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  1. I guess let me clarify, there is still a connection there but it looks more like a lane to get you to the parking area as opposed to a direct road as it is now which sort of surprised me. I hadn't noticed that before. Yea, there really needs to be a better solution here. Would have been cool if they made a small tunnel under the other side of Memorial for the left turn lane to go under or something.
  2. I didn't realize until now that it looks like they are removing the Memorial street connection. I hope they also improve the left turn going on to the W Memorial Look Dr. There is a major backup of traffic there because the lights aren't synced so only about 5 cars are able to wait in the median.
  3. I commented in favor, since I live very close to the highway. I am a firm believer we need more mass transit in this city and I am hoping the city works closely with TXDOT to build BRT along the center. That being said, I-45 is incredibly dangerous here on the Northside and the old designs just don't work anymore here, like the 610 and I-45 intersection.... that needs to be rebuilt to match more modern patterns.
  4. Drove down 288 for the first time in a while to meet my newborn's pediatrician in TMC and I am so disappointed with this project. Yea, the toll road looks great but usually these sort of projects try to improve the feeders, bridges, sidewalks, etc. The Old Spanish Trail section shows very little sign of improvement except for the ramps to the toll road. The bridges and pedestrian walkways look like could have, at the very least, gotten a new coat of paint. The feeder roads are full of cracks and bumps. This is the first highway project I've seen in a while where they truly didn't care about the residents immediately on this highway in the loop.
  5. I was being serious. Instead of highway sized shoulders, they should added a barrier and have bike lanes on both sides. But based on what the city has done, they clearly aren't encouraging that. It's obvious they would rather you take the Hardy St. bike lanes on the ground.
  6. So ya'll don't see this as near highway speed traffic, huh? Interesting. I think it will get even more dangerous once they do make the Hardy Toll Road connection.
  7. This feels way too dangerous to bike down.
  8. Finally! My wife and I drove by it last night and there was no sign is was about to open. Awesome!
  9. Like I said, we need a commuter rail connection from IAH to Post just like Denver.
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/07/14/post-houston-food-hall-vendors.html Unable to read it but it sounds like Blendin coffee and a few others are coming to Post now.
  11. Houston 4th of July! by Marc longoria, on Flickr Houston 4th of July! by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  12. If someone gives me confirmation Chevron owns this, I'll move it to that thread.
  13. I think these will likely move forward, in all honesty. I'm just saying, this area has been known to protest against several different developers, despite it being a poorer community. If you remember, they even protested against White Oak Music Hall and received a settlement out of proceedings.
  14. False. The Northside has prevented several similar developments from moving forward, for better or worse. I would know... I've attended the meetings with the superneighborhood community members and the developers. I remember shortly after the 2016 election, the Northside superneighborhood held a meeting with a developer looking to build affordable housing which I remember being close to UH-D (but don't quote me on that one). People were yelling Josue Flores' name, the boy who had been murdered by a person staying at the Salvation Army site, as a key reason not to go ahead with this. They chanted "we have enough housing on this side! Go to some other part of town that can take them in!" I supported the development but the backlash was intense to the point they were yelling down anyone who supported it (if anyone could find an article, that would be great!). It was quite a vivid experience because I remember people crying when the decision was read that the housing development would not go forward.
  15. Will not be surprised if there is intense backlash against this.
  16. But people are driving 50 mph next to you or is there going to be a concrete barrier?
  17. Is there a biking lane on this or is that just a large shoulder?
  18. The other major problem with this area of the Northside is there is a lack of quick access from the surrounding highways. Whether we want to admit it or not, Houston is still a very car centric city and all of the HEBs, with the exception of the Montrose location, all are within several blocks of a major highway. On the other hand, the major plus if HEB did build here is its closeness to downtown. I could see people coming here after work before having to sit in traffic. That being said, there are much better areas around downtown to build another HEB... Eado, Midtown or maybe even on the ground floor of a major development in downtown itself.
  19. You might have stumbled upon a different development though, right? Alexan Junction Heights indicates to me this is on the other side of Studemont St.... but then again, when have developers ever been good at naming things.
  20. I think Google Maps might be confused on the location. I believe 3003 Summer St. is on the newer section where the road was just built. It looks like this might be between the Broadstone Summer Street apartments and Studemont St.
  21. Sounds like they are trying to get federal funding under Biden's Infrastructure Plan... let's hope this thing passes. Bumping from previous page.
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