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  1. I don't know of any plans for a feeder going in between Studemont and Taylor? They have only talked about putting one in around Yale. This shouldnt effect the new Hike and Bike. On a side note, why didn't metro look at putting in a light rail along this old rail bed? Was there ever any talk around putting in a mass transit system along this route? I know its a bit late but just curious.
  2. Just to get back on topic... It would most likely be a lot cheaper and more effective if you went the route of area rugs. We have them throughout our house and have noticed a big difference when it comes to cold feet.
  3. Where would you suggest? Now, I think the money should still be spent on Yale but I don't really agree with how they want to spend it. Hell, if it were up to me I'd put in pavers as to make it a semi-permeable surface and push for the trolly cars back in up and down Heights to relieve some of the local traiffic but what do I know. Regardless of what happens, something needs to be done with Yale. It's condition and outdated signage is a hazard to the drivers and the residents who live in the surrounding areas.
  4. I think to answer your original question tho... They will send you a notice in the mail saying your property appraisal has been realized by the city. Then you need to protest if you think the appraised value is too high. You should have no issues with a protest especially when they see the sale price of the house last year. They dropped mine with no issue. You should be able to do all this all online.
  5. In response to this I think there is a difference in the neighborhoods in regards to the 2 streets and what borders either side. Along Yale you see a lot more residents that like to walk the Heights trail which for people residing on the west side requires a crossing of Yale and vise versa for the parks on the west side of yale for residents who reside on the east side. Also, you have a lot more commercialization along N Main and it seems to be a bit of a Neighborhood dividing line. At least this can be seen when looking at property values. I think if the neighborhoods were more developed across N Main and there was more foot traffic you would see some opposition. Furthermore, I support the repaving of the road and wish we were going with concrete instead of blacktop but I do oppose the destruction of so many trees and increases in speed limits. I agree that there is an underlying problem with inadequate enforcement of laws and insufficient speed control devices/markings... Funny how someone commented about the eletronic speed/radar gun on a speed limit sign. I think its an awesome tool and scares the majority of people into slowing down. I want one in front of my house. I'd just like to know where the city is in their plans for the construction on Yale... They were supposed to start last year. Of couse it was the same for the I-10 on and off ramp.
  6. Judging by your tag, you wouldn't even be able to protest the taxable value of you home for the year of 2009 since you just bought it. You will have to wait until next year. P.S. This is also when you could apply for Homesteaders Exemption and any others that you might qualify for.
  7. I've seen at least 5 accidents at 12th and Yale where speeders/ people running red lights have almost hit pedestrians trying to cross and swerved just in time (in the process rolling) or smoked car pulling out of 12th, when the driver on 12th did not expect another vehicle moving at 65MPH. If the city does indeed want to make Yale a cut through they need to take the residential idea and the impact into consideration. I'm really not all that worried about it considering that driving will be increasingly more expensive in the next 10 years or so taking many many cars and trucks off the road. I actually noticed a difference in traffic when prices were $4 a gallon in 2008. Another thing is as density increases and commercial property takes off up and down Yale you will see an increase in on street parking just like on Washington creating an environment that lends to finding alternative routes such as shepherd/durham for cut throughs. Edit: I am in a hurry, please excuse the grammer and cut short sentances.
  8. My neighbor and several other had pipes burst in the Heights over the weekend. It froze the ground (the first 1 1/2"). It seems as tho the orange tree I planted last year came through it ok with hay around the base. Hopefully we will start seeing warmer temps.
  9. I'd be willing to take some grass clippings from around my area (12th and Yale) for those people who don't want to pay for the recyclable bags. You would think that with Houston charging that much for bags and the high fine, neighborhoods would come up with a plan to use all that compost and put it to good use by selling it to boost the community programs/budget. If there is anyone in the Heights, I'm willing to lend a hand to help put a program in place.
  10. Sounds like he's already got an uphill battle... With the 99% congregation opposed bit. I find it VERY hard to believe this is true. So they want to knock it down for $60K... Then what??? Parking??? What is wrong with people?
  11. Yeah, I suppose I thought the pyro was a well-groomed, mid twenties, large truck driving, neighborhood resident? j/k I confirmed that the sign was new and it was from ORR again. It just said something about new retail developement and was situated on the lot where they knocked down that old furniture repair place right before the Hermann Lodge property. Anyone know anything about this? I hope its not more strip malls...
  12. 1143 Yale St http://www.hcad.org/records/details.asp?crypt=%94%9A%B0%94%BFg%84%8F%7F%7Bql%8El%87tXt%5BW%9E%99%A2%D3%89%95%C2e%7CU%89%85%86%C0%AB%A8%AD%86%5E&bld=1&tab=
  13. Kinda depends... Option A. (Brunch) Empire Cafe (food is a B, atmosphere is an A) for brunch and then head down to the museum district for something fun. There are always a lot of cool art and science exhibits. Option B. (Lunch) Pick up a picnic lunch at Picnic on Bissonnett and head to any of the nearby green spaces with a fun outing in the museum district afterwards. Option C. (Early Dinner) Nippon Sushi on Montrose then head to Alabama Ice House on West Alabama for live music starting at 4 on Saturdays. I've used all 3 and they were all a lot of fun. I ended up getting married so I guess it worked. Good Luck!
  14. Has anyone heard anything on this? Last I heard the city was moving forward with the asphault plan and was not going to be meeting with the the community anymore. Anyone heard anything different/new?
