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  1. I disagree. It's better than the twisty design they previously had.

    It's going to be quite pleasant, when its done, jogging through the tree tops.

    Agreed. The design is that of a park-like bridge like the number of bridges on the lower trails around it. The subtle ramps and curves are complement to the bayou. It's peaceful.

    There was a fight to keep Buffalo Bayou natural. This bridge pays homage to those who fought to preserve it in its natural state.

  2. I have owned property in the East End for several years and lived here for well over a year, and among the most striking things about this community is the number of stray cats. Honest to goodness, I could just about go for a walk with my camera and come back with enough photos of cats to make a calendar for neighborhood groups to fund-raise with.

    It is a bizarre but endearing quality about the neighborhood. Case in point: one evening this summer I was walking home from Kroger and saw something dart about from the corner of my eye. I kept walking, but only briefly, as two orange kittens lunged at each of my legs simultaneously and clung on, seeking attention. I obliged. Friendly encounters with strays happen with some frequency, and I enjoy them.


    So, I'll conclude this rant by pointing out what I usually do in other threads lately. Live and let live. And stop hating on the poor of any species; just because they're another species (or brown-skinned) (or make only twice the poverty-level income and have multiple kids) and needy doesn't mean that you should disenfranchise them (or clip off their nuts).


    You should have adopted them! And when they, as siblings, are "thousand dollarsing" each other on your living room floor at 2:30AM, you can appreciate why they should be fixed.

    [i wondered what Editor would turn that word into. Good choice!]

  3. Does this have anything to do with the Duncan Family Wing? If so, it's already being discussed in another thread.

    What did she mean they didn't want to play ball? They wanted them involved somehow, did she say?

    The Duncan Family Wing is at HMNS. I would venture a guess this new MFAH wing might carry the Glassell name since an enormous share of Alfred Glassel Jr's estate - about $200 million, I believe - went to the MFAH.

    I don't know what the "playing ball" issue is either. The CAM is committed to be a non-collecting entity. Housing the MFAH's collection might have felt like an infringement on their mission and their independence.

  4. An article about Architect Ronnie Self's 3rd Ward house in the NYT Magazine today. Link.

    If you’re going to build your dream house in a city that revolves around cars, why not plant it right on the side of a freeway? Ronnie Self, an architect, has done just that on a plot of land in a gritty but art-filled neighborhood with unobstructed views of the downtown skyline in Houston.

  5. Spec's recently bought a local liquor chain in town. The irony is that one of the local liquor chain stores was located on Texas Avenue for years, and then Spec's opened literally across the street...

    There is only "irony" in that if you are a fan of Alanis Morissette.:rolleyes:

  6. The teen who lives a few doors up and who takes care of our kitties when were away, handled the trick-or-treaters last night. He feeds our cats, so he can feed our goblins , too. We got 11 in total. Shall we have a HAIFy hour with a candy theme?

    We went to visit our friends in River Oaks. It was like a freaking carnival there! The sidewalks were jammed. There was no place to park on the street. At several points, there were children lined up all the way down their walkway. That was scary. We just kept the door open and I mostly sat in the gallery (the staircase). I was stunned!

    In very light discernment, it was pretty clear that 95% of the children did not live in the neighborhood. Their parents might work there, but that's about all the connection.

    I don't know what the attraction is. Rich people have better candy? Nah, they went to Kroger. The nicely groomed 'hood is safer? Well, RO Patrol was definitely on the scene, but they couldn't drive anywhere in the gridlock.

    I don't know, but the RO people love it. I figure my friends spent north of $100 candy and we had to supplement from their kids' bags before 9PM. Their 5 year old, our Godson, caught us, and, oh Lord, he was ticked off. There were some serious Halloween displays, too: Steam coming out of the bushes, giant tunnels to front doors, and some mansions converted to haunted houses.

    I'm not much for Halloween, but this was pretty terrific. A lot of people, from different walks of life, having fun.

  7. Project No:10098230

    Date :2010/10/25 00:00:00



    Job Address :300 W 17TH ST 77008

    Valuation :$ 0

    Permit Type :SDFCC

    Group :Demo; Other Building(s)


    Address :6131 SELINSKY 77048

    Phone :(713) 991-6236

  8. It is around 22nd or 23rd Street. If you look at one of the old Heights boundary maps, it will show the exact street, but it is either of those two.

    EDIT: Actually, it is 23rd Street, but only on the east side of Yale. The west side is dry over to Shepherd.

    Map located in this thread.


    The map of the Heights really covers the territory of the Houston Heights Association. It's Houston Heights itself that is dry, but the map covers other subdivisions like Heights Annex where you can purchase beer and wine at La Mich at W 14 or Valero at W 16. Houston Heights also extends west of Durham at up around 24th Street, so I would presume that area would be dry, as well.

