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  1. Just to clarify, there was a strong push to NOT have them put the feeders in. The mayor and the city pushed back because they didnt want the $8M in "free" fed money to dissappear to another project outside of Houston. There was even a statement from the HHA stating the opposition.
  2. It could be the start of the reconstruction of 11th... I'm not sure of all the details but do remember seeing the plans when we were going through the Yale reconstruction debacle (which ended with them going to retop the road again and reassess in 2016(I think?)) . Someone else can chime in and add more, or this might give you a start to see if the construction is starting for 11th. D
  3. I agree with all you have said. My only arguement/concern was not whether we were less physically safe but rather the response times and use of those emergency resources would be comprimised by opening any bigbox store therefore causing the use of those resources to be allocated to commercial areas dealing with theft rather than the current scenerio of them patrolling the area. As I said before I havent dug into this but would be interested to see if someone has done some research on the relationship.
  4. I didn't specify that study, if you would reread my post I said this particular one I posted the link to was one that LED to the information I referred to. I still cannot find the one that does tie through traffic to the crime rate. You are targetting me as a part of the opposition, yet I never picked sides. I was simply trying to clarify and bring more light to the situation as a whole so people could make an educated decision. Now, you have just contradicted yourself... I guess all neighborhood criminals would be jumping on and off I-10 stealing stuff so they can take the next exit and doub
  5. Look at the study I posted above, it suggests that. Not saying it is the end all be all but still some sound logic and information worth looking at. I agree with everything you said in the above post. Except the point quoted... On vacant lots there is actually a HIGHER crime rate than if the lot were developed and used. So the development could possibly then decrease the crime rate ( I think this is a double win because violent crimes are more likely on vacant lots, need to verify tho) which is a good thing. The only point that I would argue is a negative for the community in regards to crim
  6. It was not walmart specific, it was a general big box retailer study with some definition around "big box" which from what I remember focussed on the square footage and offerings of retail stores. I know that Supercenters and SuperTargets were figured in this particular study. I'd also be curious to see the stats from the new target. I think I might have it at home, will try and dig it out later today. EDIT: Found something I read that lead me to the research last year.... http://www.ncsociolo...day/raleigh.htm The part of praticular interest. (Keep in mind I found this when researching why w
  7. This isn't really true, research show that most of the crime is "passing through" and not in the neighborhood itself. I can't find the study I read last year in regards to crime, traffic and big box retail stores but the findings were not good. Basically said that the through traffic increase of the area and increased "targets" thats the store attracted made crime rates go up. This was doublely felt by the community because local response times went up and more law enforcement was needed in that area and pulled from neighborhoods, etc... Following up on the negative tick comment... Where I to
  8. 14th and Yale during off-peak hours. That way all the people driving 50 and 60 mph should be able to hit 75 mph with out much worry b4 they hit 11th or 19th. Kidding of course, I do wish people would slow down but don't see the need for a light at 14th and Yale after peak... Maybe during peak too, I've never seen it during the day so can't make that call.
  9. You must live near 12th and Yale... I think you just described my neighbors and the random noises we hear throughout the week... You can add my wife and I to missing the distant train horn. I understand it would be different if it were in my backyard but still going to miss it. Now if we could just find that dive bar within stumbling distance... D
  10. I got popped with that increase when Ike came through. I switched to Amica.... they have been awesome. I suggest giving them a shot, the 4 guys i work with and my boss have all switched over in the last 3 years.
  11. At least they distinguish that there are neighborhoods in the loop... Talk to people from Katy or Woodlands, they consider everything inside 610 loop as "downtown".
  12. How bout a King Dollar? Honestly, a Berings would do well there, however, would hurt C&D which I would hate to see happen. Guess only time will tell.
  13. It's something the Houston Heights Assoc. put together... It can be implemented anywhere with a willing civic association and enough cash. Send them an email, I'm sure they would be happy to share the info with you.
  14. Ditto. Mine went up $28. I can handle that w/o protesting.
  15. Ok all we need some helpful advice on something we hope to beautify our house as well as dressup/disguise a neighborhood eyesore (at least from one side).... So just to give you an idea of what we are trying to do. We are building a wire fence along the front of our house and want to plant a VERY well behaved evergreen vine along it to not only be good looking but also dampen the sounds of traffic along the street (I live on Yale)... The well behaved piece is important here as I don't want huge vines taking over the sidewalk and the front yard, just a nice looking vine to knock down some of th
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