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  1. The same thought went through my head... Secure the least likely, that won't draw media coverage and leave the most critical that will get media coverage in doubt. This creates an urgency and NEED to fund the other 2 lines in order to see success. Almost creates a job security type situation for METRO, which may have been the plan all along. I'm really hoping they don't pull the rail projects, as I think its critical for Houston's economic success in the near-distant future.
  2. My wife and I live across the street and have noticed they seem to be evolving their menu to fit their clients. We like it for a good bottle of wine (BYOW) and a nice meal away (200ft) from the house. Their prices are still high on somethings but have come down a lot since the opening... I'm looking to sit outside soon and watch the neighborhood go by. As to not jack the thread, we look forward to trying Pie in the Sky soon!
  3. That truly is great news!
  4. I stay inside the loop for the most part as well... Just easier from a mobility stand point and we have everything we need within 2 miles from the house, including all our fave restaurants. From a beauty stand point... Take a walk down Bayland, Main by the medical center, or any other street that has a bunch of majestic live oaks lining it... Thats something special from my POV... Been here 3 years and still discovering Houston.
  5. Fact: Eating icecream makes me happy!
  6. Did they take that big tree down too?
  7. Just FYI.... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/heights/news/6881365.html
  8. Subdude, just wanted to get this out there because I think several people have the same opinion you do. I didn't know much about it until I started reading up on similar situations. The link that follows combines several studies and I think paints a better picture. While there is not a direct relationship between feeders and crime, the study looks at all the variables involved and shows some surprising data... That being said, every situation is different and ours might be nothing like what is shown, however, I can't help but fall into the "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" theory and say better not to have it than to push forward and chance it. http://www.ncsociology.org/sociationtoday/raleigh.htm There are several other studies referenced in the above link. I encourage you to take a look into those as well. Kind of interesting how everything fits together.
  9. I wanted to post this up here so that anyone can have a chance to comment on this... This is via Jim Mackey from the White Oak Bayou Association. "Attached is the TxDOT presentation from the 2/18/10 public hearing and the accompanying comment form. Comments must be submitted by 3/4/10. A couple of points... 1. As the last public speaker pointed out at the Public Hearing, TxDOT still has not contacted all the property owners whose land is included in the proposed detention pond sites. That fact first came to light at the Jan 6 meeting in Cottage Grove. TxDOT had over a month to rectify that issue and did not. 2. TxDOT had no additional information at the Public Hearing Presentation regarding their funding sources for the ponds. Again, this was an important question at the Jan 6 meeting. Take care all, Jim Mackey " Please see the attached document for the comment card... If anyone wants the presentation please email me and I'll forward it to you (too large to post). Thanks, D I10 Comment Form.pdf
  10. Robin from the Citizens Tranportation Coalition I believe brought up the issue of flood waters being higher than the feeders and the possibility of cars running blindly into them from I-10 feeder going east at the Yale exit (if built). There wasn't anything brought up about business development brought up. However I have read some very interesting reports and studies that say feeders actually slow freeway traffic (due to ingress and egress(sp?)) and they actually bring more non-local traffic to the community and cause a rise in crime. Just my .02 D P.S. I can give some good links if anyone is interested.
  11. Sure thing... I got there in time to walk around and take a look at all their signs and "plans" and what had been done so far. To be honest, they put on a good show. However, when you began talking to the engineers and project managers they seemed to all have different stories. There seems to have been a disconnection with the city and community as well. Several committees and elected officials voiced concern as well. I'll try and remember all of them, Houston Heights Association, Memorial/Washington Super Neighborhood, Greater Heights Super Neighborhood, White Oak Bayou Association, Citizen Transportation Coalition as well as several residents. They all voiced oppositions to moving forward with the project WITHOUT input from the community and various other state and city groups concerning future flood mitigation and design. The main thing that rang out above all others was the strong opposition to the communities' involvement (or lack of) with the feeder/I-10 expansion and the lagging construction of the flood mitigation measures. All in all, TxDOT needs to slow things down, coordinate goals with the city and other state groups as well as the community to not just GET IT DONE, but to DO IT RIGHT. I liked all the comments made and agree with 100% that there needs to be more study and communication/cooperation across the board from TxDOT. The meeting last night really reminded me of the Wizard of Oz... They tried and tried to keep that curtain shut, but there are a few groups who saw past the fancy signs. I hope this opens their eyes that our area is not one to be taken lightly and needs to be involved in the planning. That all being said, I am not opposed to the projects in whole, BUT I am opposed to the approach that is currently being taken. D
  12. There is a TxDOT meeting tonight at Reagan HS.... Please come out and listen to what is said and share and questions and comments you might have for TxDOT! This is an important meeting and could decide what 30+ acres in our neighborhood look like. Concrete or a nice park. Also, please see the attached memo from the Houston Heights Association on their standing in regards to the feeders and detention pond projects.
