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  1. It looks like ground has been broken for this 318 unit "luxury apartment home" project. It will be located behind the HEB Cypress Market at 290 and Barker Cypress. I've linked the contractors press release, but it doesn't offer much in terms of details. http://www.thompsonthrift.com/news/news_and_information/detail/182/
  2. Maybe the secrecy is supposed to build the excitement. I'll let the cat out of the bag. It will be at 14900 NW Freeway (290 & West Little York). I assume it will be in the formerly vacant spot across the parking lot from Fajita Willie's. I've been to a lot of indoor tracks in my day and the Austin K1 track is about as good as any one I have ever visited. Very excited that this will be in Houston.
  3. It looks like the restaurant will take the spot vacated by the Hollywood Video (next to Home Depot) near 290 and Spring Cypress. I've not been to one, but the web reviews I've seen describe it as a casual burrito place........similar to a Chipotle. The food quality looks to be reviewed fairly well. Anybody been to one?
  4. I don't have a parking pass and I see there aren't any cash lots. I was hoping someone had some parking suggestions. I've never ridden the Rail line before. Does it get packed to the gills after the game?
  5. My wife and I decided to pay Ref's a visit last Friday night since we were in the area. We didn't realize until we got there that it was the grand opening. I doesn't look like much had changed on the inside. They added some TV's and changed some seating around but not much else. Having said that, I don't think much needed to be done anyway. It's a nice atmosphere. My only complaint was paying $5.00 for a pint of St. Arnolds Lawnmower Beer. I thought it was a mistake until I was charged another $5.00 for a second round. The place is pretty nice, but not nice enough for me to pay $5.00 for a draft beer that is brewed about 15 miles away.
  6. I had not heard this or seen this posted before so I thought I would pass it along. I'm glad someone will finally be occupuying the old Compaq building. http://impactnews.com/northwest-houston/335-recent-news/7446-sysco-corporation-plans-to-open-new-facility-in-cypress
  7. Saw the sign for Wolfie's today. It will be in the same strip center as Spec's and Valley Ranch on the Southeast corner of the 249/Spring Cypress intersection. It wouldn't be my first choice for a bar/grill, but the more restaurants the better. It's opening in October according to the website http://www.wolfiesusa.com/
  8. I emailed Steak 'n Shake corporate a year ago about the 290/Spring Cypress location. It had been on the plan for almost 2 years and I was curious if it was still going to be built (I'm from the Indy area and miss the milk shakes). The response I got was that they would likely opt out of that location and focus on the 290/1960 area. As you know, a Steak and Shake opened on 1960 earlier this year. I would certainly welcome a SNS at that area, but I was led to believe that wasn't going to happen.
  9. I was never a big fan of the SRO on 1960. I always thought it was kind of dumpy. However, I love the SRO at the Northwest Mall. It's much, much larger than any of the previous SRO's and has a much more "open" setup. Go there on a Saturday afternoon during college football season and you will feel like you are at a stadium tailgate. The place is absolutely electric with rabid fans. A bunch of local alumni groups have there game watching parties there. You would never know that there were so many fans of some of these schools in Houston.....notably Ohio St., Florida, Nebraska, Florida St.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! Several places have been mentioned that I've never tried. I never even considered HCS as a breakfast place. Thanks again.
  11. Anyone here know of any great breakfast places in the northwest area. My wife and I are always looking for hidden gems. We need to find more of the non-IHOP/Denny's type places. I was disappointed to learn that the Cypress Station Grill won't be serving breakfast. We go to the 59 Diner at Willowbrook occasionally, but more often than not end up going into Houston. Our favorites are Mama's, Barnaby's, and Backstreet Cafe. I'm hoping some of the folks on here now of some great places that I just haven't run accross. Hole-in-the-walls are certainly welcome.
  12. My wife and I tried Baby Leita's in Cypress a few weeks ago. The pizza was O.K., but not even close to a good Chicago style pizza. It's definitely not worth a special trip. Barry's on the other hand is the closest I've found to a traditional Chicago style pizza (I grew up in the midwest and frequented Chicago). We are big fans of their pizza. We frequently make the trek from Cypress into the Galleria for their pies. Outstanding crust, great cheese and toppings, and red sauce on top. MMMMMM!
  13. Anyone know a timetable for the Spring Cypress widening project between 290 and Huffmeister? I know that alot of trees were cleared a few months ago, but nothing has happened since. Anyone have any insight?
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