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  1. Niche? Niche! Did you make it home?

    I had to fog my yard to complete the basic mow-and-sweep today. (Don't get in my face...I use Eco-Smart). They were swarming me as if they were conspiring to kill me This was like post-Ike. They are slow, however. I usually can smack them dead and my cat is getting a large dietary supplement from those which sneak inside. She loves chasin' and eatin' skeeters.

    I am relieved to hear that this is a problem elsewhere in the 'hood. I was starting to wonder.

  2. I would like some legal clarity on this. RUDH has filed a lawsuit to determine if the City of Houston has acted within the law. Shouldn't RUDH be seeking the Attorney General's opinion? Maybe they expect that this is going to be kicked out on appeal and they'll have their day with the Supremes (without Donna Summer, of course). Attorneys of all opinions on the issue, please enlighten us.

  3. Food Truck Park proposed for W. 14th and Shepherd.


    This is the lot What's Up Cupcake parked in for a while.

    The developers also may be able to leverage that this lot is in Heights Annex which is a wet zone.

    {Bump} with new info...

    HBJ (secured content) is reporting that this should begin construction in October and launch in December. Isaac Preminger is designing it. The developers are also planning a quick-serve, coal-fired pizza joint in the small house on the property which will also feature 100 wines and beers. They've hired Aldo Cantiana (former owner of La Strada) as the operations manager.


  4. A perfect design for an in-law cottage.


    A Berkeley, California man has erected a one-person house in a dumpster, of all places. While the art of dumpster swimming pools and dumpster diving are already ways of life for the thrifty or adventuresome, Gregory Kloehn is elevating the dumpster-centric movement to new levels with his dumpster house, complete with amenities that rival some luxury condos

    Edit: I wonder if Houston would still require it to be fully fenced off.

  5. If it's not clear to anybody at this point, the S&P rating had little to do with the market volatility this week.. The S&P rating's effect on the stock market was given a lot of hype by the media, which continually proves itself poorly analytical in such matters.

    S&P threatened in April that it was looking at a downgrade. In early July, they named their number for government cuts: $4 Trillion. The Government missed that mark. S&P downgraded. Ummm...no surprise. The largest holders of US debt are holding and buying. What's the emergency over the S&P rating?

    Here's why we must experience a market week like this....

    -We were whores to the real estate market. We had a bubble. Bubbles, in economic cycles, take several years to unfold. We're still unfolding...

    -The mess in Europe continues to unfold. It will continue to unfold. The stock market is going to absorb that unfolding. It will for some time. The EU will prevail. They have the ability to deal with their problems - riots and all.

    Do not confuse this week's volatility with sovereign debt problems. The volatility is due to real economic conditions. Those conditions still exist. Take advantage of it. Get over it. Commit sepuku. Commit to dollar cost averaging. Do whatever you want to.

    Regarding all the other arguments above, we should be diligent for long-tern responsibility. That responsibiility is to the fiscal plite of our Government. That responsibility is to the struggling middle class and the poor in our Nation. For some of us, these considerations should be a spiritual. For some of us, these considerations should be a matter of supporting the base of our economy. May we be smart enough to hold these premises in balance.

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  6. I’m sorry to report that they have closed. Their last night of service was last week.

    The food was great. On that, most would agree. The leek terrine, the mushroom salad, the salmon...mmmm. The complaint I heard most was about the service. Also, I can imagine that the limited A/C system became a challenge for patrons with the current weather situation.

    It has been announced that the new venture at that location will be El Gran Malo. This may be a good fit for the former ice house. I’m wondering how it will play with Tony’s across the street. Maybe some synergy is in the equation for the new joint.

    (Reposted after seeing an egregious typo - ugh!)

  7. No.

    That house is very white,the house in question is dark pink and is located at E.Hardy Rd & Crestline St

    Thank you. I wasn't sure if the previously posted structure was pink at one time. This is the structure...


    It's listed as a 12,000 square foot apartment building bulit in 2002.

  8. A few questions...

    1) Can we send other HAIFer's items with their own ID?

    2) Can we send other HAIFer's items that say "My day is better because of Porchman" (you know, for example).

    3) Can we order items that say something like Redscare rules" or "Redscare likes dogs...way too much"?

    4) Can we order items that say "AWP" above the logo and "Experience the joy" below?

    5) Why are there no undergarments for customization?

    6) Why are there no rocks for customization?

    Also, you need a small window sticker as an offering. Some people might want to put them on their cars as accessories...or wear them. They're very flexible.

  9. Excellent!!! HAIF has its very own birther thread!

    You'll be excited to know that I will be starting a prepper thread for urban survivalism soon. I'm too busy right now assembling a rock collection to complement my ammo stockpile.

  10. While trying to look for the original IAH layout when it was first built, I discovered that IAH will be turning 40 and apparently there will be some wingding going on.

    This will be a really cool opportunity to get into some cargo, military, and vintage planes. I'm going to try my best to get there, but I am posting this in case is of some interest to anyone else.

    Link: www.fly2houston.com

    It may be a tad late to attend....

    By Ourtribune.com

    March 23, 2009

    The community is invited to celebrate 40 years of service to the community with IAH, as well as the 35th anniversary of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce. The event will take place Saturday, March 28, from noon to 4 p.m., from noon to 4 p.m.

    Apparently, HAS needs to clean up the old pages on its site.

  11. But Red! Whatever will you do when Wal-Mart undercuts Urban Soles and Penzey's Spices, and when the McDonald's inside drives Berryhill Baja Grill into the ground? What then!?

    What say you of the price of convenience?

    Indeed! The mere threat of its experiential factor already has driven Sew Crafty and Textile out.

    Damn pushers. Is the CIA somehow involved in distributing this "gift card largesse" drug in urban areas?


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