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  1. I rode my bike through here the other day. The change is happening at an extraordinary rate. I happen to plan an update on the Third Ward thread you also posted to.
  2. Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums!
  3. It's the famous pizza from SoCo in Austin! Nice! That place is always packed full of people that were just wandering up and down that area with Hopdoddy across the street. Really cool.
  4. So weird to think of how midtown used to be in the 2000s. I remember riding metrorail and always going past that large vacant piece of land that's now Midtown Park and thinking how I wish this was really something someday. Here we are in 2019 and this entire area is completely different now.
  5. Excited for this project but they really have some boring designs. Good infill though!
  6. I still would not be surprised if HEB got the 212 Milam address. Wouldn't have to really worry about flooding with a parking garage below the HEB. Either way, I think there's a high chance HEB comes to downtown if Whole Foods and Target are trying to enter this more urban market (midtown and downtown).
  7. Going to have incredible views of all the nearby parking garages. Kidding aside, whoever lives here will have great access to all the amenities in downtown, especially Discovery Green.
  8. Wait I'm probably missing something here... those barrels are temporary right? Yea, the armadillos/dividers on the new section of Houston Ave did miracles. I had people in the bike lane with me a few times (quite scary) until those were installed.
  9. That is a completely false statement. Private security can be found everywhere across town whether the property owners want it or not. I've been to parking garages across town for certain things related to CBRE, particularly areas like Memorial City and Katy where there is not any noticeable homeless population (except the guy with the bent leg at the Gessner/I10 intersection) and all of those parking garages have security. There aren't any high break in rates but they provide security for a sense of calm and safety for their customers and patients.
  10. How many underground garages have you heard of this problem? Most underground garages have private security guards. I've even been to the downtown public library, the mecca of homeless people wandering, and I've never seen one of them down there or heard of any problems in the underground parking garage there.
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