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  1. Same here... hoping for something not too expensive like a Cinemark.
  2. PLEASE get us a cinema.... I would absolutely go here rather than the AMC in downtown.
  3. The funny thing is, Google Maps doesn't even show the southbound ramp existing anymore.
  4. I am still so excited for this realignment and hope the city makes it a reality. We really need to move that railroad track as the Planning Commission proposed.
  5. What! Wonder why that went away. Very cool... I knew about the name changes but didn't realize there was a lake like this there.
  6. That's 100% new. Just parked there the other day for Pride and none of that was there.
  7. We need that sky lobby back open.
  8. It's called nature and it's an essential part of living on this planet.
  9. Does anyone have any old pictures of the N Main area? I keep searching online and there really doesn't seem to be much. Would really like to see how all this looked, especially without I-45 barreling through. Based on the old Google Earth imagery, even looks like there used to be some type of park in Little White Oak Bayou near White Oak Bayou.... I imagine a flood probably took that out. Was just wondering if anyone had any photos before the 80s or 70s...preferably the 40s and 50s but really anything would be great. Thanks!
  10. I've said this many times before but I-10 has to be the most poorly designed freeway Houston ever built. It added THAT many lanes and it's still a mess. The worst mistake it made was forcing those tollroad commuters, which I am that commuter everyday, to cross every single damn lane from the right to the left just to use the damn tollway. You see how much this backs up traffic all the time at Gessner and Beltway 8 going into the city.... the back up in that area is always due to people like me having to make so many lane switches and honestly cut so many people off just to make the tollroad. They should have somehow elevated the tollway in those areas and had some sort of direct connectors to the tollroads. With all the criticism this I-45 expansion gets, I am so glad they learned from this huge mistake, especially at the future I-45/610 interchange with direct connectors to and from the ramps:
  11. I was surprised too but then I started thinking... this is such a car-centric city. I think at this particular location, the ramp will be rising from the ground, eventually becoming a bridge section closer to Memorial... that would make it harder for cars to enter going north on N Post Oak or to exit to go north. That's the only reason I can think why they wouldn't show that ramp.
  12. More urban than the one on Washington with office and multi-family?
  13. Did.........did they edit out all the cars on the road?
  14. The Cullen ramp was still closed last I checked this weekend.
  15. Just wish the facade had more glass, like they planned to do at 800 Bell: They should at least do something with the plaza. It's wide open and serves no purpose right now.
  16. It's open! Drove it tonight. Felt really smooth but man is that a tight turn going to I69 south or what!
  17. That angle is so off it's not even funny. What is this, in Montrose?? Looks like their other apartment complex off of Dallas.
  18. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Report-Chase-Tower-to-be-sold-in-627-million-14028442.php Here's to still hoping for that reclad of this building.
  19. It's main purpose is to protect single family neighborhoods in a city like ours, especially in inner-city areas that likely don't have HOAs and deed restrictions.
  20. This is directly from the Special Minimum Lot Size application: Basically, if your lot was designated for single family use and you owned property in this special zone, you would not be able to then convert this into commercial or multi-family use.
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