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  1. No doubt. Pinkerton's is good. Though, if I'm not willing to spend as much, I tend to go to the Pit Room (went there on Monday actually).
  2. As SMU1213 said, looking at the road under the overlay is clearly the Shepherd Bridge from over Buffalo Bayou (thus, this is at the corner of Shepherd and W Dallas):
  3. Hopefully we get another good restaurant here. I've really enjoyed the revamped Asian Market place next to O'Reilly's since it opened at that new location just a couple of months ago. Guess that's one thing I've liked about N Main restaurants so far... they're not too expensive for the Heights area (with Pinkerton's being the exception on Airline). Hopefully we can continue that trend on N Main..
  4. When would construction likely start? If it's on the Houston Bike Plan site or here in this thread, I am missing it.
  5. Yes, it may look multifamily but the real question HAIF has... is there GFR?
  6. Hilton Upgrade https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/03/18/university-of-houston-hilton-hotel-to-get-30-4m.html?ana=RSS&s=article_search
  7. I've been attacked by a snake on the Guadalupe. I mean, it happens. But it's rare for gators to do it though... usually they steer clear in my experience. But if not, I guess at least you have a paddle?
  8. Very good question. I had previously heard rumors of another restaurant there but after Harvey now, they may just use it as parking since that other building across the street floods.
  9. I've kayaked Buffalo Bayou all the way down to here. It's actually a lot of fun and gives you a different perspective on the city.
  10. Yea, I was thinking that too when I created the thread but I think "the Media" is the most appropriate since Swamplot was a news outlet. Does anyone know how to easily see the Houston demo reports? I tried and it kept saying page cannot be found when I went to the City of Houston demo dataset. Maybe I'm going to the wrong location.
  11. Man.... this is really hard to read... http://swamplot.com/its-time-for-swamplot-to-say-goodbye/2019-03-07/
  12. Houston Chron doesn't always get it right either.
  13. Wish we got a canoe, kayak, and SUP landing. That would be cool. Something similar to Zilker Park in Austin.
  14. I really wonder how accurate that Houston Chron article is. They seem to be working all across the property.
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