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  1. It’s risen 10 floors in about 3 months. Is that slow? I think it just took a while to ramp up. Also I’m enjoying watching this one rise from the north. It’s fun seeing a new tower poke above the bayou tree canopy.
  2. I could not find a post for this one...tried. 😧 Promise. 🙃 https://thedacoma.com/
  3. Took some pics around the NW Loop today---sorry the photos looks like hell in the post--when I click them, they look fine! I always have different outcomes with posting photos despite following the same steps each and every time:
  4. This one is still partially under construction, however mostly complete:
  5. Too bad Arne's jumbotron is staying put for the time being...it's ridiculous (yet not shocking) the City allows LED signs that essentially blind drivers for a few seconds. It's illegible at night! These signs are capable of being dimmed. Argggh.
  6. That 90 degree bend east of the Brazos River is done likely to avoid the bulk of state land at the TDCJ Darrington Unit plus it wiggles around to avoid existing housing along county roads east of FM 521. And yeah, there are some big names who own that land south of FM 1462, but it's also the path that affects the least number of existing homes and infrastructure. There are quite a few ranchettes and county roads with homes north of the jog.
  7. Per the release, It would also have to be in an opportunity zone—so east of Main.
  8. From what I can tell, the district isn’t including the Census Tract north of the bayou which includes the county jail’s 6000+ inmates. Only the federal jail on Texas and the JDC seems to be included in their non household estimate. Thus, they are likely using only a single tract as their base—not a zip code.
  9. Heh, just realized another full block at 3300 Washington is part of this sale... https://research.catylist.com/api/images/data/og/media/user_uploads/5d24e01d42628b0001d8c0a2_Washington Avenue_3300.pdf That's a lot of large land tracts for sale in this immediate area. It's probably only a matter of time before HISD sells the old Harper School building at 3200 Center which is just the HISD construction office atm. I kind of wish someone would buy the main part of that campus for some kind of adaptive reuse. There's something about it I like.
  10. I wonder if this would have a shared parking component for neighboring businesses if and when this got built. Wasn't the shared parking district thingy approved a few years back for this very area? More parking availability could entice greater infill on other small lots nearby. Of course, that would just help tack on a 31st space for all of us.
  11. It's basically in this map now...https://cohegis.houstontx.gov/cohgisweb/houstonmapviewer/ The Public Works layer has several road layers in the "active eng. and const. proj" folder: contracted overlay, inter-local, roadway, sidewalk, etc.
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