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  1. I carpool with my girlfriend 4 days out of the week. LOL on the James or Charles!
  2. The Gilley's sign now resides at the Cowboy Ranch (or whatever it is called now) on Spencer and Red Bluff in Pasadena.
  3. I pass by this old theatre on my way to work sometimes, Grenada Theatre. I am just curious if anyone on here remembers when it was operating as a theatre or has any stories about it. I was suprised to see it and glad it was still standing. Not a lot of new development in that area though...so a lot of old buildings still stand.
  4. They are mostly harmless...they are more scared of you than anything. They eat lots of unwanted things like garbage and snails, roaches, etc... Now roaches, those are evil.
  5. There is no place to live north of 225...but the rest of Deer Park is nice. I live around East Blvd and San Augustine. Sometimes it stinks yes....but not often, as the wind is out of the ESE most of the year, so it does not affect my location. Deer Park tries to keep out the riff raff and that is important to me. A park with Deer would be cool, but I think the pollution would make it seem odd having deer there, in a park...just like VicMan said.
  6. I grew up in Pasadena; years ago there was a great fast food place called "Burger Prince." They had the best burgers, onion rings and malts. The old man that ran it sold it in the 80s and it never was the same, needless to say it did not last long after that.
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