  9. i really enjoyed talking with the homeowners. you should have met up with us. it would have been nice to meet a fellow haifer!

    We all probably passed each other several times.

    Mrs. P. and I enjoyed the tour, as well. An excellent selection of homes. It was fun that the homeowners were more present and involved in this Tour than they are for some others.

    Kudos the to crunch and "the cap'n"...The house really looked great! It really showed its light and grace. The house really is exemplary of the planned components of the neighborhood.

    No, bachanon, it was not the Dwell house. That house on Curtin was great. I loved how the living room walls roll open. However, wouldn't be cool if Dwell did more coverage of older homes with very high celings, lathe walls, restored woodwork, and fabulous front porches? These homes are the archetypes of efficiency. Simply realized, there was a time in Eastwood and other Houston neighborhoods when people lived without air conditioning and prospered.

    Ooo! Mrs. P. and I also got a bonus tour of a really cool East End project of which we had seen the early evolution. Thank you, [other HAIFer]!

  10. I never thought of a crime originating from a particular country. That brings out all sorts of possibilities. Since rapes happen in third world countries, which ones (crimes) are native to the united states?

    I just hope Those People don't get uppity and start kidnapping young men in the Heights, torturing them, and murdering them for enjoyment. That World 1 crime is the sole territory of of crazy white, native Texas boys, dammit!

    I'm glad they caught the guy. I'm glad the victim is now safe and alive. I'm sorry that an evening jog turned into such horror for her and her family.

    Leches - violent leches, even - are everywhere. We need to be careful and....forthright. (I'm avoiding the word, "vigilant", because it's over-used and it avoids our responsibility, as a community, to be smart and unafraid).

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  11. We still haven't been, although it continues to be on our radar. I will say Allison Cook skewered them! I usually trust Allison (and my trust in food writers is seriously tempered by the opinions of real people. Frankly, I prefer b4-u-eat.com) but I thought she was a little tough on them. Will have to make up my own mind soon...

    I missed her review and cannot link to it either. Do you have a link?

    I did see that she was hard on the BRC (so to speak).

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  12. The wife and I finally tried "Heights West" at the recommendation of some neighbors and I must say that we were really impressed. We sat outside which offered zero ambiance, but other than that we had a great experience - the food was outstanding, the service was friendly and prompt, and the chef came out to chat with us a bit.

    I'm not going to make this a food review, but I wanted to post because I really hope this place survives. They are relying only on word of mouth and I know that I would have overlooked it if it wasn't recommended to me first.

    We've been there for three dinners and one lunch. All has been great. We've been there with friends they have liked it, too.

    It's very affordable for extremely good fare.

    Meat the way it should be cooked so you experinece its depth. Vegetables well-cooked, but crisp and full of flavor. Starch not overcooked and sticky, but not crunchy either...just done. Things not over-salted. Heights West can make you appreciate what you are missing elsewhere.

    Three months ago, I dropped a rep on the restaurant and thought that I was part of the synergy around the place. I am surprised this place has not caught on more. It's getting positive reps on multiple forums. Perhaps, French is not as attractive in a Houston summer. I get that. I hope fall (such as we have it) willl enchant more people.

  13. as long as it's not this Saturday, or Oct 15/16, you know me....I'm in!

    I hereby nominate Rsb our fall party planner.

    That weekend is also a challenge for me. Let's commit, though. Weekend of Oct 1/2?

    Agreed on the facilitator. rsb230, can you get us a group deal on cab rides....and lawn chairs? :)

  14. 2nd Public Meeting Regarding Koehler Street Development

    Mayor Annise Parker

    Cordially invites you to attend

    A 2nd public meeting regarding the Koehler Street Development

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

    High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

    [There are students to manage you if you get you of hand. This is no United Way]

    4701 Dickson Street


    Houston, TX 77007

    You are cordially invited to attend a 2nd public meeting

    [no teacakes promised]

    regarding Kohler Street Development, also referred to as the possible Walmart project. I want to provide residents another opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about traffic, drainage, noise, crime and lighting issues. This meeting will focus solely on areas of the development that are under the city´s control.

    Only city representatives will be present. [shirt color optional].

  15. Attn Kmart shoppers. After a year away, we are returning to Houston.


    You leave...You come back. Don't toy with us!

    Welcome back! Is the side biz related to remodeling?

    EDIT: or photgraphy?

  16. I was all excited for something other than a car dealership - then I saw the sign for a ban.... :(

    Certainly, banks and credit unions lack sex appeal. I believe this is the third financial institution to build on Durham within the last couple of years. A lot of institutions want to do business in the area. No frown here.

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