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  1. Torch Song (1953) with Joan Crawford has some great mod interiors. There is one scene in her apartment where she's having a cocktail party. It shows several rooms in the apartment and all are over the top mod....pull down lamps, wall hangings, cool furniture, clothing. There's even a smart jazz ensemble playing mod tunes at the party.
  2. As you may have read in a previous post, I recently had a pipe burst in my super mod house in Glenbrook Valley. The water damaged my fritz tile and I think my replace value insurance will replace it. I wasn't happy with fritz tile, and I'm considering polished concrete in all the areas that will be replaced. Does anyone have any experience with this flooring ? Specific questions: I've heard it can be hardened and made more dense so that it isn't as porous as regular conctrete ? I've seen commercial instalations that looked ok, but have heard polished concrete can be made to look like poured t
  3. I bought a mod house in Glenbrook Valley over 2 years ago and had 2000 square feet of Fritz Tile installed. I have not been happy with it at all. After about 6 months the colored stones started getting darker in some areas. I contacted Fritz Tile headquarters and they told me it wasn't their problem and offered no help at all. According to them, the problem was my slab, which they claim was having moisture issues, therefore affecting the tile. The dealer that installed my floor did offer to replace the damaged tiles. I decided not to replace since it would cause such a disruption. Last weekend
  4. My last house was a cool little ranch between Donna Bell and TC Jester West in Oak Forest. I liked it alot over there, but McMansions are taking over in a big way. I don't think Shepherd Forest has the McMansion problem yet. There is a neighborhood just west of Oak Forest called Mangum Manor. One street in that neighborhood had to be Parade of Homes because there are about 5 or 6 mods in a row on that street. Most appear to be in the hands of good owners. Can't remember the name of the street but next time I'm in the area I'll snap some photos.
  5. My Glenbrook Valley house was built in 1955. In 1960, the original owner added a gameroom over the garage which is now called "The Kit Kat Lounge". It still contains the original furnishings. After the 2nd owner's (Mrs. Peggy Nelson) husband died in 1974, Mrs. Nelson added a vapor light to the front and back of the house. I guess with these tragic irreparable additions that have happened over the last 48 years, I need to get the house demolished. Oh...wait, it could be one of the 20 in Section 1 that the previous poster has deemed "worth saving".
  6. JMT: A group of your Glenbrook Valley neighbors will help out on Saturday. I'll get with you later in the week to let you know what time we'll be over with lawn equipment.
  7. Sorry to say the contract with the couple that was going to fix this up right fell thru. It's back on the market. Someone please save this little gem ! If I wasn't already up to my ears in mod I would.
  8. The word on the street in Glenbrook is that this little gem will have a happy ending. A young couple that are into mod design apparently have a contract on it. Let's hope they get it ! I'd love to see this house done up !
  9. Howeth: The next general meeting is September 18. There will not be much business conducted at that one because it's the annual covered dish and Bingo. I'm not at all a fan of bingo but I had a great time last year and won a 50.00 gift card to 888. The ladies in the Civic Club put on quite a spread of great home cooking too. As far as Glenbrook getting better, in my section people are moving in that take great care of their yards and are restoring their houses to the original ranch and mod granduer. Since I moved in 04/07...I have become good friends with new owners of at least 10 houses north
  10. The location of the house really isn't bad. It's on Cayton Street which is loaded with small mods that haven't been modified with exception of 1 or 2. Cayton is in the process of undergoing consideration for Historic Neighborhood Designation. Hopefully by getting that designation it will create some pride inthe homeowners to take better care of their yards and building exteriors. I've been in this little house several times over the last couple of weeks. It has tons of potential. Nothing..Nothing has been modified. As RPS stated, the garage is unfortunate. I think they built it that way becau
  11. I got a couple of pics but only of the 1959 Turquoise Cadillac in my driveway. I'm very camera challenged...but as soon as I get the disposable camera developed I'll post the Caddy. I had a blast at this event.....over 25 Glenbrook residents met at Stolitx's for brunch prior to the open houses. Stolitx and the owners of the Precipitron House on Glenview definitely overserved us their refreshing Peach and Orange Mimosa's. A couple of fellow HAIFer's asked for a tour of my house during the event. About 15 toured my house and caught a glimpse of the Kit Kat Lounge upstairs. Based on their feedba
  12. The Mod of the Month on Arletta is at the end of a culdesac on a secluded street. It's a desirable location in Glenbrook Valley that's booming with new modsters. The Rancho Deluxe on Stony Dell has gigantic rooms, and is on a street with topography that is rare in Houston. It's similiar to the lots in Idylwood that overlook the golfcourse. If you go inside the Stony Dell house do yourself a favor and walk around the yard. From the backyard there's a view of the back of one of Glenbrooks finest mods, one of the Glenview Parade of Homes House from 1954, and also next door to the "Multi Levels of
  13. SClark: Be sure and get some good shots of the floor. For the most part people on this board really appreciate terrazzo flooring that is poured in place and is in excellent condition like it is in this house.
  14. I went to the estate sale at this house last friday. The poured in place terrazzo is absolutley beautiful. It is a creamy color with hints of very light blue and very light pink in the stones. The rocks are huge ! I had to return to the estate on saturday just to look at the floors again. The bathrooms are all original too. Very cool house. I wish Glenbrook could claim it.
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