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  1. "easily absorb new growth as well a possible new Corporate HQ or two" 400,000+/- sf of office space is a lot of new growth for any area.... I hope you're right. I lived through the see-through building era and it wasn't pleasant. Landlords were giving 1, 2 years of free rent away just to get a tenant into the building. I guess my point is that I realize that there are a lot of smarter guys out there than me that do this corporate real estate thing for a living but let's not put "NW Blinders" on and assume that there is no ceiling. It's a nice assumption that a new corporate HQ or two will
  2. I totally agree Chen. So the question goes back to HP - what are their future plans? If they're staying then "yea" all the area supporting buildings will have to base to grow upon... if they're downsizing then what will be the business hub for the 249 area?
  3. I guess I'm wrong but it appears as if the project is for sale .... http://connect.costar.com/connect/MasterPa...p;LogRedirect=1 Looks like that's 231,000 sf available from HP, 100,000 sf from the new building and 156,000 w/Don Hand's new building. That's a lot of space to absorb!
  4. I guess that building makes sense but w/Don Hand developing his complex across 249 (next to Lowe's) it sure seems like a lot of office space in the market. Has anyone heard what HP is going to do long-term? I know their complex is on the market but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.
  5. Thank you but what I was really referring to was all the construction to be done in between Spring Cypress and Tomball - you know all the feeder roads are in and some of the main highway but the overpasses are yet to be constructed. Anyone hear anything about the timeframe for any of this?
  6. Does anyone know what is the latest on the timeframe for commencement/completion of the expressway to and through Tomball?
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