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  1. Missed this earlier this year, but the portion south of Washington now turns on Blossom instead of Feagan: https://houstonbikeplan.org/patterson-street/ Patterson (shared) > Blossom (shared) > Jackson Hill (dedicated)
  2. Improvements to Heights Blvd. and some MKT trail intersections are now being planned by TIRZ 5. Construction planned for 2021 according to budget. Here are some highlights from the June Board meeting: Project No. T-0527 Heights Boulevard Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: TASK A: Final Design for Bicycle Safety Improvements on Heights Boulevard Addition of Shared Use Trail along Heights Boulevard: The overall work at this location involves striping of new bike lines on existing pavement along Heights Boulevard between IH 10 Frontage Road and Center Street, and adding concrete shared use trail behind the curb between Center Street and Washington Avenue. We understand that the existing sidewalk will be replaced with shared use trail. [Includes design of buffered bike lanes on either side of Heights Boulevard]. TASK B: Analysis and Final Design of HAWK Signal at Heights Boulevard and the MKT Trail TASK C Final Design of Safety Improvements along the MKT Trail MKT Trail at Heights Boulevard: Improvements at this location includes construction of raised crosswalk across Heights Boulevard and installation of new traffic signal. MKT Trail at Houston Avenue and Sawyer Street: Improvements at these locations includes construction of raised crosswalk across Houston Avenue and Sawyer Street. Includes design of landing condition on Northeast corner of Sawyer and crosswalk improvements. Includes design of pedestrian signal improvements at the Northeast corner of Sawyer. Includes signage improvements along the trail. Project No. T-0529 Yale and Center Intersection - Reconstruct intersection, replace signal and improve pedestrian crossing at Yale Street at Center Street.
  3. Thanks for sharing this link. So helpful for me. Nice to be able to toggle between shots within the last year.
  4. https://www.hcfcd.org/Recovery/W100-00-00-X068-Buffalo-Bayou#_ HCFCD has been building up the banks by re-sloping with concrete boulders and other rock for about 6 months now. They then cover/pack with soil and sod + redo asphalt trails. Some of this began breaking down in 2015 and 2016 even before ole' Harv. Glad to see it fixed. Phase 1 and 2 are done (I believe). Phase 3 (photo above) just started. Phases 6 and 7 have been ongoing for the last month or so.
  5. https://memorialheightstirz5.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Meeting-Packet-04-23-2020.pdf a few highlights from the April TIRZ 5 meeting agenda packet: Demolition & Abatement All demolition has been completed with exception to the Cullen Building. Hanover is anticipating closing on the Cullen Building land beginning of 2021 and commencing demolition shortly after. Off-Site Improvements Intersection improvements to commence in June 2020 starting at Allen Parkway and Shepherd. All internal streets, including Marston redo, planned to be complete in January 2021. SITE A (Under Construction) Mixed Use / Multi-family: (324 Units with approx. 22,900 sqft of retail/restaurant) Site A to be delivered 3rd quarter of 2021 SITE E (Under Construction) Mixed Use / Multi-family: (423 Units with approx. 20,000 sqft of retail/restaurant) Site E to be delivered 3rd quarter of 2021 SITE D 22 Story Office / Ground Floor Retail: (200,000 sqft office with approx. 10,850 sqft of retail/restaurant) Hanover is working to finalize a predevelopment budget to progress a portion of the design for marketing efforts. SITE F 14 Story Hotel with Ground Floor Retail: (approx. 200 keys / approx. 10,000 sqft of retail/restaurant) Hanover is working to finalize a predevelopment budget to gain a stronger understanding of construction costs. SITE B1 2 or 5 Story Mixed Services Concept TBD End user is driving final concept. Once identified, design concept to be progressed further. SITE B High Rise TBD No status currently SITE C High Rise TBD No status currently
  6. https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/METRO-BOOST-Network.aspx These improvements will be stunning--as long as the infrastructure is kept up. Looks like the first test is Studewood between White Oak and Cavalcade...I like that they are moving and REMOVING stops. Between major roads, stops are often too frequent and way too close to stop lights.
  7. I give it 6 months tops by the time those drainage channels will be clogged with silt and another 16 years before anyone in this cash-strapped town does anything about it.
  8. The Kipling School seems to be expanding again. The old warehouse-like retail building at 518 Shepherd was demolished about a week or so ago. The school's website suggests this addition is coming to the SE corner of Blossom/Shepherd:
  9. Only a demonstration project to remove a small piece of WO's concrete has been on the TIRZ 5 budget for quite some time and continually pushed forward in time. It's a hefty pricetag.
  10. The HHA has been vague about a specific development site along "West Dallas" (likely for good reason) but the map shown in the latest press release looks to be at this location. The unit count is similar to the one that burned. Again...no idea if this is the site. Anyone know? This looks to be a site they are hoping to add as part of their new, mixed-income approach. http://www.housingforhouston.com/media/56372/august 2019 board report.pdf (p61-64) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PTjtKsqvkGyv7rgOatspN7VwHzmqgUlF/view
  11. Looks like they may be saving the bones of this relic. They starting ripping up the guts yesterday.
  12. Over the years I've had quite a bit of success with this very issue by using 311. I almost always submit a photo. With that said, I believe there are periods when cases get shoved under the rug--likely they are short-staffed, etc. I usually just wait a few weeks and submit the issue again--
  13. I wouldn't want to sit next to me either.
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