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  1. Over the years I've had quite a bit of success with this very issue by using 311. I almost always submit a photo. With that said, I believe there are periods when cases get shoved under the rug--likely they are short-staffed, etc. I usually just wait a few weeks and submit the issue again--
  2. I wouldn't want to sit next to me either.
  3. Welcome emmanume! I follow housing around the state and can tell you it really just depends on the developer and particulars of the site. Mill Creek is one of several developers I know who tend to stay quiet. Others blast there plans out on social media for 8-10 years before developing. IMO location matters. When your neighbors are mostly commercial structures or vacant lots, there's little NIMBYism/interest/knowledge and less information is revealed. If the site didn't require city variances, etc. then less information is available to leak out. If the developer is from out-of-town, there are likely fewer HAIFers who know what's going on as well. 😎
  4. I haven't seen such scant litter and weeds along those sidewalks in the last ten years. 🚧🙄
  5. Fat chance! Even if we were ever blessed with decent sidewalks, they’d need to be wider than ever imagined to support the doughnut hips. This place has had a line for 8 days straight now. Day and night, rain or shine. On a related note (kinda), SN22 is having an AARP walk study performed at all the major intersections along Washington. I have no idea what it’ll influence. I mean it doesn’t take a study to confirm that the streets and sidewalks are total crap.
  6. Equipment on site again and large holes are being dug...this looks to be going up now.
  7. permit... Project Details Project No: 19140528 Date : 2019/12/05 00:00:00 USE : MASTER INCLUDES (17) SUB PROJECTS; NEW, Owner/Occupant : *MODERA WAUGH APARTMENTS Job Address : 716 WAUGH DR FL 17 77019 same site as this former plan:
  8. omg 6.5 to 7 years later and it's finally done! I don't exactly know when it wrapped up, but I've seen leasing banners for a few weeks.
  9. The grocery store argument really has little merit imo: https://www.papercitymag.com/restaurants/h-e-b-macgregor-market-grocery-store-houston-third-ward/ Fiesta ain’t that much cheaper. Plus, the market is changing. There is plenty of legal precedent regarding nuisance land use that affects surrounding communities: stinky slaughterhouses, toxic oil refineries, the list goes on. So community is a big deal when certain land uses are changing. But yeah, this development isn’t a nuisance. It sounds like the negative effects are more of a city planning issue: Will the drug dealers move? What will be done about that? Does the 4 need to be rerouted to have more direct HEB access to the Third Ward community? Will there be jobs? Could HISD and HCC pair up with a group and work on something? It’s not unreasonable to question the development with all the changes going on, but it’s not necessarily the developers’ problem. It is often that our city and region lack comprehensive planning tools to tackle issues that span various groups and areas. Case in point: flood regulations that differ from county to county despite a shared common watershed. Our fragmented governments and special districts tend to exacerbate the issue. But then again, some people just get off on confrontation—call it what you will. Ahem, Ashby high rise *cough* Freedman’s Town bricks* ahem. Limestone vs concrete in Houston architecture. Is it beer-thirty yet?
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