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  1. Hi Scotch. Thanks for the response. I remember that hugh water slide too, and I believe there was some kind of rocket or old model plane or something in the back lot. My memory is kind of fuzzy from then, so I am thinking that is what I saw in the back of Pooh's Park. There was a laundry mat that was kind of kiddie corner to Pooh's Park from what I remember. Seems like they tore most of that stuff down and replaced it with modern stuff. I do remember now, that the Piggly Wiggly was over on the Bryan side. Some other interesting places in C.S. that I remember was a hugh ClothesTime store,(Havent seen one of those since the 80's), a daycare called Kiddie Castle-where my mom used to work, Jack-n-the Box(we don't have any of those where I live now), and I don't know if anyone on this board went to Oakwood, but I remember there was this kind of mini-town with these little mini-houses behind the school. To this day I still wonder what in the world that was. I wonder if Oakwood school is even there still. I went to Oakwood in 1984/85 mind you, so it's been AGES ago!!!!!!!!
  2. HEY guys! I just found this site, and it has brought me back so many memories of my youth!! I am from Minnesota, but moved to College Station, TX in 1984 until 1986. I was going to Oakwood and A&M Junior High during that time, and I remember spending a LOT of time at that Pooh's Park with my cousin back then. Also after church,-(that church next to Tinsley's is Washington Chapel, I believe), we headed over to the Boss Bird for some of that great chicken and divine rolls. Anyone have ANY pictures they could post of the old Poohs Park and Tinsleys? That would bring back so many memories. Before we moved back to Minnesota in 1986, I remember there was a Piggly Wiggly and a Winn Dixie in that area too. I also remember, in 1985, that was the very first time I ever saw a Fudruckers, on Texas Ave.
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