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  1. I often contemplate forming a volunteer group devoted to shoveling the 55 years of silt out of the damn streets, removing pieces of busted curb that broke off in 1979, and cutting the rebar that’s sticking out of sidewalks everywhere cause god knows the city won’t ever do it. But then I think about getting killed doing it, sued somehow, or how I am too busy...so I just delicate flower about it instead.
  2. Last week I saw what appeared to be heavy machinery inside the automotive joint. Not 100% sure, but it looked to me like the place was being cleaned up to be cleared out.
  3. TIRZ 5 is planning bike lane improvements and intersection improvements along Heights between I-10 and Washington (not sure what that will look like yet), and they are looking to find more future projects. Improvements to S Heights and the Washington intersection are an option for future funding. I’ve voiced my opinion with the TIRZ to fund this. I would suggest more do the same or the money will just continue flowing north...
  4. I absolutely see your point, however the city can and does control lot subdivision without a zoning ordinance. That’s basically what has added density to these areas. Just a few years ago they allowed denser lot subdivision outside Loop 610 as well.
  5. Surely people are starting to buy BM buckets and secretly live in these. There are just so many.
  6. I'm going to write another point of view on this. Just know the following: I absolutely want more bike lanes, I live in the vicinity of this, I'm a planner by trade, I don't own a car, and I bike a lot. Yes, a few folks complained about their truck not fitting in the garage, but all sorts of vehicles are parked along Patterson. Also, there's no evidence to suggest people aren't already parking several blocks away from their destination. My guests almost always have to park 1 to 3 blocks away from my home south of Washington. In the West End, nearly every single east-west street is extremely na
  7. Maybe the building just didn’t quite fit in with the downtown crowd and decided to leave the party early to avoid name-calling by the cruel kids! I can relate.
  8. The “eyeball house” vehicles forever parked on Jackson Hill at Dickson must finally move. Heh.
  9. Phase 1 of the sports fields looks nearly complete. The sand Volleyball courts are located just west of the fields in the photo and are already in use. Plenty of trees and nicely landscaped drainage ditches have been installed all around. I’m sure once grasses are sprouting in the spring a more seasoned photographer could get some good pics! The paths connecting park spaces, fields, and parking areas are great.
  10. Regarding multi-family occupancy just remember that overall Houston metro area apartment occupancy is at about 88% and it’s a about the same in Austin metro. It’s down 1 to 2 percentage points year-over-year just about everywhere ever since mortgage rates plummeted and the unemployment rate soared.
  11. Westheimer from the railroad to BS was annexed into the UK TIRZ a few years ago (Along with Weslayan). Perhaps that can get rebuilt using some TIRZ money eventually.
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