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  1. IDGAF what they call the project, just rebuild the crumbling infrastructure!!!
  2. At this point, all I'd ask for are some really basic standards and enforcement. I mean, it's pathetic. A new development was recently built near me where the poles were moved around and replaced but they kept a few absolutely useless ones within a few feet of the new ones. Why leave duplicate poles? A year later, they seem to be there to stay. Last year, it took me 5 months to get Centerpoint to remove a pole they left for over 6 months on the side of my building. Even more recent and nearby, Centerpoint moved more poles around and blasted out the concrete around them, leaving the busted concrete and a 4 foot pile of soil with no attempt to repave the area where they dug it out. That's something you just don't see everywhere else. It's a complete lack of care and enforcement.
  3. I’ve been enjoying viewing this tower at night from around Heights and Washington. The lighting on top pops from that viewpoint. I didn’t really notice it until this week.
  4. I haven’t needed much since the merger, but I can confirm it’s been a customer service disaster. They are staffed at about 25% from what I can tell.
  5. They are replacing busted curb segments as well. Never thought I'd see the day. It's a Christmas miracle. Also noteworthy, utility connections are simultaneously being installed into the future Phase 2 section of Buffalo Heights. At least it appears that way to my untrained eye. The pipes are being extended well into the property in 2-3 spots.
  6. That looks like an alligator gar. Pretty sure Buffalo Bayou was named after actual buffalo: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/houston-bayou-names-origin-15613757.php
  7. Based on the October Board packet, TIRZ 5 (Memorial Heights) is planning to expand its boundaries next month (see attached map). Here are some highlights: The annexed areas would include Shepherd/Durham between White Oak and Buffalo Bayous, Washington, Center, Westcott, and Waugh from W. Dallas to Allen. The city and TIRZ 5 have submitted a grant for 700K to study the Washington/Center corridors. With this annexation, the corridors would now completely be in TIRZ 3 (Downtown Market Square), 5, and 13 (Old Sixth Ward); all three entities could collaborate to fund infrastructure rebuilding/redesign. The Waugh Dr. bike lanes/resurfacing being completed currently by TIRZ 27 (Montrose) would be extended to Buffalo Bayou Park by TIRZ 5 in some fashion. TIRZ 5 would oversee the rebuilding of Shepherd/Durham from Washington to I-10, the missing link. No timelines were given. I'm assuming some of this is years out, but this is good progress in my opinion. annexation map.pdf
  8. Hopefully the repairs are made in time for the next flood! 🌊
  9. Bike plans always look pretty on maps.
  10. Per the Memorial Heights TIRZ September agenda packet: SITE B1 Ground Lease Tenant 50,000 Sqft Development • Design & Permitting: The ground lease tenant is continuing to progress the 50,000 sq ft development with an anticipated start date of first quarter of 2022. SITE B2 40-Story High Rise • Design Status: The B2 development has kicked-off design. Anticipated construction start of summer 2022. Unit count and retail square footage to be provided as design develops further.
  11. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/M-K-T-Bridge-reopening-now-uncertain-as-repairs-16451735.php Summary: Workers found more damage. More work will need to be done. Additional design work and permitting to follow. Finish date is uncertain. Classic.
  12. Pretty sure the city is buying a sliver of land here to add a left turn lane as they rebuild the road. I think I saw that a while back.
  13. per the Houston Parks Board social media. It's happening!
  14. I’d like to bid $0, Bob. Also, it hasn’t officially passed through the Senate yet, right? Not gonna hold my breath.
  15. Correct. Though I’m talking about Waugh between Washington and Buffalo Bayou. It started getting ripped up a week ago or so. Separate project but little to no information available about it.
  16. This lack of transparency bothers me lately. Take Waugh for example. For a year now on the “Build Houston Forward” website it’s been an improvement project shown as “third party funded” with very little information provided. The road just randomly starts getting ripped up just last week south of Washington with no notice. What’s being done? Who is funding it? Why this segment of road and not others that are worse. The right lanes of lower Westheimer have been known to cure my ED….yowzah.
  17. Sigh. Maybe the city should just sell the road to developers then use the proceeds to rebuild something else. Two holes, one pot. 🤔🤭
  18. The dang road needs a diet along most of the long stretches. Throw in traffic control, wider sidewalks, trees, etc. and it would be an economic boom to the area.
  19. The initial two buildings currently under construction have always been residential. 700+ units in both combined.
  20. There are still plenty of large warehouses along Shepherd/Durham just north of I-10! Perfect for Lowe's. The sheetflow from the parking lot can dump straight into White Oak. No problemo. And I'm still waiting on that 945-pump Central Houston Buc-ee's. I hope all these developers leave 20-30 acres for that.
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