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  1. Because I represent my area. And for some less well off and older folks who aren't that connected to the internet, the only way of getting news are during neighborhood events through people like me. That's why the last round of talks with TXDOT came across as so promising, when it sounded like TXDOT was actually pouring over the city's suggestions that we saw in renderings last year... and then we get the December "update" from TXDOT and literally next to nothing had changed. The only benefit I see coming out of this next meeting is to represent my community yet again and ask, what happened? What happened to all the things "we [TXDOT] are looking at" and where did all that progress go? The community isn't even asking for any difficult things. They understood that in highway projects, there's a good chance homes and businesses get torn down. People get relocated.. it's really the very nature of these expansions. And during these TXDOT meetings, people are usually yelling "racists!" and all these other things because, yes, this expansion does affect a lot of low income areas. But see, that's not where I am coming from.... there's A LOT of smaller changes that can be made to make this project a success, with the city presenting truly incredibly ideas in those city planning sessions last year.... but TXDOT has not agreed to implement a single one of them. They are always just things "we are looking at" and now that this is THE final year to say anything, I felt like nothing has really moved the needle.
  2. I feel like I've wasted my time going to every single one of these.... and yet here I am thinking wasting my time again.
  3. I actually made the mistake of driving down Oliver St tonight from Kroger and stumbled upon these places being open. Mistake because, as you stated, the road is in horrible shape. Pot holes all over the place during this construction.
  4. "New" renderings that have not been posted here (from October 11th). https://42floors.com/us/tx/houston/2728-summer-st
  5. That website sends me no where.
  6. Ah ok... reread what you wrote and I see what you mean. Think we're in agreement.
  7. Sweet! I was just telling someone the other day how this would be such a perfect mixed use area right here, so close to downtown Heights. Based on how massive this is, this must also include the parking lot behind the former Sand Dollar as well. Can't wait for the pawn shop to go next! Their parking lot has banged up my car several times.
  8. Right, I know that. The map above my post though said in the Houston Chron that the Yale Bridge (see red circle) would be rebuilt. I ended up guessing that that was simply an old map since I don't see why in the world they would rebuild that after it's just been rebuilt.... or Houston Chron got it wrong again.
  9. @ekdrm2d1, that wasn't a swipe at you btw. I meant whoever the person who told you the information.
  10. Spring 2023 - Construction Start Also, Rebuild Houston's map is finally back up: Edit: Meant to include the link: https://www.buildhoustonforward.org/src/project.html
  11. That's immediately what I thought of. Depending on who said this, you have to be careful when people tell you info because it simply can be old and outdated. Hopefully it's something new though!
  12. Thanks everyone. Think my wife and I recalled what the signs said incorrectly. Good to see it's still free at night.
  13. That's exactly what I saw online too, with the hope that this was still the latest info on parking downtown. I could have sworn the signs actually had designated times on them along with the 3 hrs max. Perhaps not! Thanks cspwal.
  14. I kept searching for this on mobile but it looks like search isn't exactly working 100% so please let me know if this thread exists already. I noticed all the signs now say 3 hour max Monday through Saturday. Didn't they used to read free after 6pm? Is anyone aware of a changing to parking in these areas?
  15. Whatever happened to this major expansion? I thought we saw renderings of new hotels.
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