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  1. That honestly would be an incredible idea. You can actually take the train from Denver International Airport to downtown's Denver Union Station. With that being said, what we need to do, is build commuter rail, not light rail, from IAH to Post HTX.. It would be quite cost effective because the rail already exists down the Hardy Toll Road into downtown. You would just have to build an extension towards IAH east of Hardy Toll Road and fortunately there is a lot of open land there. That would turn Post HTX into an even bigger destination.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me how long this project is taking. I know it was planned to take this long from the start but when I see so many things finished in January and here we still are in April.... it just..... amazes me.
  3. We only support land animals, not water ones.
  4. Then you're not reading the numbers. The economy is most definitely booming and most businesses right now can't keep up with the demand... we are seeing a near record number of 7.4 million job openings. Forget the government's antics of pumping in billions... People are ready to get out and enjoy life post-covid. You saw nearly 1 million jobs added last month. At our start-up, Joyride.com, we are getting an unprecedented amount of trips just in the past month because people are beginning to actually travel again. Look at the price of oil. The economy is taking off whether it stands in line wi
  5. Interesting... so the "triangle" that protrudes out (that contains the movie list) wasn't constructed yet on opening day. Makes me wonder when and why they added it. Maybe it made it easier for people driving by to see the movie times.
  6. Video was posted in September 2019. The world kinda changed since then. lol But with the economy clearly booming again, I'm willing to bet this isn't the last we've heard of the Mix.
  7. This sort of right turn would be just fine: This right turn, on the other hand, would absolutely pose an issue for trucks bringing in supplies to businesses down Westheimer: That's way too sharp a right turn and you would undoubtedly see that curb taking heavy damage with people constantly running over it.
  8. Maybe I don't understand the final design here but why such a sharp right turn now?
  9. By your definition, hasn't almost every single line of infrastructure at some point been a "land grab"?
  10. It's for drainage. The one theory I have for why they split the tunnels into two is that federal regulation probably has some rules when it comes to tunnel length and the requirement to build a ventilation system to take out vehicle exhaust. The price tag probably would have risen substantially if they made one long tunnel with those requirements as opposed to two smaller tunnels. On top of that, you probably also would have been required to build emergency exits every-so-often. Again, that's just a theory I have.
  11. Yes, basic wrap-around apartments surrounded by parking lots with a dairy queen and taco bell.
  12. Can't wait until they open up the two lanes from 610 south to 69 south. I avoided 610 from time to time but now I avoid it at all costs.
  13. I am not allowed to say too much because there are watchful eyes on this forum but Black Page Brewing has had a number of issues, some out of their control. They can't even get right-of-way to their building at the moment and there is a long back and forth between the city, the nearby neighbors, and a few other "actors". I actually feel sort of bad for Black Page Brewing because the White Oak Music Hall group promised them a lot of stuff and have so far underdelivered. I know I didn't really say much but that's about as much as I can say. Perhaps more info will hit the Chron.
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