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  1. This is seriously starting to look like Pacific Rim. Like we're doing everything in our power to wall off the monster that is the Embassy Suites Kaiju.
  2. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Bullet-train-Texas-Central-Houston-Dallas-proof-17478111.php Sounds pretty dead.
  3. Got the same and was just about to make a thread about it. lol Definitely something is happening here for Chase to give up a branch location.
  4. Wow we must have been there at really similar times! White Oak Apartments: Multifamily At 2623 Keene St. by Marc longoria, on Flickr White Oak Apartments: Multifamily At 2623 Keene St. by Marc longoria, on Flickr White Oak Apartments: Multifamily At 2623 Keene St. by Marc longoria, on Flickr White Oak Apartments: Multifamily At 2623 Keene St. by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  5. I'm probably missing it but what is this going to be?
  6. Honestly it looks like a cafe to me. Prediction time: Common Bond buys this.
  7. Wow, surprised we never updated this. It's fully open and the parking lot has always had a good deal of cars so it seems to be a success!
  8. https://www.trulia.com/p/tx/houston/3505-n-main-st-houston-tx-77009--2109748400 Recently came on the market. With this being so close to the new Holiday Inn hotel and White Oak Music Hall, seems like quite a bit of potential here.
  9. I've talked to the owner of this project. He claims he is in no way associated with White Oak Music Hall.
  10. Right. Sounds like they are going to build a bunch of Related buildings.
  11. Technically not "going up" per se, but this is another major district coming to West Dallas. Think it makes sense to bump it up to Going Up.
  12. I don't think Fifth Ward should really cover Near Northside. They have very different developments going on. Super Neighborhood 51 covers most of Near Northside and Super Neighborhood 22 covers most of Washington. Anyway, here's the new addition, viewed from downtown.
  13. Although I think this project still feels unnecessary to me, I do like they are trying to fix problems with the original design. For example, the eastbound exit to Taylor is pulled back further which should help with people having to cross several lanes over to Taylor (Target side). Also looks like they try to smoothen out the ramps coming from and going to I-45.
  14. Latest schematics of the project https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot/get-involved/hou/i-10-heights-white-oak-bayou/072622-schematic.pdf https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot/get-involved/hou/i-10-heights-white-oak-bayou/072622-schematic-sup.pdf
  15. The dumpling place across the street didn't last long either and it had a pretty nice interior too!
  16. It's closed permanently now.
  17. That's great! Yea, there needs to be some sort of connectivity here.
  18. Either way, they sound opposed to this San Jacinto/Fulton connection.
  19. The request states several things: That the bridge idea was a no-go with Union Pacific That a modification of the Hernandez Tunnel allowed traffic from Burnett That the TIRZ does not have anymore money to take on another project such as the new tunnel Other projects in the area render this tunnel useless
  20. So this is saying that they don't even want the tunnel to connect San Jacinto and Fulton. As a Northside resident, I think this will be a mistake. We need more connections and more access to downtown, not less. I do agree though that widening Fulton from 2 to 4 lanes isn't even viable.
  21. I remember how excited I was about this project in 2015 but it seems nothing really came of it. I rarely see anyone here, even though it was renovated. I guess it's just used occasionally?
  22. They are tearing down two homes across from Buff Brew? Do we happen to know what project that is in relation to?
  23. Here's the official website: http://www.park8htx.com/ Here's a person discussing the project: https://kelliekeese.com/park-eight Where are our HAIF investigators! There have to be better renderings than these. Looks like this is Park Eight?
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