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  1. This makes a tremendous amount of sense since the owners have been talking about relocating since their current location will be torn down for the I-45/69 expansion in the next couple of years.
  2. Do you do this so you get notifications to the thread? You do realize you can subscribe and get email alerts when new posts are created in a thread, right? That's supported natively by the forum software.
  3. Ah great, you found the sheet of paper I mentioned in the Greenstreet thread. I disagree with you about online shopping. Sure, over half of what I buy nowadays comes from online but I tend to believe clothing is one of those major exceptions. I have to try it on and see how it looks and fits before I ever buy it. You can't try clothing on online, unless you're using one of those specialized apps for buying a suit that gets your measurements from a picture. But even then, most people want to try on a suit before they buy it. Even with Uber Eats, you don't see tons of restaurants simply becoming Uber Eat counters. People still want to get out of the house, enjoy the atmosphere of a restaurant, and eat the food as soon as it's done being prepared.
  4. Wow so many people called it! So the post was removed on Reddit, but somebody captured a photo of a piece of paper on the window of Forever 21 at the Galleria saying that the store would be closed until Forever 21 paid over $100,000 for their space. Guess this was a sign of things to come.
  5. Teahouse is coming to this location.
  6. No, I have nothing bad to say about UT... Just found it interesting that there was another HAIFer that made the same choice. Not tossing my hat either way. Look, I actually hoped UT would have built their research campus here in Houston because I think it would have helped create new industry right here in Houston in the long term, but I see UH freaked out because they likely felt more and more money would flow to UT in Houston rather than UH.
  7. I got accepted into UT but went to UH instead too.
  8. If this is going to be Midtown "central park", they really need to make it more pedestrian friendly to get there. Maybe add in some pedestrian crossing lights on Travis similar to what they did at Montrose next to the new MFAH area.
  9. Well if I remember correctly the TXDOT website does say a 32 month project so back then (don't quote me on this) I think I calculated that it should be finished sometime around April 2020.
  10. With all three of these developments, approx how many people are moving into this area?
  11. I think nearly the entire city would have to be underwater for this hill to flood.
  12. Oh wow!!! Great spot and it looks like only people walking/biking the trail will be able to get to it. No wonder I saw them cleaning up and fencing this section off. Edit: With this big park improvement here, I REALLY hope they add some lighting to this area.
  13. I'm sure it's starring me right in the face but where is this located along MKT?
  14. I rode my bike through here the other day. The change is happening at an extraordinary rate. I happen to plan an update on the Third Ward thread you also posted to.
  15. Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums!
  16. I know. Pretty exciting we are getting it here.
  17. It's the famous pizza from SoCo in Austin! Nice! That place is always packed full of people that were just wandering up and down that area with Hopdoddy across the street. Really cool.
  18. So weird to think of how midtown used to be in the 2000s. I remember riding metrorail and always going past that large vacant piece of land that's now Midtown Park and thinking how I wish this was really something someday. Here we are in 2019 and this entire area is completely different now.
  19. Excited for this project but they really have some boring designs. Good infill though!
  20. I still would not be surprised if HEB got the 212 Milam address. Wouldn't have to really worry about flooding with a parking garage below the HEB. Either way, I think there's a high chance HEB comes to downtown if Whole Foods and Target are trying to enter this more urban market (midtown and downtown).
  21. Going to have incredible views of all the nearby parking garages. Kidding aside, whoever lives here will have great access to all the amenities in downtown, especially Discovery Green.
  22. Wait I'm probably missing something here... those barrels are temporary right? Yea, the armadillos/dividers on the new section of Houston Ave did miracles. I had people in the bike lane with me a few times (quite scary) until those were installed.
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