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  1. I noticed yesterday that construction very recently started here (SE corner of Patterson/Katy Frwy.) Project Details Project No: 19003585 Date : 2020/08/12 00:00:00 USE : 6-STY SELF-STORAGE BLDG & SITE WORK 1-6- Owner/Occupant : *CHILDRESS SELF STORAGE Job Add
  2. A family member of mine had a farm in far south Fort Bend Co in the late 90s; from the front porch of the house, you could see Transco on a very clear day...the light was almost always visible at night, roughly 30-32 miles away.
  3. 5922 Washington Ave. (The Classic, formerly Benjy's) has been sold to a developer according to Culturemap.
  4. The photo caption on the document's front cover incorrectly identifies the submerged roadway. 🙃
  5. Heh, call the District H office and raise hell!
  6. This 135-unit senior project was awarded tax credits so it'll likely start going up in 2021. Also awarded: Name Location Zip Units Type New Hope Housing Savoy ~ 6301 Savoy Dr. 77036 120 Supp Hsg Campanile on Briar Hollow SEC Post Oak Blvd./Briar Hollow Ln. 77027 85 Elderly 3300 Caroline Street 3300 Caroline St. 77004 149 Supp Hs
  7. While I agree it’s kind of ridiculous to consider building a toll road here already, 290 inside the beltway also serves as the connector to the 249 corridor via 8. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if one day there’s a Westpark-like toll road down Spencer Rd (FM 529)—that would connect nicely to a Hempstead toll road. The Southwest side is served by Westpark Toll, Southwest Frwy., and Fort Bend Pkwy. whereas this quadrant only has 290 to funnel into Loop 610. Ugh, but geez...more concrete.
  8. I like it but it should probably read “Ignore the line, don’t expect a fine* Small print: *the city lacks resources and the state doesn’t really care“
  9. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while for work...using 2018 pop estimates by census tract (as well as manually adjusting large suburban tracts that are half ag. uses/half urban), the center of population (green hexagon) for the metro area is Ella at 11th. The blue triangle (TC Jester at 18th) is the pop center after removing Austin County, Chambers County east of the Trinity River, Galveston Island, and Lake Jackson/Freeport.
  10. This is above my COH Public Works sarcasm pay grade.
  11. I spotted them running yesterday. Pretty neat. From what I witnessed, the buses didn't seem to have any issues driving in the lanes.
  12. Unrelated but nearby...I spotted survey stakes around the nearly 1-acre property with the small office building at 300 Jackson Hill. If redeveloped, a tower here would be surrounded by parks and have incredible views of DT, UK, and Uptown...and also the AIG building heh. Maybe it's nothing though.
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