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  1. Even more importantly, is it EaDOH or EaDOO?
  2. I went there today for the first time. Looks like a mall without a roof. Not impressed.
  3. Wow, they even have their own special names for colors! Would "Flesh of Christ" translate to "peach" in non-Fundie Land, aka the secular world?
  4. Spring break + good weather (for Houston) = lots of kids, families, and other people out and about at Hermann Park and the museums! The newest addition to the Children's Museum is AWESOME, by the way. Can't wait to see what's in store for the HMNS.
  5. Exactly. Widening roads is all Houston has ever done to address increasing traffic, which has resulted in roads like the above too wide to cross on foot safely (I know from experience). Houston needs to focus on public transportation in the core, not wider roads. It would completely change the character of these neighborhoods and make them even less pedestrian-friendly and more auto-oriented than they already are. There are enough areas in Houston with wide roads and mammoth freeways... we don't need them in the core.
  6. Is this true? Where did you hear it? What about the Bookstop on Alabama? Anyone know its fate? OH, they are! What is the deal with the Chronicle??? NONE of the other Texas papers have this problem. Why can't they name a link instead of number it? I'm guessing they re-use the numbers for some weird reason? I really don't get it. Don't they realize it hurts readership not being able to read a link after it expires? And it expires pretty quickly, so they direct you to find it ih the archives, but their search NEVER works, so you have to go to the cached page. It's crazy!!! I think I'm going to write a strongly worded letter!
  7. That's interesting. I actually thought Houston had a lot of playgrounds, parks, and greenspace. Not always the most utilized, maybe, due to summer heat, but available nonetheless.
  8. I live in 77007 and I'm much closer to downtown than River Oaks. I usually shop in the Heights or Montrose, sometimes all the way to the HEB in Timbergrove/Lazybrook. It would be VERY nice to have a grocer nearby. I think Targ
  9. I never thought about it, I thought everyone ate pimento cheese, but I guess it's a Southern thing. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6877304
  10. I am so confused. Can someone explain how the UH system operates again? Pretty please? How is UHD NOT a part of the system but bears the name while UH-Pearland is part of the UH system? I thought UH-Clear Lake was part of the system, too, but no?
  11. If those are the same townhouses I'm thinking of, roughly right across the boulevard from Hickory Hollow, they are closer to two feet than ten feet from the tracks. And around $300K if I recall correctly. Insanity! Agreed!! OMG I almost fell out of my chair laughing!
  12. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...c=19370&hl=
  13. I think you might be onto something. I don't know any women who listen to talk radio, conservative or liberal.
  14. Carl's Jr.'s menu looks better than Hardee's... that guacamole bacon burger looks yummy. Otherwise, Whataburger for me!
  15. Insightful post. It definitely rings true on some level, although I'm not sure if Dallas disassociates itself so much with Texas as the idea of how Texas is perceived, if that makes sense. As in, I've always gotten the sense that Dallas wanted to redefine Texas, and that's why they seem to cringe at the thought of being perceived as uneducated, uncouth, backwards hicks, while Houston doesn't turn its back on its working man roots and hasn't worried much about how it's been perceived until recently. I guess we are essentially saying the same thing. I'm curious, though, where do you think Austin fits into this? I've long found it incredulous that outsiders believe it to be so unlike the rest of Texas, when I see glaring markers of TEXAN everywhere there.
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