on Harvin Blvd. I thought there was supposed to be some sort of event on Monday, but I couldn't find any listing about it from the city, and there were heavy thunderstorms all day Monday. Apparently there was an event Tuesday? But the bridge won't be open until "fall" which isn't too helpful. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/bellaire/news/6631528.html Funny, I remember the grand opening of the Westpark Tollway being rained out.
  5. I was in Sedona, AZ recently, where they replaced a few intersections along hwys 179 & 89 with roundabouts just under a year ago. They're at intersections where the major thoroughfare through the town is a state hwy, with small cross streets. Apparently they've been pretty effective at reducing congestion.
  6. So is your issue on Rice/Sunset that people are blocking the road off from allowing bicyclists to pass when they attempt to go around someone turning left, or that they're actually running people off the road?
  7. My guess, as it would be with most other absurd restrictions like this, would be the threat of "terrorism."
  8. Hah, I love it! "Customers were told that a nearby resident was afraid this business might attract the criminal element and complained to Fiesta. Even though MAM's signed a six month contract with Fiesta, Fiesta is exercising its right to terminate the agreement at any given time. ... We put our exclusive Crime Tracker to work and there was no crime to speak of over the first three months of the year at the intersection where MAM's is. MAM's is moving less than a mile and a half away to 20th and Rutland." http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=...&id=6874945
  9. I see this a lot in newly planted medians. Leaves me wondering if they don't want them to grow? Maybe limit the size so massive root systems don't tear up the roads later on. But that might be giving too much credit where none is due, prolly just poor planning.
  10. I think I even managed to reschedule a missed connection in LUV by myself when I was 12 or 15, going to spend the summer with some relatives. Might've been a bit tougher at a younger age, but really not too difficult.
  11. I was referring to how PureAuteur considered GWBush most liberal pres in their lifetime, and noting how there are different spectrums which someone can be conservative on one while being liberal on another. Not classifying the Heights as such.
  12. Fiscally liberal, maybe. But socially conservative. Perhaps the question in the OP could have been more specific.
  13. I thought this was an interesting use of silos: http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/05/07/abando...a-climbing-gym/
  14. I think it was just by the population of each county. But it looks like the people who did those did a set of 2008 maps as well, with a few shades of purple as well: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2008/
  15. That's nice, but it's obvious you haven't driven around there during peak times. Instead of posting that you doubt it, give it a try sometime.
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