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  1. The Cullen ramp was still closed last I checked this weekend.
  2. Just wish the facade had more glass, like they planned to do at 800 Bell: They should at least do something with the plaza. It's wide open and serves no purpose right now.
  3. It's open! Drove it tonight. Felt really smooth but man is that a tight turn going to I69 south or what!
  4. That angle is so off it's not even funny. What is this, in Montrose?? Looks like their other apartment complex off of Dallas.
  5. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Report-Chase-Tower-to-be-sold-in-627-million-14028442.php Here's to still hoping for that reclad of this building.
  6. It's main purpose is to protect single family neighborhoods in a city like ours, especially in inner-city areas that likely don't have HOAs and deed restrictions.
  7. This is directly from the Special Minimum Lot Size application: Basically, if your lot was designated for single family use and you owned property in this special zone, you would not be able to then convert this into commercial or multi-family use.
  8. Residents here won't be able to stop this development. The Woodland Heights and Glen Park area implemented minimum lot sizes and it's been great at keeping an area that's been dedicated to single family home use for 80 years to remain that way. But it doesn't prevent current developments from going in if the application isn't already in the city's hands (if the application has been submitted, it stops all development in the application zone that violates minimum lot size until the city reaches a decision). Edit: But I think if it's already under construction, the city can't stop it because of the serious loss that would hit the developer. Glen Park and specifically the Near Northside minimum lot size prevented White Oak Music Hall from building a major multi-family development at Embry and Ideal St next to the Volleybar. The dispute between the residents and WOMH went in front of the Planning Commission, and WOMH pretty much knew it wasn't going to pass because they didn't start any of this until after the minimum lot size was applied to the area. They tried to get an exception but the amount of backlash from the entire area (including the Superneighborhood and Avenue CDC) prevented it from going forward.
  9. Why is there not commuter rail along the Hardy Tollroad from IAH to downtown. The infrastructure is already there... you would just have to build the connection closer to IAH. Perhaps it can turn right at Farrell Rd and then make the connection underground to the airport. I don't know... just makes too much sense especially since this rail line also goes past the Burnett transit center and future rebuilt Amtrak station.
  10. I was just thinking about this the other day. How is Bagby considered a complete street in midtown when it does not include a bike lane?
  11. Feels like the ramp going to 59S is going to open soon, right? Anyone have any progress pics?
  12. Honestly, as someone who bikes all over this city, I don't want to inconvenience a neighborhood by taking their parking away but this seems like a good compromise. I'm not concerned sharing the road on a neighborhood road like this and the Washington median is VERY welcome! Right now it is so difficult to get to the Heights from Buffalo Bayou on a bike.
  13. Does anyone know what entity was behind this project? Any links online?
  14. This was in the newspaper? Really wish we had a map we could navigate to see all these projects. Everytime I go to the Rebuild Houston website, their map is down.
  15. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Houston-Endowment-on-global-search-for-architects-13989072.php
  16. Just announced they will now also close a left lane going SOUTHBOUND now. Oh boy. Well, traffic isn't too terrible heading towards Sugarland in the morning but we'll have to see what type of affect this has on my commute.
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