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  1. Ah, it was Culture Map actually. It's a great article with the inside complexities of this food hall. The interesting parts are further down in the article with the disputes and Finn Hall's future: https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-06-20-finn-hall-downtown-food-hall-new-vendors-lit-chicken-papalo-taqueria-pho-binh-david-buehrer-midway-lionstone-investment/
  2. I think we could very well witness the closure of some local Houston bars and restaurants. These places function on small margins.... any major event like this can be death for those type of businesses. Highly encourage people to read a recent Houston Chron article about the restaurants that had to leave Finn Hall. Gives you some good incite about the middle men that some restaurants have to work with which further cut into their margins.
  3. That is awesome! They are bridge riggers, whatever that is. https://www.google.com/search?q=bridge+riggers&source=lmns&bih=1307&biw=2560&safe=active&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwi88MnBhsXoAhVtg60KHbANBa8Q_AUoAHoECAEQAA
  4. Don't waste your time. Literally past the curve, it dead ends. Go figure.
  5. Will be really interesting to see if this one still goes through.... fingers crossed.
  6. Hotel occupancy has collapsed:
  7. Based on the Houston Chron article I read the other day, this will actually speed up transportation projects across Houston since they have less traffic to worry about now. They can shut down an entire highway and have minimal issues.
  8. That's probably the exact thing that's going to have to happen. Unless there's some way to add extra supports but if there's a problem with the very foundation, I imagine they would have to demo and start over. @Purdueenginerd ?
  9. It must be a really good time to bike on the roads? I usually avoid it.
  10. Since this is an extraordinary event, I am going to pin it to the top of this forum for a while so we can have an open discussion about the effected Going Up projects. Eventually, this will be moved to another subforum.
  11. Think any office developments we saw proposed are going to be scrapped for a while until this passes. They especially won't be built at $20 a barrel like now.
  12. You were right about Chron being wrong then.
  13. Lorraine Underpass Lorraine Underpass by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  14. Since I know you are on Reddit, you should post this to /r/Houston
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