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  1. Would be really cool if Houston could build something similar to San Antonio's Pearl District somewhere on the East End. Seems like the perfect vibe for it. Feels like we don't really have any grand farmer market type areas established and San Antonio's is absolutely massive with many tents and offerings. At first this project kind of reminded me of it but I am not so sure anymore.
  2. So this rendering does not include what will become of the Kroger property, right?
  3. Man, honestly don't know what to make of the no biking sign in DG... I love riding my bike through there, as long as there aren't a lot of people.
  4. Right, I saw his images are missing. And the link there doesn't really provide anything anymore. Oh well, thanks though.
  5. Does anyone know how this is supposed to look (schematics) ?
  6. No, the trees to the left are Discovery Green and One Park Place is to the right. This other development (parks, retail, etc.) would be in the upper right corner which we can barely see from this perspective. But I clearly can imagine there has to be some render of the master plan out there now, the way they are talking.
  7. I wonder if we are in the midst of a mild building boom because all these developers are taking advantage of the massive stimulus injection due to Covid... as in, lower interest rates in financing these types of projects.
  8. If we are going to have all these major developments along Westheimer, then it seems clear to me that Westheimer is clearly due for reconstruction now. The road is in horrible shape.
  9. Totally. Either way, glad after all these years to finally get the entire area around Discovery Green surrounded by development!
  10. What?? No way So what are people staying at Embassy Suites going to see now? Cubicles and office rooms? lol
  11. I live in Near Northside and I'm really glad I did 8 years ago. I see a lot of potential here. You have to realize the red line was just added a few years ago and I think what dramatically changed this area was not just WOMH but honestly the closure of the Salvation Army. Before that, there were all sorts of people walking the streets and it felt quite dangerous. I remember going to several superneighborhood meetings and business owners were constantly talking about people using the restrooms in their parking lots and on their shrubs. And you just don't see that as much anymore. I think you wi
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