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  1. Sure rising rents can increase homelessness if a large geographic area is affected with little new affordable housing making up for it, but there’s without a doubt a lot more at play: the overall economy, macro/micro employment trends, the ability/inability of a metro area to house people in need, substance abuse trends, etc. And as someone mentioned, certain neighborhoods can be affected moreso when shelters, etc. are nearby.
  2. My two cents: vacant lots, vacant buildings, and general lack of human presence causes a lot of this activity. The number of vacant spaces in this area is very high at this moment in time compared to just 3-4 years ago.
  3. A relative of mine once referred to Southwest Memorial as being “downtown” and I was super confused. But now she’s in a psych ward so, yeah.
  4. Circle Oak: It’s the old George Foundation property, both sides of SW Frwy. I believe the first multi family property in the development is going in just north of the 762/2977 (Minonite) T-intersection. At least that’s what I’ve been told. :) this entire property will become a large mixed use development long-term.
  5. I’m fairly certain there’s a Ramada in College Station that looks just like this. Or maybe it’s in Waco. No, Shreveport.
  6. Per the July Board Agenda, TIRZ 5 has added a project per to the '23-'27 CIP: "Mill and overlay with the addition of bike lanes and improvement of pedestrian facilities: Dallas to Allen Parkway on Waugh Drive. This project will be completed in partnership with Precinct 1 and TIRZ 27"
  7. TIRZ 5 has added a project to their '23-'27 CIP. Here's the narrative per their July Board meeting agenda: Striping & signage south of Feagan to improve safety at merge with S Heights. The conversion, via restripe and curb extensions as appropriate, of Waugh Drive into a two-way roadway between Feagan and Washington Avenue. We are proposing a section that includes: 2 SB lanes, 1 NB lanes, and a two-way left turn lane Update of the Waugh/Yale signal at Washington Avenue and add a WB left turn lane. Modifications to the intersection of Waughford at Waugh to support two-way operations on Waugh. Dedicated left-turn lanes and a new signal at S. Heights at Willia/Feagan. Makes it easier for everyone to get to Spotts Park
  8. Preach. Lol is it still there a year later? It’s wild how many are just sitting in our streets and ditches. In classic COH form, they won’t attempt to remove rogue poles even if they are affecting drainage etc. Gotta call centerpoint. I had a few removed that were blocking culverts (for over 6 months) recently. Took a while and I had to nag for the right person, but they did it once they confirmed they were in fact leftovers. If I forget to dm you their contact info, remind me.
  9. Absolutely agree. 100%. It’s always good ‘nuf.
  10. Bwahaha. They likely have to start the engines and cruise around every quarter to keep the engines greased up. That’s all.
  11. IDGAF what they call the project, just rebuild the crumbling infrastructure!!!
  12. At this point, all I'd ask for are some really basic standards and enforcement. I mean, it's pathetic. A new development was recently built near me where the poles were moved around and replaced but they kept a few absolutely useless ones within a few feet of the new ones. Why leave duplicate poles? A year later, they seem to be there to stay. Last year, it took me 5 months to get Centerpoint to remove a pole they left for over 6 months on the side of my building. Even more recent and nearby, Centerpoint moved more poles around and blasted out the concrete around them, leaving the busted concrete and a 4 foot pile of soil with no attempt to repave the area where they dug it out. That's something you just don't see everywhere else. It's a complete lack of care and enforcement.
  13. I’ve been enjoying viewing this tower at night from around Heights and Washington. The lighting on top pops from that viewpoint. I didn’t really notice it until this week.
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