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  1. R-O-T-F-L!!!! Seriously though, as a former Houstonian, I don't think locals have an issue with honest people making a good faith effort to get their lives back in order. However, I do think patience will wear out soon with those who couldn't make it in NOLA and are going to be dependant on public assistance long term. It is not like Houston didn't have a major drug and underinsured problem already; this might be the wave to topple the city's already fragile indigent care system.
  2. Quoted from the 09/15/05 Houston Chron Read here In any case, I'm sure the sensationalist nature of Houston local media, plus all the doomsday predictions from other forums will strive to provide "proof" that this is as much a Houston disaster as a New Orleans one.
  3. With recent assessments that 30%-50% of evacuees at the GRB and Astrodome are needing medical care for drug and alcohol withdrawal, and mass student fights breaking out between local and evacuee students in local high schools, and with greater New Orleans months away from functioning, how patient can Houstonians be with thousands of unscheduled visitors making their way in the city? Can the transportation, medical care, and educational infrastructure keep up?
  4. Here's the full quote: "What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas...And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." That just about sums up the Bush mind-set.
  5. Houston could have a bubble; there is simply too much available housing inventory to justify the runup in prices. I've relocated to San Diego, the supposed epicenter of the 'bubble'. With not enough inventory, demand is still high, even in a market with an affordability index of about 10%.
  6. It is owned by the same group that runs Fadi's. While not truly exceptional cuisine, it is a welcome addition to the Montrose and stays open late for the night owls. Be sure to get the hot pita out of the brick oven!
  7. A truly original piece. And one that surely cements the Montrose as a unique and progressive community. In an asphalt wasteland such as Houston, it is good to see culture and creativity colliding with the daily commute. I've since left Houston, but it will be art in the public realm such as this that makes Houston a city of possibilities.
  8. That brings up a question I was asked last week. Why is there even a need for apt locators in Houston? My response was that is was a great service for out of town people, but I could not really see the need for an apt locator if you already know the area you want to live in. In cities like NYC and other Northeast cities there is a huge need for apt locators as so many of the apt buildings are 5-10 units, but here where we have massive 300-500 unit complexes it seems like choices are pretty easy. You pick an area, find 2-5 complexes, search the net and go for it. Please don't take this post
  9. The Plaza is on my daily walking route from UST to Hermann Park and back. I've noticed this is the second week carpenters are inside hard at work. Progress is being made.
  10. before we waste our time on the phone and a day with an apartment locator, i figured someone here may be able to provide some insight. is this site legit? she's not looking to buy since she's not staying here for long. she works at beltway 8 and 290, but wants to live in downtown or uptown/galleria area. uptown probably makes more sense for her.
  11. I work as an apartment locator. My services are FREE to you... HaroldRAranda@aol.com
  12. Are you talking about the discounts and incentives I negotiate from the property manager on behalf of the renter? Discounts and incentives he might not have been aware were available to him? Did you care to mention the footwork I do in getting to know property managers who work with broken leases and other issues, so renters don't have to waste time going to places that are not going to work with them? Did you also care to mention how, as licensed real estate agents, we also have the ability to help the same customers we took on as renters, purchase a home in the future? You are correct in as
  13. Email me...I'm an apartment locator and I can help you with my FREE of charge service. HaroldRAranda@aol.com
  14. Why the Astrodome won't work... Soccer regulations demand natural grass. No exceptions. Then, roping off the upper levels of the stadium creates a cavernous, empty feel. It would dwarf any other stadium in the league and destroy any attempt at atmosphere. Any additional work on the Dome would really be unecessary and an expense that the new team could not finance. A hotel? So what happens when there are no teams staying? Hotel occupancy is hovering over 57%, so new rooms in a new hotel sitting in a parking lot with nothing else to do would be a waste. Understand that the leading MLS franchi
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