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  1. Sideout Beach Bar is moving across the creek to the WOMH side now. This will be across from it's gravel parking lot.
  2. Do the people on these upper floors not have kids and in-laws? 😅 Because that's exactly who I wanted to bring.
  3. Looks like this thing is ready to take off into space
  4. Are they still not allowing people on the skydeck? Is there any secret to get there without getting stopped?
  5. Quite an impressive building Edit: Damn! Just saw the photo by @hindesky! Oh well... yea, this is a really good angle of it. :( The Allen - Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  6. Yup, with Covid and a good amount of people working from home, it's no wonder that home renovation is such a big thing right now..
  7. Becks Prime is leaving across the street. This really feels like a prime area to put something big in.
  8. I guess let me clarify, there is still a connection there but it looks more like a lane to get you to the parking area as opposed to a direct road as it is now which sort of surprised me. I hadn't noticed that before. Yea, there really needs to be a better solution here. Would have been cool if they made a small tunnel under the other side of Memorial for the left turn lane to go under or something.
  9. I didn't realize until now that it looks like they are removing the Memorial street connection. I hope they also improve the left turn going on to the W Memorial Look Dr. There is a major backup of traffic there because the lights aren't synced so only about 5 cars are able to wait in the median.
  10. I commented in favor, since I live very close to the highway. I am a firm believer we need more mass transit in this city and I am hoping the city works closely with TXDOT to build BRT along the center. That being said, I-45 is incredibly dangerous here on the Northside and the old designs just don't work anymore here, like the 610 and I-45 intersection.... that needs to be rebuilt to match more modern patterns.
  11. Drove down 288 for the first time in a while to meet my newborn's pediatrician in TMC and I am so disappointed with this project. Yea, the toll road looks great but usually these sort of projects try to improve the feeders, bridges, sidewalks, etc. The Old Spanish Trail section shows very little sign of improvement except for the ramps to the toll road. The bridges and pedestrian walkways look like could have, at the very least, gotten a new coat of paint. The feeder roads are full of cracks and bumps. This is the first highway project I've seen in a while where they truly didn't care about the residents immediately on this highway in the loop.
  12. I was being serious. Instead of highway sized shoulders, they should added a barrier and have bike lanes on both sides. But based on what the city has done, they clearly aren't encouraging that. It's obvious they would rather you take the Hardy St. bike lanes on the ground.
  13. So ya'll don't see this as near highway speed traffic, huh? Interesting. I think it will get even more dangerous once they do make the Hardy Toll Road connection.
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