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  1. Any comment? This is the first update I'm actually glad to see in this thread in a while.
  2. Wish we had a lot more transparency on where road projects were going to occur, who was funding it, and what the project itself entailed. Feel like Rebuild Houston is a great source but their interactive map has been down forever.
  3. Thanks! Is it weird that Phase 2 is really kicking off before Phase 1?
  4. So I changed the title but it looks like someone added The Standard in the Heights... isn't that a different development?
  5. Oh nevermind. I didn't realize you just meant the Google Maps sheet. Ok cool!
  6. The Preston construction. So looking even closer, that may just be the old run down parking garage. It appears the Houston Chron building is still standing so this may indeed be old.
  7. Well, the video was just uploaded 2 weeks ago and that rendering even includes the new Preston construction next door.
  8. Going to have quite a good view of downtown on the upper floors:
  9. Is it that bad? I was planning to go that way next weekend.
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