  15. Anyone else notice they put up new signs about the Heights Village development? We drove by there the other day and I swear I saw a "coming soon" sign. Can anyone confirm or disprove this? That property could be developed into some really neat retail/residential areas... As for the feeder ramp, that never got cancelled and is supposed to start construction around the same time as they break ground for the Yale street project. Why has the board been so quiet for the last couple of months?
  16. To add a bit. The toad in my hand is a Coastal Plains Toad... Welcome none the less in the yard.
  17. Just found this guy under some bricks I'm cleaning out of my backyard... Relocated him into a similar spot, hope there isnt any issues with moving him.
  18. Everyone likes the color... Green, like dollar bills... Must be those damned plants... One day, we'll show those plants... one day.
  19. Not sure if there was anything done on this but there have been quite a few of these spotted in my back yard, namely under my back window in our outside dog dish, croaking at night. We have seriously seen 10 or so at one time... Over the spring and fall it was them and the geckos that kept the bugs out of the back yard. Should someone know about this? They are endangered still right?
  20. I'd be willing to volunteer some time... Anyone else from the greater Heights area want to see what the HHA says about doing something like this? Maybe involve some of the schools?
  21. Does anyone have any PV panels or experimented with them? Is it worth it here in Houston? I see that Greenmountain has a netmetering (up to an extent) policy and with the drop in prices for the PV cells I wonder if it would be worth it... Thoughts? D
  22. Yeah I was a bit off with the 10 years ago pricing. Haha, I constantly forget how old I am and how much time has gone by. I don't mean to be gloomy and preachy on my prediction, I just see quite a bit being in the natural gas industry and I'm not sure a lot of people (even those I work with) are aware how much oil prices shape our life. I agree that there is a notion that everyone deserves an acre and 3000+ square foot house, throughout the U.S. especially here in Houston. Let's just hope they are OK with driving in traffic for hours. I think I hope your prediction of looking like LA in 10 years is wrong because if I do go out of town it would take hours to get home! Only time will tell, and not knowing is what makes life, life.
  23. Ok, so lets start with gasoline. It is produced from oil which is produced fields all over the world which: A. All the easy fields are being used up... YES it is a LIMITED resource. B. All the other oil is not worth the amount of money to extract it from the ground. So simple economics tells us that in order to extract that hard stuff from the ground we will eventually have to charge more at the pump in order to make up for the profit margins that the oil companies charge (if you think they will lower profit margins you are sorely mistaken). Thats why 10 years ago gas was .75 cents and now we see it fluctuating between $2-4 bucks. With the current rate of countries becoming "industialized" i.e. China, our cheap gas will not last, that is a fact. There is where we get $10-15, which may be sooner than 15-20 years. So, I'm going to jump out on a limb and say "what about electic cars?!"... Well, it's obvious that there is a niche market for them now. However, that niche market is not going to create the cheap used car surplus that gasoline and diesel autos have now. SO, theres a gap. How long will it take before everyone can afford an electric car??? How long before the current electric grid can support charging those cars? Ok so, you say that gets rid of a few (or more) communters. Lets flip the coin and look at what we drive on, asphault and concrete. Well... asphault is the stuff at the bottom of the barrel at oil refineries, basically a by product which as oil dissappears it will follow in cost. Now concrete, which is a much better product made from mainly crushed limestone BUT making that concrete is pretty energy consuming (hence the reason we use asphault instead). Where does that energy come from? Cheap gas, which in turn causes concrete to follow the rise in gasoline price. The only option to pay for these roads will be to charge for them, just as we see through the outer loop. So as you see the price will rise, by how much? Only time will tell, but it in FACT will rise. Maybe... although bus lines will also be effected by the rise in gas costs and will hit a point to where they no longer become feasible. I agree 100%, if you put enough time and money into it subways are possible. There was a reason I used the word feasible. It is NOT feasible to build a subway because of the unearthly amounts of cash and man hours in order to successfully complete it. The more feasible option would be to use existing roadways or construct a street level system. Are you aware of the effects that $4 gas prices had on our habits as a society in 2008? Do some research, I think you would be surprised. Edited for LOTS of spelling mistakes...
  24. Try the property at 12th and Yale... It should be condemned but they still value it as positive improvements.
  25. Next 15-20 years. This brings up a good question. Are people going to be willing to pay $10-15 or more per gallon of gas and sit in traffic? My answer would be no. I don't think we will see a sprawl like we have in the past, but quite the opposite. We have begun to see it all over the nation with the revitalization of our downtown and innercity areas because people are living closer to work/play/shopping and don't want to pay huge ammounts in fuel costs to get where they want to go. Think about how cities were structured and where people lived when fuel was too high priced to afford, vertical. You end up with something that looks like most large European cities, and New York. To say that we will be similar to LA as far as sprawl is saying that everything as it is today will continue with no changes. That being said, an inner city mass transit system with light rail and commuter trains doesnt seem so unlikely. Granted, light rail may not be the best option out there BUT is is a better option than most. Subways I'm going to say are not feasible simply because we have MAJOR, uncontrollable issues with flooding in Houston, which can only be managed and strategically built around. Raised, high speed trains is not a bad idea but you are right in the fact that Houston WILL not afford to put it in, not CAN not afford it but will not. If we were to take a good look at the transit plan they are building our city around, a lot of the contruction they are planning on starting in the next 10 years could be scaled down or eliminated if they redirected traffic to a mass transit system. I think we will see some big changes in the way we travel over the next couple of decades and this will cause big changes in the way that city planning thinks. D
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