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  1. My humble opinions:


    I think you might have underestimated what you can get the property for, unless you know something I don't. Also, you would have to pay for the rights to access the property, via the neighboring lot. The law does not force someone to turn over access, you actually have to agree to it and usually pay, unless the owner is just that kind (which is possible).  Also, I think that you are overestimating the rent you can charge for a tiny house, even if it is in the Heights...but it's something to consider.

    Good luck in your search. 

  2. Here is a pristine Post-War ranch for sale in Oak Forest Area.

    I notice lots of original details with minimal updating.  The updating that has been done was done correctly. Exceptional hardwood floors, paneling and cabinetry w/ some built-ins. Fantastic original tile in hall bath. Lots of natural light. Great back patio surrounded by original brick low wall. Very good slab exposure. Nice detached 2 car garage and custom fence.  Someone grab this so I can come over and have a drink on that patio!





  3. Yeah they are still stocking the shelves with "well brands." Liquor Store/Car Wash could be pretty neato. When we spoke to the lady running the store, she said she was going to have to get a new job and they weren't re-opening. Maybe she is wanting to keep her secret safe! :P

  4. $1 doesn't sound exhorbitant. I mean, the park is certainly better than 2 apple pies at McDonald's.

    Now if it was $5 or $10 that might be cause for concern.

    I agree. It is $1 per person though...not per vehicle...so it keeps

    out lots of riff raff that were coming in by the van load to smoke dope and skip rope...

    ya know what I mean...

  5. I was more pissed that I drove all the way down the main entrance road, only to

    find it closed off.

    I guess they dom't have enough money for a sign on Battleground road

    directing visitors to the side entrance.

    I noticed the $1 seemed to keep out the riff raff so I will be prepared next time...

    I may even get a parking spot on a Sunday for a picnic...and trucks won't be parked

    in the grass, which I thought was rude.

    My .02

  6. We used to have friends in Pasadena and would go over there from Baytown to visit and shop some. The old white working class Pasadena is long gone, Nesdel Club, Johnny Lees, I'm Proud to Be a KIKKer, Panchos, Mickey McCarty, Taco Bueno, Ice Houses, the Banditos MC, David Allen Coe, Mr. Dellhoussie gone!

    Don't forget the beer joints on Preston and Shaver...many are still there.

    Remember Ramblin Rose, She's Not Here Ice House, He's Not Here Ice House,

    Daily Double, etc..

    I think Micheal J's is still going strong...lol. B)


    (from Pasadena)

  7. So would this be a listing for one of the invading townhouses?http://www.har.com/2040456
    Yes. And when I was over there last week, there were sometownhomes going in right across the street from the park...whichis labeled RUSK PARK on the HAR map. There are many being builtright over there like Danax said.
    I have a friend that owns a house very close to Settegast Park. A couple of months ago he mentioned that one of the contractors working on those townhouses right next to the railroad tracks on Commerce apparently didn't believe the tracks were actually in use, and consequently decided to leave his truck parked on the tracks overnight. The entirely predictable outcome: train 1, truck 0. :lol:
    What the....? Sucks to be him...or her. :lol:
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