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  1. There are several people in the neighborhood that might be able to "fix" your door that you have now for much cheaper than what you would pay for a different door... What all is wrong with the door you have now? I know you mentioned a mail slot, which can be fixed with a new panel on the bottom of the door (easy), you had mentioned it being "flimsy"? I'd ask around before anything. D P.S. I don't mind taking a look and giving my opinion on whether it can be saved. Just let me know.
  2. Yeah, I was there. They had a few speakers but nothing new. They have quite a few federal and local agencies at work on it. No one in custody, no suspects, lots of tips. Told everyone to keep their eyes out and report anything suspicious.
  3. I'm not sure I follow you about a guarantee? From what I understood last night I believe he IS what you say as a "glorified security guard with the ability to arrest people." I mentioned to Bill that it would be a good idea to visibly post the statistics and have a tracking for each month on the HHA website to promote buy in and show the community that having the constable DOES make a difference. That being said, he gave some numbers from September and the only ones I can remember are 11 arrests, 900+ miles driven, 90 citations, 100+ citizen contacts, etc... Hopefully someone can add more detail around these numbers. These numbers do not include the times he has assisted HPD in the area. That is something else as well, he works in conjunction with HPD, using their calls as well as ones that come through his dispatch. Hopefully someone can add more detail around these numbers. Some of the other points he made clear as well is that this officer is dedicated soley to that area, which in turn allows faster response times, better visibility when something is out of place, or someone who doesnt belong in the 'hood. Also, for those of us who travel for work quite a bit, its nice to know there is a list you can request to be on and he will personally check on your house while you are away. As with any person, since he is assigned a fixed area it would lead me to believe he cannot help but become emotionally vested which would lead to more effort and better protection. Post any questions you might have and we can get them forwarded on to the people that can answer them. D
  4. What size is the opening??? I 2nd the idea of Historic Houston there on Clay St off Waugh. They have a ton of doors but can be a bit pricey. I have an extra 32" wide door with 8 panes and the ledge. From the outside, the hardware is on the left.
  5. There is already a thread on here somewhere over this. They nixxed the stripmall and are going to move the house, split the lot and build a new house on the corner.
  6. I paid about 86% after hard negotiations. I'm in the Heights.
  7. Has there ever been talk of putting a Metro line in to the NW? Maybe bordering the Heights and heading out towards 290? Just a question, I know they have their hands full now with all the other line but I'm looking 5-10 years out.
  8. I think $22 a month is worth having an on call law enforcement officer.... My question is, what if we get more than 300 people sign up? Does the price go down?
  9. Post it! I'll be one that will sign up. I got to meet with the guys that will be patrolling and I think it will really help our community out. Its still in the "testing the waters" phase so they need signatures of people who would be interested in participating.
  10. I was told by one of Councilman Gonzalez's people that safety issues as far as (pedestrian traffic, etc...) will be looked at after the construction is finish but I think it should be looked at DURING the design phase in order to place crosswalks in and the like in the correct places and if it is needed add some sort of signaling device. I think especially around Milroy Park, Bike Path Crossing there should be some sort of flashing crosswalk light INTEGRATED into the road, this would require placing them in the design phase. For a visual think about the crosswalks at hobby airport... I know the bike path is an issue but I think a spot that is just as critical is at 12th and Yale where people/children cross to get to the park. I can't count how many times I've seen/heard cars honking and speeding past almost swiping a person trying to get across. On a side note I do believe that the Councilman and his staff want to be involved and can make a change in the way the city plans on moving forward (i.e. looking at it during the design phase rather than after construction) . I would encourage you and any one else that has safety concerns to write an email to Laura Thorp, her email address can be found in a few posts prior. D
  11. Thought it was great! We need to do this more than once a year. We saw people we hadn't talked to since Ike, more events like this would help reduce crime and increase our sense of community! Here's what they put on the news last night. Thanks goes out to everyone that helped out, it was great!!! http://www.39online.com/news/local/kiah-national-night-out-two-story,0,2277029.story P.S. If anyone is interested in putting another fun get together, please let me know, we would love to be involved!
  12. Not a problem! Also, I forgot to mention, and since I havent seen it anywhere, TXDOT is planning on starting construction for the Yale on/off ramps and feeder road in 6 months... I believe that was the time period the city mentioned. Thought that was an interesting point... Get ready for MORE cut through traffic!
  13. I was able to attend and it was a pretty decent crowd (more than I think were expected) including Councilman Ed Gonzalez and staff, the HHA president, Heights Land Use Committee, the city project managers and a couple of city engineers, along with quite a few residents and business owners. I'll try and post the City's draft proposal up here after I get home. The long story short is... - Instead of 2 projects they plan on doing it all in one project with construction starting June 2010 and finishing by Jan 2012. - For the "high traffic" north (610 to 24th) and south (I-10 to 6th) they would widen the lanes to a full 44ft and pave them with concrete. This would be to accomodate the weight and traffic of large trucks. With widening this to 44ft they "believe" only 10 trees would have to be removed. This is mainly because of the damage they would receive durning construction OR the condition they are in currently. - For the rest inbetween they proposed using asphalt (tearing down to the ground, not recapping) with a 42ft width. They want to use asphault because it does not require as much of a "footprint" as concrete and more trees would be able to be saved because "most" of Yale is already 42ft wide. There was a concern brought up with this because there are some place on Yale that only measure 40ft in width and moving the curbs out that extra foot would cause more trees to be removed. The city had not taken this into consideration and had seemed to assume that the width was at least 42ft all the way down. - All sewage and other untilities are to be replace with up to code. It was brought up, if there was a way to bury the power lines along yale, could i be done? The city people were going to check on this but it did not seem feasible. - The project manager was going to file a request with the city to replace the sidewalks with the current 4ft rather than bringing them up to the 5ft code. - Safety was brought up in regards to street crossings and speed but the issue was "dismissed" because Yale is being considered a main thoroughfare and I quote "residential and thoroughfares don't go well together." I think I hit the highlights of the meeting... Having heard what the city has to say there are plans on doing the research into the assumptions made by the city. They are planning to take measurements of each blocks width, count how many trees will actually be affected by the curb moves the city intends, and research having the powerlines buried during construction. Please post an concerns or questions and I'll do my best to answer them. D
  14. Block and Beam ... Wood Frame... 1100sqft single level... 1920s Bungalow... No slab ELP? Not sure of the jurisdiction code? I'm in the Heights but not in the historic district. 77008.
