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  1. Thats a contradictory statement but I guess I know what you mean. What do you mean by flipped? How is the area around Bond and Escobar? Anyone think that area is going to be like the next 6th street?
  2. very beautiful pictures. I love any pictures with shiny wet pavement reflecting lights.
  3. These are a couple of HDR pictures I took. The one with the full moon was a full moon night but I digitally added in the moon because it was in the wrong location.
  4. I have eaten at the one at the Las Vegas airport and the food and resturant it self was deplorable. When I hear Wolfgang Puck I think of a fancy restaurant that serves delicious meals with a fabulous presentation. The problem with this is that it was pretty much at the level of those little kiosks you see at convenience stores that have the pizzas under the heat lamps.
  5. Anyone have any idea what all the steps are to start a bar in Midtown and about what it takes capital wise to open one? Also any opinions on if Midtown could take another bar/club and what you think would do well there?
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