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  1. I wish I was a millionaire when I see a house like this. THANK YOU for the post The interior decorating is surely not my taste either They have so much furniture in there,that it makes it hard to really see the rooms. I love the rough paneling look. The atrium is to die for. Wow,can you imagine looking out from an upstairs bedroom,and seeing that? Thanks again
  2. That is major good news. My oldest son recently bought a home in Katy also. The tax bill you recieve in December will be for 2007. I'm sure he doesn't even know about the meeting Tuesday.
  3. It is horrible. I don't like to criticize others work,but this is awful.
  4. I do also. This house in my opinion,seems to have been very well maintained. There are other options that could be taken here. The front could use some updating. The kitchen could be modernized,rather than gutted. This house does not need to be flipped in my opinion.
  5. I love the bathrooms also. When it gets flipped,that will have to go. I could surely not be the one to tell the subs to destroy them.
  6. Palais Royal was one of the anchor stores. I have a friend who was the manager of the shoe department in the early 70's.
  7. I agree with you completely. The organic market looked to sterile. The other one had alot of very healthy food,and looked like alot more fun to me.
  8. I wish I could have seen the exhibit. In general,most architects are very interesting,and very cool people. The imagination involved in designing is a gift that very few people have. NOW,SO many people rely on CAD. My dad would design,and then make a model of what he wanted to achieve. I think you did a very good job,on reporting about the exhibit. THANK YOU!!!
  9. Maintaining is a major issue. I would like to have more water features at my house. Just maintaining my trees is so expensive. I know how to do alot of things,but I am only 5'3 and I have to hire people to do this
  10. Oh really???? I KNEW THAT ALSO MY FATHER GRADUATED FROM A&M I'm no big fan of BIG D either however they ARE a Texas team
  11. Hey,good for you. I think that it is so cool to flip rather than tear down. OF COURSE sometimes that has to be done. A CHALLENGE IS SO FUN AND VERY PROFITABLE
  12. It was areally good game.Dalas did well also. The new coach for the TEXANS is from Houston.
  13. I agree completely.He/she is probably using a really cheap varnish,or not applying enough coats. I do not know what type of wood he is referring to. Some woods are much more porous than others Sealers have worked very well for me.After sanding the door down,you can apply a sealer.Then once you refinish the door,you can apply sealer again.
  14. I don't know how much time you have available,but it's really easy to refinish a door. If you don't own one,you can rent electric sanders.I have refinished alot of doors.It really doesn't take that long to do so.
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