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  1. I’d like to bid $0, Bob. Also, it hasn’t officially passed through the Senate yet, right? Not gonna hold my breath.
  2. Correct. Though I’m talking about Waugh between Washington and Buffalo Bayou. It started getting ripped up a week ago or so. Separate project but little to no information available about it.
  3. This lack of transparency bothers me lately. Take Waugh for example. For a year now on the “Build Houston Forward” website it’s been an improvement project shown as “third party funded” with very little information provided. The road just randomly starts getting ripped up just last week south of Washington with no notice. What’s being done? Who is funding it? Why this segment of road and not others that are worse. The right lanes of lower Westheimer have been known to cure my ED….yowzah.
  4. Sigh. Maybe the city should just sell the road to developers then use the proceeds to rebuild something else. Two holes, one pot. 🤔🤭
  5. The dang road needs a diet along most of the long stretches. Throw in traffic control, wider sidewalks, trees, etc. and it would be an economic boom to the area.
  6. The initial two buildings currently under construction have always been residential. 700+ units in both combined.
  7. There are still plenty of large warehouses along Shepherd/Durham just north of I-10! Perfect for Lowe's. The sheetflow from the parking lot can dump straight into White Oak. No problemo. And I'm still waiting on that 945-pump Central Houston Buc-ee's. I hope all these developers leave 20-30 acres for that.
  8. Sigh. At least the little trail they built will be well lit by the headlights of semi-trucks unloading Up & Up and plywood. So, there’s usually never a Home Depot without a Lowe’s right around the corner. Just sayin’...
  9. Right. The adjacent railroad wasn't built between the bayous just because it was convenient. It's the high point. I'd assume the property is a foot or more above street level and then it's another foot or two to get into all the vehicles. I would think most cars that flood in garages are parked on subterranean levels. Even if 100-200 cars flooded, I'd say that's preferred to 50-100 apartments that would flood at a wrap apartment. A centimeter of water will ruin a home's floors, but it takes a lot more to get into vehicles. I actually see this podium style as preferred. The 2/2 townhome
  10. Meritage Homes is working on a 243-lot community on the AMC site on Dunvale. I know I'm a little vacant in the head sometimes, but I thought there was an Uptown/West/Energy Corridor subforum? I didn't see it today. 🤷‍♂️ DunvaleVillage.pdf
  11. Details presented at the TIRZ 27 meeting confirmed that one travel lane in each direction will be removed from Waugh between W. Dallas and W. Gray. Also, 6' bike lanes on Waugh; 5' on Commonwealth; both with a 2' buffer. Parking will remain on Commonwealth w/ narrower, 10' vehicle lanes. Construction setup starts next week and will last 6 months. Also some minor curb/sidewalk/ramp improvements will be made on Montrose between Fairview and Westheimer and at Montrose and Westheimer as a stop-gap until that all is redone. Vague commentary by the Board essentially confirms that the Waugh/Allen/Mem
  12. This has been a complaint of mine at the H-E-B at S. Heights and Washington. The garage has no pedestrian walkway perpendicular to the parking aisles. Carts, full of water jugs and TP being hoarded for the next disaster, must be squeezed between vehicles.
  13. Me too! Regarding the last mile stretch: for one, that stretch of Waugh is not within our fragmented TIRZ boundaries. It's surrounded by TIRZ 3 (Downtown), 5 (Memorial Heights), and 27 (Montrose). TIRZ 27 is overseeing this big project and TIRZ 5 is about to construct the W. Dallas lanes from Waugh to Dunlavy. One of these three needs to expand their boundary. Alternatively the city could oversee an extension.................but I'd almost prefer a TIRZ do it based on outcomes I've seen in other parts of town. It's frustrating for sure but, hey, at least something is happening. On a simil
  14. Just a little heads up from the District C office: The Montrose Redevelopment Authority will hold a public meeting on March 31regarding the Waugh/Yoakum/Commonwealth Project, which is about to begin construction. This meeting is meant to offer information regarding the project as well as receive any questions and comments the community may have. The project will start at West Dallas Street and focus on walkability/biking, pedestrian safety, and overall street quality. Council Member Kamin is proud to partner on this project by contributing funds for sidewalks. To register, vi
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