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  1. Seeing that BEAUTIFUL warehouse with all of the intricate details torn up almost made me cry. Seeing what is replacing it made me want to puke.

    Midtown and the Eastside are destined to be the "new" Gulfton in 20 years or the next time we have a bust cycle. The majority of new construction there is cheap cheap cheap. I can't imagine a lot of the fake stucco, suburban siding, and other types of materials will stand up well to the test of time...

    And, once it starts going bad, it will turn sketch very quickly. Narrow streets with nothing but garage doors facing it will make for a South Bronx-like street scape if the yuppies leave!

    Ditto, I always look at new buildings with a "wonder how that will look in 10 or 20 years."

    I mean, most of that midtown development is going to look just awful in just a few years I think.

    Some of those materials don't do well in our climate...yuk! Hardi-plank is a great product though and does just fine.

  2. I came out because I had a tiny rainbow flag sticker on the license plate of my

    car back in 1995....my Dad saw it and said "Do you support these people??" and

    had this awful look on his face, kind of like this :angry2: and I was speechless.

    Shortly after, my Mom called to have "the talk." I was 18 and no longer living at home,

    but she of course wanted to know what the hell was going on.

    I must say that at first it was horrible and very sad the way my parents reacted.

    I went in the Navy shortly after and receieved 10 page TYPED letters from my Dad

    about how I was going to hell, etc... They thought it was a phase, but turns out the

    bible throwing days were a phase. I have been with my partner for close to 10 years now.

    They love her dearly and are no longer hateful or homophobic since 1999. Happy times.

    Moral of the story, be true yourself (but hold the PDA please, if we wanted to see

    that we would watch Skinimax after 11pm). If my parents can come around

    anyone can.

  3. On the other hand, a gay man who wants his own biological child can't simply go to some kind of a "donation center." I'd like to hear what some of you think about the ways in which a gay man can have his own biological child. I would think that there should be at least one way that he can without deceiving a woman into marriage.

    I am a lesbian and needless to say I have MANY gay and lesbian friends. I have offered to have a child for my best friend who is a gay man (if and when he is ever ready). He would only have to cover the medical bills...which is considerable, but I would not charge him and his partner a fee of my own. This is an option that some gay men do have with their lesbian friends, especially those with lesbian friends under 40. I have known this guy for almost 20 years though. I would not do it for just any person.

  4. I can't find anything on Google. There must have been a few old large homes out there. I work with a guy that has told me before this thread that his family used to own a very large old custom house built way back when, that was on several acres of land. The man that built it left it to my co-worker's grandmother because she helped take care of him when he was sick. There was some freaky haunted stuff at this particular place too. It was torn down as well. The location of the home was further east, I-10/Dell Dale.



    Nice, clean, like new, affordable.

    3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1438 sq ft, Energy Star 2 story home.

    Built in 2004, granite counters in kitchen, powder room downstairs,

    berber carpet, spacious rooms, large fenced backyard.

    11419 Seven Sisters Dr., Tomball, TX 77375

    Northern Point Subdivision

    Contact me at 713-726-6374










    Thanks!! ;)



  6. Yes, but they're not the same as here. Lot's of corn tortillas in Mexico. Few, if any flour tortillas. And the crispy shell taco or tostada is almost nowhere to be found.

    I went to one restaurant where I ordered a taco and my friend ordered a burrito and the ONLY difference between what we got was the way the corn tortilla was folded. My taco was rolled like a common soft-shell taco (but no lettuce, tomato or cheese, just meat and chilies) and my friend's burrito was the same thing, save it was folded and tucked in on each end. That was it. If if you unfolded my taco and his burrito and laid them flat side by side (which we did), there was zero difference.

    Ummm hum...and chile con queso is totally gringo...

    Like you say, the flour tortillas are almost no where to be found in Mexico.

    They cater to us gringas y gringos here.

    I love Mexican Food/Tex-Mex, whatever. Love it!!

  7. The obvious but not politically correct solution is for a system to be designed that matches license plate info up with current / active insurance records. This would at least on my side of town eliminate a lot of traffic from all those that don't carry insurance, crash into a vehicle and either drive off or run off. If police could scan plates not just for the regular items but also current insurance we could fix traffic and the need for more roads, etc....

    Just think less traffic and cheaper insurance.

    Scharpe St Guy

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have my vote!

  8. Pancho's started in the 60's. My mother in law said she started taking her son to the Almeda Mall area location when he was a baby

    in the early 70s... The guy is 38 now and the same lady still works there as a waitress. I used to go to the Pasadena Plaza location a lot as a kid. I loved that place! I know it is not REAL mexican food, but I usually go once every year or so. Raise the flag! :D

  9. June 22, 2007, 8:02AM

    Plan offered to save 2 city icons

    Panel suggests listing endangered River Oaks and Alabama sites as landmarks


    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle


    I am a fool for thinking that Weingarten will take this into consideration, but I can still hope so.

    It would just be disgusting and sick if they tore down these landmarks or OSW, etc... :(

  10. i had heard something that they were thinking about it to help pay for it to be extended. rumor though.

    I just moved back to the southeast side from Tomball. In 2006,

    TXDOT and HCTRA had meetings in Tomball with citizens on various dates

    about the obvious expansion of SH 249, as well as

    making parts of it a toll road.



  11. The x-wife still lives in the area, according to research I did last year.

    I was able to pinpoint her because of the marriage records on HCTX. She remarried after O'Bryan and

    was under that name (which I do not recall now). The neighborhood behind Parktown is where

    she lives...between Red Bluff and Pasadena Blvd.

    If I was her I think I would have moved further away...that is just so creepy.

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