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  1. Ha! Samething happened to me. It looks like they are digging down to the pipes below. Not sure either...
  2. @Urbannizer is correct. Not sure if you saw the variance request or not. Anyway, this is the proposal with N Main being on the top end of this schematic (attached). White Oak Music Hall cancelled their variance request and will work with the city to widen E Woodland St nearby.
  3. They had food trucks and a farmer market out today. JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  4. The Heights skyline from downtown: Houston Heights by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  5. I actually do find it cool that the massive oak trees are able to still hide this development: Discovery Green by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  6. Since this thread is for Metro Next, I'm moving the topic back to that. Yea, the below grade proposal honestly looks like the best one, since the buses simply keep traveling along the same line without having to make any turns or travel to an above-grade platform. Most will probably disagree with me here but I would hope they can maybe buy some additional land so they can at least maintain 4 lanes at all time. I see it goes down to two lanes abruptly next to the Jack in a Box... looks sort of like a bottle neck. I know the argument will be that that's the point... to shift away from vehicles but I feel like we need to make this work for all modes of transportation. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Decided to merge the threads until we have more info.
  8. That's actually a good question. Surprised Scott didn't get rebuilt too.
  9. Surprised no one has posted any renderings of this yet. Woodland Square sounds significant and it's quite a large chunk of land to the northwest of White Oak Music Hall parking lot.
  10. Driving down St. Joseph Parkway, I noticed that the parking garage was fenced off. This one, to be exact (see attached photo). Is there a topic on this already? Anyone knows what's going on here?
  11. And in those instances, I completely agree with you and even raised the Runnels issue directly to TXDOT when they were holding a town hall meeting at HHC Midtown (Dug Begley was at all of them!). You know that's going to be a prime spot for wrecks and they need to figure out some way to solve it. My hunch is, they may push forward but come back and try to resolve these new design issues when they're getting closer to construction in some of these areas. I know, wishful thinking but we'll see. I've seen that in surprisely a good amount of TXDOT schematics (I love pouring over them) that don't exactly match up to the final product because they made changes along the way.
  12. As someone who lives in the Northside/Woodland Heights area, I have to disagree. This project is going to fix fundamental design flaws that are there in a highway system built decades ago. Just look at the 610/45 interchange for example... completely built for a different era and it is quite dangerous just to get to Crosstimbers when heading north, having to weave across oncoming traffic from 610. Also, when I am on I-10 east and exit at I-45 north, I have to cross every single lane of traffic just to get to the N Main exit. Their new design fixes this by bringing the ramp all the way to the other side, allowing me to just stay on the feeder to N Main. I see examples of design improvements all over the map with this new highway. This project is moving forward either way... that's why it makes no sense to keep delaying this, especially if someone wants to be known as the infrastructure president.
  13. Quick update, all portions are gone except for the parking garage. That is staying. Here's a sign that popped up:
  14. This is honestly where Tout Suite should move to if they want to stay in the area once their current location is torn down for the highway expansion.
  15. Man that actually doesn't sound good https://communityimpact.com/houston/cy-fair/dallas-fort-worth/2022/03/31/counties-allege-texas-central-delinquent-on-property-taxes-in-supreme-court-amicus-brief/
  16. Pretty sure we've discussed this development before. Maybe it was in Studemont Junction when that was a thing. I actually thought this carwash was cancelled... very interesting.
  17. When is this thing going to finally start? As far as I can tell, the 59/I-69 portion near Midtown should be able to start moving forward right? That's the first phase and I don't believe the federal government is reviewing that section...?
  18. Renamed thread to it's actual location, 2410 Polk St, so it's easier to find.
  19. Photos I took this afternoon JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr JP Morgan Chase Tower by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  20. Really exciting to see all the work they've been doing here to the plaza. I'll actually begin working at the JP Morgan Chase tower in April and I've heard they've even done major renovations inside too: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Chase-unveils-tech-hub-in-downtown-s-tallest-16441466.php
  21. There is clearly a lot more going on in this area than we are discussing. It appears White Oak now owns these properties and the homes are now gone on the other side of N Main, with dirt being turned up on almost every lot. Looks like more development coming online than what we know.... or it could simply be more parking.
  22. So Chic-Fil-A is for sure going in here?
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