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  1. From HAR:

    One of a kind cement block contemporary home w/all custom details including His & Her bathrooms & closets. Hers is 6x18 & has built in desk; Steel roof & beams; Super high ceilings with exposed beams & ducts; Solid wood pocket doors throughout; Gourmet kitchen with huge granite island; SS dbl ovens & dishwashers; Separate refrig & freezer; Custom wood cabinets; Air cond storage rm off garage; Heated pool & hottub with wireless remote. Look at room sizes. Call for all of the details. Huge pantry


  2. Anyone take note of what's going on in this department?

    Umm, I saw some dried beans? Couldn't really tell what they were, so I guess they were "unusual" ;) They weren't clearly identified, and since the place was mobbed I didn't get the chance to ask any of the staff what they were. They were shelved with the dried herbs and olive oil.

    Mrs. Porchman says their heirloom.

  3. Where do they die? Am I likely to be dealing with the dead rat smell for awhile?

    I grew up in an old house built in the early 1800's. Mice were an ongoing problem. We occasionally had squirrels inside the walls, too. The abatement products are supposed to have a component which dehydrates the rodent, forcing it to go look for water outside. It does not always work that way. In such instance, I recommend lots of stargazer lillies.

    Indeed, cats are an effective tool. One of our porch cats caught one behind the garage last year. He was so proud as he trotted across the back yard, prey in mouth.

  4. Now that Girotto is stepping down and Klotman is in at Baylor - any chance of a rapprochement?

    Better congeniality? Yes. Full-on affiliation? I would doubt it.

    There were some progenitors of the split on the BCM and TMH boards, too. I believe some of those people still serve as trustees.

    Also, 7 or 8 years have passed now. Each institution has built new political structures in their various departments. That would be a major barrier to re-affiliation.

  5. Mrs. Porchman went today. She returned home very excited. She spoke with Morgan. In addition to local piggies, charcuterie, and cured items, they are going to feature:

    -Heights honey

    -Local duck

    -Local heirloom turkeys (ask Morgan)

    -Local lamb

    -Texas olive oil

    -Fresh bread


    -Unusual varietals of dried beans

    -Houston Dairymaid cheese (of which Mrs. Porchman brought some home :) ).

    -Really rich milk (with a cream head)

    -Fresh herbs (including chervil) and veggies

    -Grain grinds (flour, porridges, grits)

    -Their own jam

    -Special butters

    Regrettably, no edible ferns. :P

    I look forward to going myself, and I wish Morgan and his wife very good luck with this venture.

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  6. The bridge is cool. I like its low-key design. its lighting, and the new connection it makes for peds and bikers.

    I am a bit concerned about the leg which extends to the south side of Memorial Drive. If one should not pay attention to the "SLOW" signs (just saying!:blush: ), one might find oneself in the middle of Memorial Drive where the speed limit is 50 mph. I would like to see a better guard at the foot of that leg.

  7. http://www.downtownd...feCleanProgram/

    With a focus on hospitality and safety solutions, the Downtown Public Safety Guides (DPSG) provide a customer-friendly and visible presence serving as additional eyes and ears for downtown. They strive to offer a professional relationship with all local law enforcement and social service agencies, business and property owners, private building security companies and City entities. All Downtown Public Safety Guides receive special training in first aid, safety procedures, conflict management and customer relations.

    The Guides patrol downtown daily focusing on the busiest pedestrian areas and also offer extra support for special events. Through high visibility and consistent coverage, they focus on:

    - Deterring crime by reporting problems to the proper authorities

    - Discouraging aggressive panhandling

    - Assisting the homeless population in distress by connecting them with social services

    - Checking in on businesses

    - On-street concierge service, assisting visitors, residents and workers with maps, directions and information on where to go, what to do and how to get there

  8. If you don't want to deal with homeless, Irvine down in Orange County seems to ship them to other cities, so maybe that is something you should look at.

    Some years ago, social workers here said the same thing about Dallas County. Dallas County social service agencies were reporting very few cases when contrasted with Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Strangely, there were many people unable to support themselves showing up at the Greyhoud station in Midtown...from Dallas. Hmm...

    I guess we in Harris County could provide the same service: Ship people to warmer climates. Regrettably, Corpus and Brownsville do not have the bridge infrastructure to handle what we could ship to them.

    In our our current cool conditions, I encourge gifts to Star of Hope, Turning Point, Mission of Yahweh, programs like Lord of the Streets or Compass or a a shelter or a homeless program of your choice. All of them need help to serve.

  9. Chronicle says "will fund the construction of a state-of-the-art, 600,000 square-foot facility on five acres of M.D. Anderson's main campus."

    MD Anderson needs 5 acres on their main campus.. What do you know.. Perfect timing.

    I thought the same thing, however the Pru site already was slated for an outpatient center. Unless plans have changed, that would raise the question where on the "main campus" they would build such a build such a large facility.

  10. HFD is working a 2-alarm fire at Heights near 12th (getting this from their radio traffic) but I don't know what is on fire or exact address. Anyone know?

    1135 Heights Bl. 10,000 SF house built in 2006. It has gone 3 alarm. In addtion to its aerial shots, Ch. 13 showed video of the blaze from the traffic camera at the Katy Fwy and Taylor.

  11. That address is residential. (I happen to drive by that stretch of 27th on my way to Home Depot.) Presumably that's Morgan's contact address for mail order inquiries.

    Work at 6th and Heights appears to be underway.

    It appears you're correct. The HBJ is also reporting the W 27 location, as well. I thought maybe they'd be replacing the tax guy with meat.

  12. I wonder why they chose this location. Anyone from the area who is a runner/cyclist also think there was a need for a connection here?

    I'm not familiar with the park space that it connects to. I know it's mainly a golf course at that point, but I'm assuming there are running/bike trails that go around the course as well?

    I was a bit confused by that, too. First, note that they have apparently tunneled a trail under MacGregor at that same location to take people into Hermann Park. Then I looked at the greater scheme of the trails in the area. The trail on the west/nortth bank is not fully contiguous east of 288. Not only is the east/south bank trail contiguous all the way to MLK just south of UH, it also intersects the Columbia Tap Rail Trail coming out of 3rd Ward/Eastwood.

    So, to go by trail from Eastwood or UH to Hermann Park, this bridge would be an important link because people would otherwise have to cross around 288 or near the TMC. I have not walked/run/biked any of these trails, but that's my theory.

  13. Prairie Home Companion is live from the Wortham tonight. The show will be rebroadcast tomorrow afternoon.

    They had a lot of local references (mostly inner loop) in the opening bits including a painful cover of California Girls ("Houston Girls"). Otherwise, Houston coverage has been a references to our cowboy culture. DBigTex. were you looking for a Houston stereotype?

    EDIT: The mezzo-soprano, Susan Graham, was great. The rest of the show seemed phoned in.

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