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  1. Why are you posting here if you already have a fluffy bunny? The fluffy bunny should be pounding the pavement for you, searching for your uber-house...all you should have to be doing is going to see houses.

    Well, the realtor is sending us stuff all the time. Not many options to choose form IMO. And, we live over 700 miles away and going to see houses is a challenge. I've been once, hubby is looking all the time. I can't spend $800 on a plane ticket every time I see something that MIGHT be ok. And we are going on Offer #3 now. It just seems like they are all crap or when run into challenges like someone wanting us to forfeit our deposit if the house doesn't appraise. I've never heard of that.

    Have you tried buyowner.com ? Yes - but not as many in Sugar Land area.

    Just thought I'd try another avenue.

  2. Relocating to Sugar Land. Need a place by June 1st or so. We've already had 2 deals fall through. One lady wanted us to give up our earnest money if the house didn't appraise as well as lease back the property for 25 days from us for FREE. Obviously we aren't going to agree to that.

    Other deal fell through cause they took the house off the market (divorce situation)

    We are running out of time. Want to be in a good area near good schools. We're having a hell of a time finding a nice home for a decent price. 3+ Bedrooms. 2+ baths, prefer laminate/wood over carpet, fenced backyard for the pets.

    Price range is up to $240,000.00 If you know of any by owner, through a realtor, anything....post some links. I am getting soooo frustrated. Thanks!

    Yeah, it seems like we shold be able to find something.

    P.S. Already working with a realtor so we don't need a realtor......just can't find the right house.

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