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  1. My eyes are not seeing a north-south street connecting to Woodhead in this rendering. The original plan had one.
  2. If the Dillard's site is included, my money is on a 96-pump Buc-ee's Uptown featuring exclusive Texas glam boutiques.
  3. https://www.newquest.com/pdfs/Washington_Central.pdf Page 3
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/T5BnCjq Oops. Torn down. 😎 Oncoming traffic is finally visible. Looks like the new building footprint is now extended and a few tenants signed on per leasing brochure. Sidebar: the brutal BOA drive-thru went up for sale this week on the block east.
  5. Totally valid points, Luminare. Regarding alleys, my neighborhood doesn't have them. Perhaps a re-imagining of trash collection, much like Metro did with the bus system, should occur. As I always say, the City cannot continue to increase density without upgrading streets and changing the way things have been done just because "it's always been done that way" --- but I digress.
  6. This topic includes so many items all too familiar in my neighborhood in the Washington area. I really wish the City would consider a European style trash system in very dense neighborhoods--maybe they could even throw in an organic material tub. The current system's inefficiency in dense neighborhoods is off the chart imo. The amount of trash/recycling cans along the extremely narrow streets is just pure comedy--and gets funnier every year as more homes are built. My can gets skipped whenever a construction truck parks across the street at the very moment the trash truck comes by (It happened this very week). Come to think of it, it's usually an AT&T truck since they absolutely get off on tearing up the same stretch of "sidewalk" every few months. Anyway, I'm sure finding locations for neighborhood waste tubs would be a challenge, but geez, I'd rather occasionally walk a few blocks to the trash rather than deal with that damn rolling waste bucket that doesn't get picked up half the time. Hell, I'd have more space in my garage too. The property I live in has tandem garages. The housing cost was most definitely kept down due to this and it's not much of a hassle once you get used to it--one of those give and takes.
  7. Looks like part of this tract is being sold for 200 more apartments/TH rentals...likely the vacant parcel between the current apartment building going up and Larkin St... https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/04/22/houston-developer-to-buy-land-near-washington-ave.html?iana=hpmvp_hstn_news_headline
  8. $20 bucks on some soil being shuffled around, a strip center being developed then abandoned, and the rest going dormant indefinitely.
  9. I’m in BB Park a lot and often have visitors asking me the location of the nearest toilet. Their kid is usually doing the pee-pee dance when I inform them the closest public toilet is basically downtown.
  10. A while back, a plat was filed for 2.2 acres between Oliver and Brashear. The developer is listed as Mill Creek Residential... Project No: 19030635 Date : 2019/03/21 00:00:00 USE : NEW 3 STORY GARAGE (MASTER OF 3) Owner/Occupant : *MODERA WASHINGTON APARTMENTS Job Address : 2520 WASHINGTON AVE BLD A 77007 Valuation : $ 0 Permit Type : AM FCC Group : Structures Other than Buildings Buyer : *GARRETT LANDERS-GENZER Address : 7026 WASHINGTON AVE 273 77024 Phone : (713) 668-0705 SubdivisionPlatPDF_Washington_Center_Reserve_v2[1].pdf
  11. Plus, isn't Otto's still building at Durham and Lillian? (Is that quality? I dunno.) BBQ Bonanza! Pack those arterial nooks and crannies with some dessert within walking distance at future Voodoo Doughnuts!
  12. To raise land for new suburban homes in the flood plains!
  13. Kinda seems like an island at this moment due to the street grid...but there are nearly 2,000 multi-family units under construction within about 1 mile and even more planned---the opportunity exists for many thousands more in the area. UC planned demo Buffalo Heights* 232 1,000 -436 Northbank 269 Lower Heights 375 375 Broadstone Studemont 375 Crest at Taylor 381 Broadstone Arts District 327 former Detering Site* 300 Standard 301 1,991 1,944 -436 3,499 *estimated
  14. ...and right before that, I think the plan was several hundred townhomes.
  15. If it ends up being a Buc-ee’s, I’m moving to Canada.
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