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  1. Just bought a house (close on the 18th) at 12th and Yale (southwest corner)... Next door is an eyesore and huge home/pile of materials. Anyone have any idea what this large red "thing" is? I was down the ally the other day and got eyeballed by a short guy who eventually went into the property. You can't see much because of the 12ft high sheet metal wall. Someone has to know something about this??? Thanks, D
  2. I'm looking at buying a home that has some mold "damage" to the attic and has visible mold coming out of the a/c vents. What actions can be taken to fix this problem. I have already located the source (hole in the roof eve where the rain water has rotted it through). This is a historic home and I don't want this to step in the way of closing on it. Can this be fixed and what are the problems I might run into with insurance etc... Thanks in advance for all your help! Dustin (First time home buyer)
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