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  1. Dont really have much of an advice in that area, but I suggest you to do your research on the builders and the area. Once you narrow down the builders check BBB.com, HADD.com to see what kind of complaints(if any) are reported against them. I think perry, brighton, royce etc have tons of complaints and are generally not advised. One of the builder's sales person I spoke to compared themselves with David Powers (I consider that kind of peer praise a good sign even though I saw some complaints against david powers). Other builders I saw zero or very few complaints against are Terramark, Highlan
  2. Hi HoustonRealtor, Thanks for your offer. I am still in the preliminary stages and am not ready to contact a realtor yet. Any way which builder did you end up with? and when was this? Thanks.
  3. Any one bought a home or built with Newmark homes? How is your experience? Are they good builders? Appreciate your response. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone refer good buyer agents that you have personal experience with? I am looking for a house in pearland area. Also anyone dealth with any of the following agents? James Potenza Eden Tieh Appreciate your help.
  5. As i mentioned in my original post i want hardwood/tile floors in most areas. Open floor plan with large windows. Custom cabinets, French doors. The plans i have seen so far typically have 70% of the living area on the ground floor and 30% on the top floor. I like it to be more like 60/40 or 55/45. This will be my first house and I did not like the houses i have seen so far and hence my attempt at house building. I am trying to read as much as possible to learn what it takes to build before jumping in. It will be of great help if some one can point out typical costs for moderately customized h
  6. Musicman - can you give more details on what you mean?
  7. Hi All, How much does it cost on a per sqft basis to build a nice custom built house with great quality in pearland/manvel? I am looking for a 3000-4000 sqft 2 story house on a 10000 sqft lot with wood/tile floors etc. Can any one recommend some quality architects and builders you have dealt with? Thanks in Advance
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