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  1. I drove by this area the other day, and am curious to everyone's thoughts to what will happen to the neighboring communities. Since the plan looks like midway is looking to develop a "town" within the 150 acres... would the neighboring area (specifically east of Hirsch Rd.) stay as is? Or would that get gentrified? Also, I see architect on record for the project is Gensler. Any updates in general to the master planning of this east river project?
  2. umm ok, when it comes to cars i tend to talk alot but i'll make this short, lol don't go to sears, they suck for tires. only go to sears if u want to buy a diehard battery. if ur going to replace tires i highly suggest discount tire. the reason y is each tire is different, i wont go into detail about this cuz then cliff notes would be needed to read this. anyway, each tire is different if you are going to go the cheap route for ur tires then you will need the warranty discount offers. if u get a blow out, flat, etc they replace the tire for free. cheap tires more than likely will do this, have
  3. hey guys sorry for the delay. i talked to my "source" lol. anyway, groundbreaking wont occur till spring of '08 i was asked not to give specifics, but this is the updated general info. The Asia House will be openening in 2010. Millwork for this project has been worked out and so far it looks pretty cool. there are some renderings, but unfortunately due to the nature of the project i can't post them right now, sorry. further down the line i can give u guys more specifics, but the firm working on this project respects their clients privacy and is a well respected firm that doesn't want to relea
  4. i would recommend discount tire. although it's not a mom n pop place most mom n pop places don't offer lifetime balance and rotation, which is something you're going to have to do often if you maintain ur car properly. discount tire offers lifetime for cheap. plus imo they do top notch work.
  5. ahh crap, sorry man i completely forgot, and i just had lunch with those guys the other day. ill ask and let you know.
  6. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? http://www.thevillager.com/villager_215/notsopretty.html
  7. forgot to upload these before i left on vacation. some updated pics:
  8. hey flipper, can u give more specifics on where u went to get this licence? i know there are several places like community colleges and what not, but i noticed there are places that are like trade schools that also offer classes to get licensed. would you recommend the place you attended? and congrats on the flip!!
  9. i'm going to london also. we don't leave till tomorrow night. we got tix to see the men's finals at wimbledon and i'm uber excited!!
  10. screw that, not just anyone can get on the back of my bike! there are requirements, must be thin in the waist and cute in the face.
  11. i didn't even know this thread exisited. i know people who worked on this project. i'll see if i can get the date for you guys by monday if no one beats me to it.
  12. didn't rosie get all p.o'ed at tom sellick for being pro guns, pro nra, etc? this wo-man is a dumb a$z
  13. LOL, typical of the popo not to show up. maybe the orange substance was Tang...African Tang that is, i hear that stuff is potent.
  14. its funny u mentioned that. today a co-worker went to chick-fil-a and she was all excited that it only took her "5 minutes" to get through the drive through. she said they had 2 guys out there writing down ppl's order to get through the line fast. then all the girls shouted "yaaay, lets go to that one from now on!!" lol. but i'll admit chick fil a has some good food! there's one lady here who plans on dressing up like a cow for july 13, LOL....
  15. sounds cool. although i would of preferred biddong on chance for lunch with Lisa Foronda.
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