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  1. "Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.” ~ John N. Mitchell
  2. Try Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  3. If you consider that this takes an extra trash truck, the fuel and resources used to manufacture that truck, the fuel used by the driver to get to work, the fuel for the trash truck......does the recycling effort help the environment or is it a feel good thing?
  4. I am bringing an old topic to life. Does anyone live at Rise or have current knowledge of the building? Any comments on Rise are appreciated.
  5. The Sullivans also built in our neighborhood on Nicholson. They respect the neighborhood with great design and they were very considerate of the neighbors.
  6. I sent an letter to Mr. Jaworski, the new mayor, congratulating him on his new position and I commented on the challenges of building in Galveston and reputation of the Planning Department. I received a very nice letter from him stating that he and the new council were well aware of the situation and they were working to resolve it. The letter was encouraging.
  7. There was a sign on the day saying they were closed for remodeling.
  8. Efficient Attic Systems can install the radiant barrier and proper venting. Radiant barrier is not going to help a lot unless you have sufficient soffit vents and ridge vents.
  9. This started out as a simple question and wound up looking like a script to a Maury Povich episode. Geez.
  10. Thanks for that referral. Aztec did not return my call.
  11. I am considering the purchase of a residential lot in the East End. I understand the areas between Broadway and the seawall had less problems during Ike. Any suggestions on which area to focus on would be appreciated. Lot size is not as important as location.
  12. I had a plastic pipe installed underground with drains at grade level. This was done almost 5 years ago by Jose Mortez. 832-541-4617. You will go to voice mail. I still use Jose and his crew's services for weekly lawn maintenance. Good guys with good service.
  13. Belgard makes Turf Stone pavers. A neighbor has this product or one similar. It's nice because the grass grows in the open areas but you still have a solid surface.
  14. CityView Lofts are under construction again with some listings on har. Any information available on CityView coming back to life would be appreciated.
  15. One of the guys with TxDot told me he knew of no immediate plans to complete the trail to downtown. It seems stupid to do all of that work and then stop short of the goal.
  16. If you own property, you want the biggest return on investment. Capitalism. Suppose your home had a garage apartment. Will you lease it to someone willing to pay $600 per month or will you lease it to someone that can pay only $200 per month. When it's your property you will look at it differently.
  17. I work in Conroe and visit Pie In The Sky often. Great sandwiches, soups and salads. The brownies are the best I've ever had. Lots of pies, too. The location could have been better but I'm sure they will do well once the word gets out.
  18. I have been in one of them. It's small but the floor plan was very nice. Some of them did flood during Allison. Ask for the Sellers Disclosure form. Ask what the maintenance fee covers.
  19. I was glad to see them add a new place to the neighborhood, mainly for a breakfast place on weekends. An omelet with grits, two pieces of sausage and ice tea: $14.00. That's a little steep for my breakfast budget.
  20. I had a terrible experience with Wayne Dalton. I see another poster had a better experience.
  21. I hope the 20 states that had them under investigation for election fraud during the last two campaign cycles are wrong.
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