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  1. Wow, very cool. Reminds me of some of the rail stations I've been at in Taipei and Berlin. Glad to see Houston is going to be the leader in the country for this type of development.
  2. Correct. As I said on the last page, this is a rough estimate. For example, that map incorrectly has BRT traversing Gessner which is no longer the case. (It now travels Beltway 8). I don't think the BRT is taking Houston Ave anymore, as seen on the Metro Next maps. Also, just to be clear, these are not "my maps." This is from the 2045 report: http://2045rtp.com/documents.aspx Map link is at the bottom of that page.
  3. I didn't draw that. That's from the official 2045 Regional Transit Plan and that link I posted shows an interactive map of what they are planning on doing.
  4. Has anyone gone down Brays in a while? Was wanting to go past 610 but I heard a lot is shutdown.
  5. Well, guess I was right about the parking garage part... just won't be an HEB on top haha...
  6. Pretty excited for this one. So close to my place.
  7. The food was pretty bad. Had so much potential.
  8. Really impressive if this starts so soon. RTP 2045 roadmap didn't have this starting until fiscal year 2035.
  9. Pushed to mid-2020 now. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Weather-steel-delays-push-opening-Texas-288-14832673.php
  10. Really wish we could have the Boring Company come in and build something down Westheimer.
  11. Been zero activity since then.
  12. Where's the money to make Shepherd and Durham go under the train tracks? Joking, not joking.
  13. Haven't seen any projects in the works, just patches and the bike lanes so far. The only work I see coming to that area is the Hardy Tollroad extension. Elysian and Hardy definitely need to be rebuilt though...
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