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  1. Can't stand the building but hey.... at least it makes pretty wind chime music? 20230930_143609.mp4
  2. Exactly. With so much concrete wall everywhere, it will eventually start looking like this crap that was demo'd. We all love infill on this site, we can agree about that, especially when it takes a parking lot away. But we absolutely must accept when there's an eyesore being created that we're going to have to live with... Just like we've been talking about the eyesore that is the Mercer Condominiums in the Galleria on this site for almost 2 decades now on HAIF.
  3. This is an architecture forum that has a focus on design and I'd rather take a neighborhood park over this eyesore.
  4. Wow even the text for the building looks wrong. Congrats whoever built this. You managed to make everything wrong about this development.
  5. https://abc13.com/city-of-houston-lights-over-freeway-bridge-montrose-who-pays-for-the-on-59/13806175/
  6. Wow, Houston First said they won't begin construction until at least a year from now.
  7. Wow. I worked in a town house literally across from lake from this. Absolutely loved walking around that lake during lunch. Really felt like Flour was wasting that space and had so much empty parking around the spot. Glad to see this development is taking its place.
  8. I go by many names and CityLiving is not one of them.
  9. From the Hess Tower Discovery West by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  10. Actually makes Milam feel busy. I love it Brava by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  11. It actually has some nice views 3683 Willia by Marc longoria, on Flickr 3683 Willia by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  12. As others have said, it's pretty bright at night lol The Allen by Marc longoria, on Flickr The Allen by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  13. New brewery going in. Possibly called H-Town Brewery or Brewing. Looks to be opening most likely in November.
  14. That's honestly what I was thinking about. Would probably be safer for the school too.
  15. I think the PDF broke. What is the project about?
  16. Wow is the wood facade buckling already? Don't tell me they used what's meant for the interior.
  17. Testing Edit: I seem to be able to edit
  18. Man imagine that restaurant depot became a giant mixed-used development...
  19. I will forever miss Gelazzi and the great experiences I always had there with friends and family.... but this looks like a great development to take in its place.
  20. So there's three possibilities with this partnership in my mind. Ends at the Northwest Mall terminus as before Ends at the Amtrak station, full rebuilt station Still stops at Northwest Mall but with the Amtrak station as another stop
  21. Was just about to post this! It's a smart idea really.
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