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  1. It was imploded today actually. Does anyone know what is going in it's place? Factual information....there are rumors of all kinds of things.
  2. I'm so sad!! I grew up in Pasadena. So many memories. So many people that think this is a good thing. :( I realize it was going to be a costly repair job to say the least but this is just devastating.
  3. My humble opinions: I think you might have underestimated what you can get the property for, unless you know something I don't. Also, you would have to pay for the rights to access the property, via the neighboring lot. The law does not force someone to turn over access, you actually have to agree to it and usually pay, unless the owner is just that kind (which is possible). Also, I think that you are overestimating the rent you can charge for a tiny house, even if it is in the Heights...but it's something to consider. Good luck in your search.
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me exactly what this is? I believe it is a Mid-Century Hutch or Cabinet. Possibly used in a school setting, Any details would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Here is a pristine Post-War ranch for sale in Oak Forest Area. I notice lots of original details with minimal updating. The updating that has been done was done correctly. Exceptional hardwood floors, paneling and cabinetry w/ some built-ins. Fantastic original tile in hall bath. Lots of natural light. Great back patio surrounded by original brick low wall. Very good slab exposure. Nice detached 2 car garage and custom fence. Someone grab this so I can come over and have a drink on that patio! http://www.har.com/802-sara-rose-st/sale_17852824
  6. Great Post-War Ranch For Sale in the Oak Forest area. Lots of original details. http://www.har.com/802-sara-rose-st/sale_17852824
  7. They are building it fast now. Sorry no pic, but noticed a great deal of progress over the last couple of weeks.
  8. www.chron.com Live Chat with Mayor Parker going on now.
  9. I live right around the corner. It's open and already has 9 reviews on Yelp with 5 star rating.
  10. Yeah they are still stocking the shelves with "well brands." Liquor Store/Car Wash could be pretty neato. When we spoke to the lady running the store, she said she was going to have to get a new job and they weren't re-opening. Maybe she is wanting to keep her secret safe!
  11. And now it's burnt out from a fire last week! HUM!
  12. ** Bump** Any word yet on what they are going to build there or run?
  13. Yes I went here as a kid. Saw "Stand By Me" Kips was in the building that Frank's Grill is in now, directly in front of it. Great times...
  14. "...it's time to come to Thunderbolt, you don't need a brand new car!" I know all the words, I was a little girl when that commercial was on and I thought that lady swinging her hat was soooo cool.
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