  15. Yeah I was refering to the same. I have raised beds and don't have trouble with any of those weeds, burmuda sneaks in every once in a while but with the thick mulch is easy to remove. I agree on the mulch bit, I failed to make that point, thanks for clarifying! The way I have my fruit trees is a 1" deep 5 gallon "basin" built around the base with no mulch which I fill once to twice a week if there is no rain (I've worked with the soil and it's well draining, make sure if you take this approach otherwise it could damage the tree in the same fashion as Gary mentioned above. I've seen good growth since planting in June. Either way, do the research, there's a million ways to handle it just depending on how much time you want to spend on it. I didn't mean to sound confrontational, I just try to avoid chemicals. A good example of this can be seen in my constant war with Spider mites, while I am avoiding using 7 dust, I have been able to "control" them but not rid my poor tomatoes of them. If you have any organic solutions or ideas Gary I would love to hear them. I use an organic "soap" right now, and would like something more effective.
  16. I've been "reclaiming" my beds after moving in 2 years ago and have found that newspaper and cardboard when layered under 4-6 inches of mulch (I use coastal hay or alfalfa) will keep down all but the most stubborn weeds (I've got some tall plant that smells like licorice when bruised, that I cannot seem to get rid of)... Yes grass seeds will blow into the bed BUT cannot germinate because of the mulch thickness and will not penetrate the cardboard to reemerge from the ground. This coupled with raised beds/ good borders keeps out all grass with little effort. Keep in mind you want to maintain a clear area around the fruit tree base to promote rapid growth until mature. Here are a couple of good sources for info. http://blogs.chron.com/lazygardener/2009/09/sept_21_creating_busy_work_in.html www.urbanharvest.org Hope this helps! D
  17. My neighbors house is on the list... What are the regulations for living is such a structure? They are still here and I don't see any sign of them leaving.
  18. A good method that uses no chemicals and adds to the soil is to put down cardboard or paper then mulch... To plant just put hole in the material and put in the seed. This will kill the weeds/grass or at least keep them in control. A second method that worls well is sterilizing the soil by putting down plastic sheeting for a couple of weeks and letting the sun cook the soil... I would try to avoid using chemicals as they can have longer lasting effects and might cause problems in the future if you wanted to plant edibles with your flowers. D
  19. I will be there, and just to add to what was mentioned above... What I have been told is that they are considering several options: capping, cancelling, or moving forward with rehabilitation (losing 10, not the original 200+, mature trees in the mix)... Now, I would encourage anyone and everyone interested to come out and share their views BUT keep in mind if either of the first 2 options happen there is a greater chance of the city coming back sooner rather than later and not being as flexible or transparent on their plans. Hopefully, with our communities' involvement we can work out a deal with the city not only to replace the 10 mature trees we might lose but triple (maybe even more) the number in saplings. Please show support for compromise rather than defiance for any change what so ever. The only reason I mention this is because I personally live on Yale and would like a long term solution both the community and the city is happy with, rather than a temp fix that buys the city time to mount a plan which would cause us to be blindsided later on. Just my 2cents... D
  20. What are the pros and cons of the 2 different scenarios. Lifting the current 1st level and building out another level under it (essentially making it the 1st level a 2nd level)... OR popping off the roof and building a 2nd level on the current 1st level. Here's my thoughts on the matter. Option 1 Pros: Minimal structural modification to the current 1st level. Minimum damage to original interior etc... Cons: Lifting the house one level (Can it be done for a reasonable $) Option 2 Pros: Keeping existing footprint Cons: Complete structural modification to existing foundation and building Complete tear down of interior walls. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, D
  21. Walked acroos the street last night and ate there... They had really good food with good service. The prices we really steep for breakfast and lunch but were very reasonable for dinner (at least for what they were offering). They are supposed to finalize their menu in the next few weeks. Who know, maybe we will see prices drop.
  22. Becker Winery outside Austin has them for sale for $52... Thats really cheap compared to anywhere else I have seen.
  23. It will benefit us because in the next 20-30 years transportation how we know it will change quite a bit due to the lack of oil for big trucks...
  24. In the next few decades we will be LUCKY to have those tracks there. When shipping by truck becomes too expensive to get goods from outlying areas you will see an increase/revival of shipping/travelling by rail. I personally would like to see neighborhood rail transport return.
  25. As much as I hate the "clubs" in that area I can't say that the development is a bad thing... Why would you want to put in a quiet zone that would affect the establishments that were already there? Walters on Washington being a very unique venue that I would hate to see shut down... Is there a lot of support for this? Can anyone shed some light on this subject?
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