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  1. I found this pic and info on Settegast Park. The pic accompanied the text below so I'm assuming that it's of the land where the park is now. I'm not sure if the below mentioned renovations in 2004 have all been completed or not.


    Settegast Park was founded on October 26, 1911, when J.J. Settegast of Houston donated block number six in his S.M.Williams Subdivision to be developed exclusively for park purposes.

    The City of Houston expanded the park in 1916 by purchasing blocks five...

    Great pic and article. Thank you Danax.

  2. I would assume (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that many, if not most, residential home builders don't have an architectural background and would have little appreciation for something like this. How many times have you seen on this forum or others a comment like "who cares -- it's just another old building"? Most people in general don't appreciate modern architecture. A co-worker of mine was talking about the home after she read the article and said "Who would want a home with Formica?" I mean, to reduce the significance of this house to "yucky Formica" is ridiculous, but prevalent. (Next time I'll tell her that I just installed new Formica in my kitchen!)

    I do! Think of the swank parties you could throw!

    Word to ya motha! 100% agree.

    Swank parties is just the beginning, my dogs/cats would LOVE a 15' couch in a round living room

    and so would I!

  3. I read up on Frenchtown in the recent past. I found that area very interesting as well.

    Maybe it was a middle school...but it WAS quite a potatoe :o

    Dr. Suess books everywhere sounds like a great time.

    My aunt who is almost old enough to be your mother, graduated

    in 1963 (Well she could be old enough these days....geez).

    Anyway...when she tells me stories, I think of how wonderful it must

    have been, growing up in that time period.

    She said it was wonderful, it was a great time to grow up and

    stop at the different drive-ins to buy a coke and see your friends.

    I want to go back to the 60s.... :( I was born in the 70s.... :rolleyes:

  4. That is so cool. I can just mentally picture the life of the area in those days.

    I can too. Yesterday I drove by the park on my way home from work.

    I tried to imagine all the games they played and how it must have been

    a little piece of heaven on earth. Some good structures are still standing and have

    a lot of potential. Some cute bungalows and prairie style right across from the park.

    Times like these I miss my grandfather, he was always so good with telling stories from

    growing up during the Depression. He would tell me how much fun they had even though they

    were so very poor.

  5. This interesting tidbit just appeared among the Chron's on-line comments. I assume it refers to what Granit told a neighbor: That he bought the house because his girlfriend lives across the street, and that he planned to live there himself.

    "Granit bought the house next to ours and said exactly the same thing to the old man who lived there. He must have a lot of girlfriends..."

    I saw that comment too...VERY interesting. :rolleyes:<_<:blink:

  6. Ironic as it sounds, our old street was called Easy Street (anything but) and it just got sidewalks about 1 year ago. So it took the city just 65 plus years to install. Not bad huh? This area was left to fend for itself decades ago, thats why most families fled.

    PS, Kashmere Gardens was one of the 1st schools in Houston and in the nation to utilize the Head Start Program circa 1965.


    Easy St...that IS ironic. I used to be the Business Manager at a local Culinary school and one of my friends was a recruiter...

    She said that when she went to Kashmere HS to recruit, she felt like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds because of the fence

    around the front of the school??...not sure because I have never been there.

    It was funny to hear her tell the story, but of course the decline of the area is not funny....

  7. If you drive down 610 East Frwy from Downtown and exit Lockwood make a left and head about 3 miles to Englewood Freight Yards. Cross overpass and your in Englewood. The lots were very inexpensive in the 1940's especially after WWII. This little neighborhod is very close to Kashmere Gardens. Not to confuse with Denver Harbor (south of Freight Yards).

    Englewood consisted of huge undeveloped lots as in 1946 photo below. This specific area in photo is densely populated now. As vets returned from the war they quickly built new homes and started families in this working class part of the city. The railroad was just next door along with numerous trucking and distribution plants further down Liberty and Wallisville Road's. As the city boomed and new development headed west, these parts of Houston were basically forgotten. Would surprise me if any long time Houstonian's remember it. A travel back in time indeed. Check out the newly planted Magnolia tree! :)


    Awww, that's a great pic. As someone who loves our local history, I will be checking

    out Englewood real soon (it is on my way home from work)! ^_^

  8. Anyone know who occupied the Bldg prior to Spaghetti Warehouse chain moving in? Name of merchant or company Bldg. was originally constructed for? Any walk around exterior photos of Bldg. now AND and historical? Entrance to Bldg. on north or south side of street?



    Paper: Houston Chronicle

    Date: Sun 10/21/2007 http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive....id=2007_4445216

    Spaghetti Warehouse

    History: Built in 1912. Desel-Boettcher warehouse.

    Good luck


  9. I was at the Macy's next door last weekend and noticed the graffiti at the top of thebuilding's exterior. That mad me sad :( . I like how you can still see the outline of the old letters that wereon the building for many moons...I recall a certain group of deliquents that were persuaded by an unidentified teenage girlto put soap in the fountain there...while they videotaped the act....HA! :P Good times, Good times.

    Pasadena Texan! What a great idea! The city needs to take an active rolein the preservation of this great architectural beauty!

  10. Okay, so this is a really broad question, but does new construction price per square foot vary by location? or just in the choice of materials? I would have thought that construction was construction and that the major factor in total cost would be the land value. As an example, a builder like Perry Homes sells townhouses out in the burbs for $150K, a similar product inside the loop costs $250K, wouldn't that just be the land value?

    Yes, and when speaking of price per sf that is the total price (house and land)

    when looking to buy. When looking to build, of course that is separated out...

  11. Interesting house. The school info is very helpful as well. Why shun a helpful bit of info that is relevant?

    If you don't like a posting, you could start your own forum and make rules that no one can post anything other than

    architecture. In all seriousness, could it ruin our architectural discussions that much? :wacko:

  12. Now it makes me wonder about the street in Golden Acres that it took the place of. I guess I'll just have to go to the Pasadena Public Library and look at old maps. I'm just curious about what Pasadena looked like beyond the areas that were already developed in the 1960's.

    My grandfather bought a place in the 40s off Pine St (Spencer Gardens). If he was still alive I could ask him how it looked. He had quite a memory :) . My family had the place until about 2 years ago, so needless to say we all grew up out there.

    My aunt may remember, so I will ask her. She graduated in 1963 from South Houston.

    I do think there were houses they had to buy out to make the beltway and it was not two seperate subdivisions until after

    they built the beltway. At the intersection of BW8 and Pine, if you are facing south on the beltway,

    Golden Acres proper is on the right and Spencer Gardens is on the left...but the oldtimers still refer to it as Golden Acres no matter what side of BW8 you are on...include me in on that list.

    Yeah, I would be curious to know what street ran through there myself. Very interesting topic.

    I have an email into my aunt, we will see what she says!

  13. I grew up in Pasadena.

    We could all learn something from every culture, good,

    bad or otherwise.

    Mexicans as a whole, have a tremendous amount of pride

    that some born here in the US do not come

    close to having for our country.

    I fly my US Flag and Navy flags on occassion...

    but not every day because I don't want them

    to weather too badly AND according to my military days, you are supposed

    to have your US Flag lit when dark...and I don't

    have that sort of setup.

    Back to the topic...if you don't like the setup and that is

    TRULY why you hate it, if you can afford a mount and a flag pole,

    then go buy them one and help them make it look nicer...

    otherwise, there is not much to do.

    Thank God this is the USA, where we can

    discuss the issues and fly whatever flag we want on

    our car or house (provided deed restrictions do not set limitations).

    I honestly prefer the diversity.

    A Nazi flag would freak me out though.

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