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  1. I just left from there - I am considering giving downtown living a try (only if my home can lease for a good price). Well, I felt they were fine. They are definately not glamorous but there not bad. Good price if you want to get into downtown. Layouts are pretty nice as well. Again my issue . . .Parking. No parking and only one entrance in. They have contracted though with garages VERY near with a reasonalbe fee.
  2. As much as I would love a coffee shop (no Starbucks), Chipotle, Freebirds, or bakery I won't hold my breath for revitalization of S. Post Oak. What are they building next to the Shipley's?
  3. Hello All, I am trying to find a reasonable landscape designer for a simple Mod home. The current landscape is fit for a traditional house and looks horrible. Any recommendations on a designer or websites that have pics of landscapes? Thank you.
  4. I've seen too many close call accidents because of the lights not being synched. It takes forever to get out of downtown now in the evenings.
  5. I gave it two tries as well. This place is overpriced and overhyped.
  6. I San Francisco. Love the weather and the whole culture.
  7. I am a CW fan. News is straight to the point without out all the cheezy talk.
  8. You know I thought I was the ONLY one bothered by this. I just hate how I have to lay over when I live in a hub city. Another thing that pisses me off is that Continental does not have any late flights from LAX to IAH. Meaning for those getting off of transpacific flights between 5-7pm they have to wait until the NEXT DAY to get into Houston. But I quess South America is Houston's "Thing".
  9. From Houston Press Best Of Houston 2007 Best Hidden Neighborhood (2007) Westbury This Southwest Houston neighborhood has had a bit of a bad rap, some of it connected to relocated Katrina victims. But, despite the catfight at Westbury High last year, a lot of that involved the victims as victims, not as perpetrators. Other
  10. This is a georgeous neighborhood that I stumbled into accidently a few years ago. Those homes over there are well kept and they truly adhere to there deeds.
  11. Wow! Thanks for the info. Doing both recc. this weekend.
  12. ???? I need to throw out here . . . Does anyone know where one could go and find an exterior front door that fits with a Mod home? Most doors sold in stores here are for traditional homes. Thanks!
  13. San Diego is only 6% African American last I check versus Houstons 18% Whites in San Diego account for over 70% as they do in Houston. What I have observed since moving here . . . And I am speaking strictly adults . . . People here do not tend to mingle out of there circle in my opinon. When I met people when I moved here, and they would bring me around there social circle (or I observed this from afar) - everyone was pretty much from the same race, background, etc . . . Didn't see a lot of "diversity" in the social circles of locals. San Diego, LA, San Francisco - It seems like many races were/are represented from every ethnic group when observing & being apart of social groups. People seemed more "open" in welcoming a person in. Yeah, downtown here may have Latinos and African Americans - but are they socializing TOGETHER or in different clubs? Are the clubs representative of Houston or just one group who patronizes the establishment? I'm not knocking Houston, however I still believe that many adults (locals) stay within there circle. I don't see many people venturing out to diversify their circle.
  14. Breakfast Klub hands down (fish, grits, chicken, waffles, people watching). Hobbit Cafe is pretty good.
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