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  1. Full time staff and adjunct faculty.
  2. She does run UHD in the sense that she's chancellor of the entire UH system. And as someone who works on campus, I didn't hear much "dissent" over Antel's appointment. That said, the proposed names are terrible.
  3. To their credit (and this is a first), Waterhill sent out a crew yesterday with bulldozers and dumpsters to pick up wood scraps, lumber, and all that other crap around the property. Thankfully, I'm not next to one of the "skeletons," as we have come to call them. Thanks for the flood reassurance, Niche. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Should I expect flooding? http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Houston&...p;zipcode=77011 We're up on a hill, but the bayou makes me nervous. I haven't live in the East End long enough to know how it handles water.
  5. I'm posting here because it shows up high on search engine results. We've lived in a Waterhill townhome since December 2007. Though we like the design and our neighbors, tt was the worst decision of our life. To date: 1. Only one of the two community gates actually works. 2. The one gate that does work doesn't have a locking pedestrian entrance. It's just open. 3. We were never given the gate remotes as promised. 4. The retaining wall behind our home is still incomplete. 5. The tree in front of our house was dead when we moved in. 6. We regularly receive notices from contractors who were neve
  6. When I was a kid in the early 90s, we used to hit both those places after YMCA basketball games.
  7. Caught this on Bohemeo's website: http://www.bohemeos.com/
  8. The former manager of Shanghai Red's lived on my street in the mid-ninties (I was just a kid). I always got the impression that the food was good, always positively reviewed, but that simply not enough people showed up.
  9. Neighborhood panopticon tower?
  10. Good, bad, ugly, and most ugly sounds like the full range of the neighborhood. Anyone buying a home in the area is going to drive around and feel it out. If you think posting only the pretty pictures on HAIF will influence what people buy, well, then we disagree. Mods, feel free to take them down. Or, only take down the "ugly" ones.
  11. I like to drive around on Sundays and listen to KPFT's blues and bluegrass programs. For once, I brought my camera. I'm not as artsy or proficient as many of you, but it's fun to drive with one hand while photographing with the other!
  12. As someone who drives four miles roundtrip to work, that would be a wonderful.
  13. My wife and I eat there every Christmas morning. The food is always fantastic. I've never actually been on just a regular night.
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