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  1. I loved U-Totem! I used to walk to the one at 3917 San Felipe at Willowick (it's now some kinda laundry place) and buy KISS cards, Wacky Packs, Whistle Pops, Marathon Bars and Mello Yellos. I lived on Piping Rock and that U-Totem was easy to walk to but I also went to the one on Westheimer and Westcreek. Any time I was taken to the Pacesetter in the Galleria, I would also be taken to this U Totem (I called it the Candy Store) for candy. Now I think it's called Westcreek Market.
  2. When I was at Rock The Bayou (RTB), I was told they had the land for the next few years. If not "Astroworld" I'd much rather have the land for fun concerts than what I'm seeing here. I was also told they were going to try and eventually have 3 or 4 RTBs a year. A rock/Metal one, a country one, a hipity hopity one and maybe a Blues or Modern Rock one.
  3. What is goin' on with this place? I went to that carnival yesterday and was kinda shocked to see all the open parking space. I ased a few of the carnies what was goin' on and was told somethin' about a parking lot sold to someone and a few other details I can't remember. After leaving the carnival, I went in the mall to ask. No one would say anything but from what I wasn't told, I could tell that somethin's goin' on that they don't wanna or can't talk about.
  4. When I 1st saw this thread and read "70's and 80's mall stores" I had all kinds of memories goin' through my head of ALL the places in the mall I liked to go to but "places you loved to buy your clothes as a teen?" narrowed it down a bit. Hell, the only "Contempo" I remember goin' to was at Astroworld and.....well, it was hard to find places in malls for clothes I liked. I had to go to places like Texas Tapes N Records on Spencer HWY. (I think it was 1615 Spencer? I'll have to look at my Houston Headbangers membership card....yep 1615 highway, South Houston, TX 77587.) Well, there was a place
  5. So, no one has any info on how big the Galeria location will be or if more will be added?
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of or know anything about a Houston band called 40/40 Junction?
  7. Over 100 bands over 4 days on 3 stages.....there will be non-stop music, as most, if not all bands will play during another's set or starting before one is done. Example: Skid Row plays from 5:35 - 6:50 Death From Afar Plays 5:35-6:10 and Victim plays 5:30 - 6:10 Or how Ratt will play from 7:20 - 8:40 Lita Ford is playin' from....oh man, i don't wanna think about that because I'm gonna have to miss Krucible for Lita! Okay, Black and Blue play from 11:30 - 12:10 and both Desangre and The Huns start at 12:00 - 12:40 and Lillian Axe starts at 12:30. So they will all fit. Peace
  8. I don't know if this has been talked about or not (I'd be surprised if it hasn't) but here it is anyway. 3 stages are goin' up on the land where Astroworld was. Over 100 bands playin' over 4 days (Friday, August 29 through Monday, September 1). A cool thing is some of these bands played at SouthernStar Amphitheater! Some of the bands playin' include Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Britny Fox, Bret Michaels, Dokken, Lita Ford, Azrael's Bane, Bang Tango, Helstar, Black
  9. Does anyone here have any pictures of the River Oaks Park (3600 Locke Lane) as it was in the 70s or even the 80s?The River Oaks Park is off Westheimer, between Larchmont and Maconda - or Locke Lane between Larchmont and Timber Lane.I grew up goin' to this park in the 70s and and have memories of the tall slide where it's just a grassy area for picnics now, the little red slide where some of the plastic slides are now, the The Pumpkin Stagecoach that's now outside of the playground area and other things. I now take my kids there and I'd like to see the playground area again as I remember it an
  10. Okay, so unlike the band, the city's name has a space in it (I'm sure the city of "Sugar Land" has been around longer anyway). Over all, I'm just lookin' for a safe and drug/drunk free (if that exits anywhere) area that's not to far from Planet Houston (My wife works in the Galleria area and doesn't wanna have too far to drive).TheNiche said "Depends on the neighborhood. With his budget, he's got lots of options". So I'm gonna ask what those options are. For example, we're lookin' for a 4/5 bedroom 3,000+ sqft house on a 9,000+ sqft lot (we want our kids to have a nice back yard to play in).
  11. What can anyone here tell me about the Sugarland area?Almost 3 years ago, my wife and I had twins and started looking for a house - knowing that our apartment wouldn't be big enough for the 4 of us. Now we still have our apartment (being used for storage and a place for our cat) but are living with my Mother until we find a home.We've looking in Houston, Pearland and Friendswood and now after hearing good things about Sugarland, we wanna look there too but first want to know what parts are safer.We're lookin' for a $200,000 - $275,000 home in a safe area with lots of kids for ours to play wit
  12. I emailed the owner of "Unlimited Snow" in Amsterdam who forwarded my email to their "client and the Houston initiator".He and I have exchanged a few emails and pretty much all I've been told is "The Project is still moving forward and progressing . Hope to start the infrastructure in the next 2-3 month's" and as for where it will be, I was told there's "Major development in the area". So I have no idea what that means and why I'm asking if anyone has more info.
  13. Does anyone have any new info on this?I've talked with the dude behind this who is won't say much about it other than they plan to "start the infrastructure in the next 2-3 month's". So at least I know it's still on but I'm hoping someone can give me more info?
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