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  1. This is a money making project under the pretext of Ike disastor recovery is wrong! Using tax money on a project like this sounds closer to fraud.....
  2. That web site is an Epic Fail! Did he really develop Forum Park?? The email to Patterson was uneventful, Patterson said he had no control over the development??
  3. She was clearly lying and not backing up any of her posts! Thats the reason all of her posts were deleted... She has a vendetta, and is starting the same stuff over here!
  4. Cali Girl.... Your stuff is getting old The stuff on City Data has been erased! Do you want that to happen here too?
  5. I also live in Orchard Lakes and love it... Will agree with everything JRC said! Aliana will be really nice, If you looking for brand new construction!
  6. <br /><br /><br />Telfair is closer to the freeway... I think both are great
  7. It could be... Long Meadow Farms is a 1,400-acre project being developed by Trend Development named after the 1800
  8. From my understand they cant extend the "runway" for the SL airport due to the park etc. The city could buy the prison land and build plenty of hangers! Increasing the overall airport traffic!
  9. JRC Did you hear that the money to widen 1464/99 intersection dried up? Think of the traffic once Aliana starts to grow!
  10. It will be built on 12 acres of land that trustees also approved buying at a cost of $601,128 or $50,094 per acre from developer Sienna/Johnson. Both actions were approved at the board
  11. I think we live in the same neighborhood! I was under the impression FBISD already purchased some land in Aliana to build an Elementary school
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