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  1. skooljunkie

    Washington at Bonner

    I personally like it when parking is mixed--some garage, some out front, some in back. This way employees and delivery trucks can park in the hidden spaces and patrons can use the more convenient, visible spots. With that said, placing structures closer to the street has been proven to slow drivers overall. Drivers tend to speed at higher rates in places that are seemingly wide and open. Regardless, this is good infill on a small lot. These small, former car lots in this area are quickly going away. One side effect, which the neighborhoods will quickly realize, is that this lot currently holds ~50 bar patron cars that will now be parking on the residential streets. The residential parking permits won't work well on many streets due to the City's current method of defining these permit areas which tend to only benefit deed restricted neighborhoods without scattered condo and commercial structures. I can't wait to pop the popcorn and watch FB/ND blow up.
  2. skooljunkie

    Washington at Bonner

    haha--who was the influencer with the one at Jackson Hill...
  3. skooljunkie

    Washington at Bonner

    Infill retail/office: NW corner of Washington at Bonner. Another small vacant, asphalt lot bites the dust.
  4. skooljunkie

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    dupe topic--this is the W. Dallas site
  5. skooljunkie

    Lennar 363 unit multi-family @Taylor/Spring St.

    Demo underway
  6. skooljunkie

    6th & Waverly (The Heights): New Mid-rise Building

    I didn't see a drawing--only a photo of an existing HHA project used as artwork on the Report Cover. Is there a rendering? I would assume this would be a dense mid-rise or something similar like the one planned in Uptown a few years back.
  7. skooljunkie

    Lower Heights District

    ...someone has the site plan...gimme gimme.
  8. skooljunkie

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    What's the phrase? Rome wasn't built overnight? At least it's being reconstructed-- I can't say that for my neighborhood streets. Maybe the crew that put the masts up was able to squeeze their job in early and the crew that removes the old ones can't complete their job until all the roadwork is done?
  9. skooljunkie

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    That photo is of N Kirkwood at Memorial which is being rebuilt. The masts are new, as the road is nearly complete now. Google street view shows the history quite well.
  10. skooljunkie

    Hardy Yards Development

    Thanks southerncrj---and welcome! 👋
  11. I think these apartments are going in directly west of the townhome site. There is a stormwater prevention sign titled "Alliance MF" or something of the like right about where the western property line of those townhomes are going in...there was definitely clearing happening---but yeah, the photo mostly shows the townhome infrastructure now that I look at a map.