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  1. It was. I think the Stelzigs was on top of it. I just don't recognize the old neighborhood haunts: the Bagby-McGowan area... Louisiana House... The Catacombs... Montrose... I see these places these days from time to time, & well. I'm glad to have found this site. I don't, however, know how to do PM-s (is that what you call them?) & I'm heading out of town tomorrow, gotta pack. Will be back on later, hopefully with more good ole daze thoughts. I'm really enjoying this site. During the Mothers of Invention festival at Catacombs, there was no food. I was standing near the ba
  2. I was pre-Footloose. by a generous margin. I was barely old enough to 'do' the 60's. Wouldn't trade it for anything ... just wish I could remember MORE!
  3. You have soooo many posters! I want to drop everything & start scanning. I don't have that many, but man! SOOO many memories come up from seeing yours! I'm too pressed for time (travel coming up) to dig in as deep as I'd like. But to be sure, this is facsinating & wonderful. I'd just started a couple topics, before I took a look at your posters: Catacombs - the ORIGINAL not the Village... & also, Bellaire Gym. I don't know how to put a scan in this to have it show, rather than be an attachment?
  4. The BELLAIRE GYM. Dancing for teens. I don't think you could be over 18 & get in. & there was this mean ole woman with a yard stick, who'd go around & pass it down your front if you were dancing too close. The Moving Sidewalks played there... Music Machine... Playboys of Edinburgh... & lots of local bands. I'm trying to remember if I saw Fever Tree there. Just can't quite pull that memory out, so maybe not. Boy, did the Moving Sidewalks make all the right moves, or not? Hoo Hoo Oh for the days...
  5. Before, before, before!!! The original CATACOMBS over in what's now the Galleria area... WOW. Who all did I see there? Mothers of Invention.... Ultimate Spinach.... Country Joe & the Fish.... Grateful Dead??? Can you believe???? There was always good music there. Who ran it: Bob Cope is the name that comes to mind. It was like a cave inside, with several dark rooms. What I'm remembering is about 1968??? & All the music I heard there, I swore I'd never forget the who & when of it. Forty years later? pffft. When it got relocated to a corner in Rice Village, to a made
  6. This is a picture of the Jubilee Hall flyer. It was too large to scan. Not sure I know how to attach a pic, but here goes.
  7. Hey, there. I can scan that flyer... & others... but didn't want to post something that mighta been copywritten. ??? I have several flyers: Let me see what I can get going. I even found a couple of books of matches from Family Hand... Who is this um, elderly woman in the mirror, staring back at me?... ???
  8. I'd sure like to know if anyone can validate that John F. Kennedy spoke at NASA the day before he was assasinated in Dallas? So, did he lecture/speak at NASA Nov 20, 1963? Thanks.
  9. I do remember Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall 'replaced' Jubilee Hall which was near or on Bagby & McGowen, downtown. The Family Hand Cafe (?Restaurant?) was a block or so away. And of course, it seems light years ago in a galaxy far far away... I was going thru a few boxes of packed away memories & I found multiple flyers for John Lee Hooker playing at Jubilee Hall on Sunday, Feb 1...but it doesn't say the year... 7-11pm. My guess is that it was '67 or '68? Maybe '69? hmmm. Opening act was Sherwood, a Houston group... Ahh, memories are sketchy... but I'd give anything for a bowl of
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