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  1. Potential Multifamily at Willowick & Westheimer

    Great find! Just going to put the pics in the forum
  2. Hardy Yards Development

    Hardy Yards by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  3. So one floor every hour?
  4. Holiday Inn Express North Main

    3401 N Main Holiday Inn Express by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  5. Hines, Block 58 by Marc longoria, on Flickr
  6. Hardy Yards Development

    Hmmm... that's news to me and my area. I'll have to discuss this with the Superneighborhood... when did this get funded? Not saying it's wrong.. just surprised if true.
  7. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I think that's a fair argument, really. It was a bit of a turn off for my fiance, but I still want to come back and try the other food.
  8. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I think it has to do with the locations that they are at, since I'm sure the rent prices there are high. I too was shocked when I spent $28 for Vietnamese food at Sit Lo there. That was just for a bowl of pho and "Vietnamese tots".... which really confused my Vietnamese fiance but that's another matter entirely. Overall, I think you're going to have to pay a lot more because of it's location and you can bring a large group of friends here, as I did, and they can have the option to eat whatever they want. That's another plus. The vibe and atmosphere is great too... especially the upstairs bar lounge.
  9. I just can't imagine how much of a mess the 59 south closure is going to cause. It's a different level of traffic compared to the north. Does anyone know the detour? Go down St Joseph Parkway and then make a left at Hamilton?
  10. I am guessing they are waiting to finish the Cullen ramp first?
  11. Hmmmm... Haven't we been hearing something about the parking lots across 59? One lot is gone to the new expansion. I know it sucks but maybe this parking garage actually makes sense.
  12. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I'll be going tonight!
  13. Lower Heights District

    You really could connect to those streets if you wanted to. The city does have a planned connection here for Summer St., including a proposed expansion of Sawyer.
  14. Lower Heights District

    There is Summer St. and Crockett St.
  15. Lower Heights District

    Based on what I am hearing, this sounds like several individual buildings that house retail, a theatre, and multi-family units. And when I said renderings earlier, I should have specified that what is floating around is the layout/schematics of the overall project with very specific names attached to each spot.