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    I have many interests. I very much enjoy watching Houston change year by year. I love this forum. It is a great place to talk about the issues and topics concerning Houston.

    I am an activist in Houston's LGBT community and have a radio show on Monday nights on KPFT.

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  1. It looks like the old Greased Lightning burger spot was torn down today. Here is the before: http://swamplot.com/greased-lightning-burger-building-now-on-the-north-montrose-menu/2018-05-21/ here is the after.
  2. Let's hope the Allen goes the way of Alta West Gray rather than Dolce Living or Le Palais. I am personally jazzed about the possibility of an Equinox in the neighborhood.
  3. I am very excited to see this going in three blocks from my house. I thought for sure it would be Urban Living townhomes going in there, which by the way, have become the Kudzu of Houston. I like the Mirador group and their interiors.
  4. I live two blocks South of West Gray and Taft and I love it. The gentrification is full speed ahead.
  5. Fingers crossed for Kimpton. Have stayed at Hotel Monaco San Francisco, 70 Park avenue NYC, Ink 48 NYC and the Eventi NYC. All were excellent and will be an excellent addition to downtown.
  6. Texas A&M has been awarded a very large governmental grant to create one of three national bio defense centers. Good news for Texas and Texas A&M http://onehealthplusbiocorridor.com/
  7. Exxon has owned this land for decades. This is not a new purchase.
  8. Ditto for MAM's. Mary Ann, the owner, rocks the snow cone universe.
  9. Thanks. We are driving up tomorrow to continue looking. I am getting very familiar with Limestone county.
  10. Fellow HAIFers, I am hoping your networks can help me out. My female boxer ran away this past weekend in Kosse TX. Would love to help me spread the word and if you know anyone in the Limestone county area, that would be awesome. Female Boxer named Kimee ran away from a house in central Texas (Kosse, Texas). Kimee is 9 years old and has a little gray around her face. She is fawn in coloring with a white collar, white chest and white sox. Kimee was wearing a red collar with ID tags when last seen. We are focusing our search on central Texas near the Waco/Limestone county area. Kosse is located 45 miles Southeast of Waco. Here is a map of the town: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=kosse+texas&hl=en&hnear=Kosse,+Limestone,+Texas&gl=us&safe=on&t=m&z=15 REWARD
  11. Back in the 90's it was called University Tower. I lived there for 2 years. They provided meal plans and "social" activities. It will not be missed.
  12. I am as pro inner loop as they come. I personally don't get the appeal of the suburbs. However, the suburbs provide what the people want; a bigger house on its own piece of land. Add "better" schools with decent jobs and you have the American dream. I too think it is inevitable. The Katy prairie is flat, seems to drain pretty well, and ideal for the forthcoming sprawl of Houston. The area between 290 and I-10 is ripe for colonization.
  13. You know, I started this topic almost eight years ago. There still is not a solution with what to be done with this building, makes me think it will stay this way for many years to come.
  14. Rumor has it that Costello will run for mayor after Mayor Parker's final term. Yes, I am assuming she will be reelected in 2013.
  15. Houston will stop growing outward when we run out of land, which is never. As long as people can buy a cheap house on a large piece of land with decent schools, sprawl continues. Also, with the price of oil hovering around $100, Houston will be the place to be for a long time. People come to Houston for a chance to get ahead. Our cost of living is ridiculously cheap compared to other parts of the country.
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