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  1. I am also buying a house in SCR; Will be closing in 1 month; I really fell in love with the neighborhood. I had no idea about the landfill issue when I put dwon my option money, and even after hearing, I still want to live there. I really hope this thing gets limited, but I cant wait to move in to my new home. BassPro, Town Center, Waterlights are all icing on the cake!
  2. Wow! I cant wait until this opens! My house in SCR is coming along as well. Hope 288 can handle the heat of all this new development.
  3. Any updates on the Bass Pro construction? Will be moving to Pearland in August and anxious to visit this magnificent store!
  4. BW, whats the feeling like at SCR over the looming landfill expansion? mass exodus, determination to fight, regret? I put option money down on a house to be finished in august;i think ill go ahead and purchase the house but I cannot tsay that i'm not concerned;
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