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  1. The Family Law Center not an aesthetic masterpiece, certainly. The big problem for the County, though, was cost. It was going to cost almost as much to rehab the Family Law Center as it would to replace it. The major problem is that the whole thing is built of poured concrete (interior walls included).

    Per Houstonian in Iraq's observation, I think the plan is to have the new federal courthouse over by the other federal buildings near 2 Houston Center. However, the buzz on this is a bit old. I believe GSA is budgeting site and design for Houston in FY 2009. There was an old thread on this. Has anybody heard anything else on this lately?

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  2. Good Afternoon All

    hope your week goes well !

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight on the completion date for this school ?

    Also are there any plans for student parking lot ?

    Next to the school will that be a field or parking lot ?

    The original projections were for this summer. Not sure if this is on schedule.

    I believe that's a new track and field space on the east side of the school.

    Here are some info links, but there's no current progress report on either one.



  3. Lesbian bar? (not joking).

    Probably not. Monica Pope and her partner are the proprietors, and may have adopted the name with some play on words.

    Should be great. Her focus on regional provisons would combine well with a more laid back dive (not that T'afia is all that formal).

    With this and Benjy's new location hitting the strip, I'm one happy camper.

  4. I think lighting the the tops of DT's buildings would be best - not just with little the little twinkle lights or neon, but in ways that accent the architecture in a tasteful manor. Of course, the effect would diminished on a muggy, hazy night. Hmm...

    ...And in the field of image-conscious cities, here's what Cleveland has done...


  5. 441631028_a66462f758.jpg

    The head of PR/Development at Bufalo Bayou Partnership told me several weeks ago that they are moving ahead with the project. Level 1: Canoe rental. Level 2: Partnership offices (currently housed on Vine Street). Level 3 and Roof: Event space. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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