  13. Actually we just did it this weekend... So I'll give a quick run down of what I did for prep and all the other details... Started by going around and sealing all the holes in the attic that ran down into the walls... I used the "Great Stuff" from Dow to get in all the nooks and crannys... After that I went and created a bit of storage space by creating a wall with some old 1x6 lumber along the existing "walkway" in the attic and then put wooden boxes around the drain pans for my hot water heater and AC condenser and access panel. I also walled off around where my porch ceiling is... I went with the GreenFiber from Home Depot with the free rental... It was REALLY easy to get everything set up and blown in. Under the walkways I dense packed the cellulose with the hose. I had old pink and yellow batts up there so decided rather than pulling it all out to just blow on top of it. I put in about 15ins on top of the fiberglass... I figure it should give me an R-value around 50 or so. We ended up using around 74 bags. It prolly was a bit overkill but it can't do any harm. Took us about 6-7 hours working and went rather smoothly... My wife got a bit ahead of herself a couple of times and the machine plugged but other than that I wouldn't mind doing it again. We already notice the difference in uniformity of temperature and how often our heater kicks on (much much less) in the house... It also seems to have quieted things down a bit. We are planning to do the walls next during the fall or next winter. I would just stress how important the preparation is. Let me know if you have any questions. D P.S. It ran us about $700 with the insulation being on sale right now...
  14. Wife was on the train right after the one hit the bus... Got this pic. I agree with the fact that the trains should be separate than the roadway however, the system works fine for now and I REALLY don't want to foot the bill for elevating it (as I see there is no way to bury it without having heavy heavy costs). All the nay-sayers and "toy train" folks can go back to their cookie cutter homes in suburbs... I'm a believer in mass transit, in ONLY the last 3 months my wife and I have saved $1500 by eliminating a car payment, insurance, parking and saving on gas. We will be avid supporters of the next phases of the train/bus system whether it be elevated or mixed with street traffic.
  15. I agree but all the expensive equipment has been in and out of there.... I don't see them having much work for the same reason of not moving it sooner... Too much water prolly really kills the house moving business...
  16. Not defending it but I would think the reason has something to do with the ground being saturated ever since they put it on skids. If you think back, we really haven't had a spell long enough to dry the ground to support that type of weight.
  17. It's been that way for a couple of months... There is a thread on here somewhere about it. Long story short, moving it over to the north, so they can sell the corner lot and build another house... "Stack 'em deep, make 'em cheap!" ... Shame IMO.
  18. 3rd ward or quitman area (west side) ... I would invest in a large dog as well.
  19. Yeah its 3 lots from the corner. The old stores are dated 1918 (2nd lot to the east from Yale) and 1920 (on the corner), both are extremely neat and are in POOR condition both of which are owned by a guy who has a furniture store somewhere in town (Richard Strauss). The firestation has been preserved and was recently bought by Houston Heights Association and is in very good shape, its where they hold their meetings and what not. My house is next to the one with the high fence, the one in question. 1143 Yale is the actual address via HCAD.
  20. There is another public Q & A on the 18th at Regan HS... Not sure of the time. Will keep you posted. Also, there is another Heights Land Use meeting this Monday at 6:30 at the Fire Station on 12th and Yale. If anyone would like to come out and voice whether its a good or bad idea please do it both places then as they are open to the public.
  21. My guess would be in preparation for the I10 feeder expansion/on and off ramps... Which hopefully will get enough push back will be cancelled.
  22. It's at 12th and Yale... Trust me when I say you cannot see any of the original structure beyond what I took in the photo... However, driving by it is worth the shock, especially since a man, woman and their child (17y/o?) live there...
  23. Why again has Astrodome been completely over looked? I know there is most likely a different thread for what its demise will eventually be but from what I remember, we are still paying for it via taxes... Why not use it for something? Hell its already Dynamo colors and there is already a ton of parking there... Its a 20 minute ride to downtown on the rail... What am I missing?
  24. Here's a tough one... This is truly the only picture I can get of what once was the original architecture of the building. Its a residential structure, with some neat brickwork over the windows as you can see on the side that has been stuccoed over and had the windows bricked up... Can someone help me out on what type of architecture and what time period it dates to? Its located in the Heights.
  25. SaintCyr

    Go Metro Rail

    Yeah I was playing around on it. I wish they would give more timely updates. My wife and I have consolidated to one vehicle with her riding the bus/train to work... Between insurance, an extra car payment, med center parking, and gas we have saved enough $$$ to justify a permanent switch. Now we are both just waiting on the North Line so that she can shorten the 30min bus ride from downtown.
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