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  1. Some times reading old post such as this makes you think about whats going on in these neighborhoods today. In Quail Valley I have several friends who have purchased beautiful homes on the Golf Course. The old country club is now owned by the city of Mo City and is opened to everyone and is thriving. A new Golf and Community center is going up and the links have been renovated, the old private tennis court center is now a newly renovated municipal tennis center with new surfaced courts. Home prices have shoot up as workers from the Med Center snap up homes. You can see renovation going on everywhere as the older homes are updated.Nearly every school zoned for Quail Valley has excellent ratings and the homeowner associations are active in maintaining deed restrictions
  2. Thanks for all the advice concerning this home in an area I truly love. I will start the paper trail and will also send copies of all letters I sent to officials here in Houston to the property owner also. To the family asking about moving to this area, I most say Riverside is open to all races. Although parts of Riverside became nearly 100 % African American some areas such as the S Macgregor section always had a small mix of white families that never moved out. There are also Asians and Hispanics who have moved in recently to the townhomes and condos. Therefore we are no longer a black or white community but are on our way to becoming a 21st century American community, with all races and lifestyles welcome.
  3. Reported several times. Owner notified . Only action by the owner was to have someone board up opeings that were broken into. They even used an old interior door to board up a front window. Owner has stopped having yard mowed, city keeps putting yellow violation notices but haven't stepped in to take it down. Maybe they will soon, an abandoned home on Prospect off N Macgregor was recently taken down on behalf of the city after years of compliants from neighbors.
  4. Why does it take so long for the city of Houston to raze dangerous buildings. This eyesore surrounded by some of the most beautiful homes along South Macgregor has sit for years, racking up citation after citation. The city need to step in and tear it down, its is unsafe and beyond the stage where it could be renovated.
  5. Recently visited Greenwood Forest in northwest Harris County for the first time. Was surprised to find this well maintained up scaled quiet neighborhood just blocks off 1960 or Cypress Creek Parkway or Jack Rabbit Rd, depending on the age of those you talk too. I have three former neighbors from Riverside Terrace who purchased homes in this area, I accepted an offer to drive the kids out for a pool party. The first thing that struck me was those trees and the well maintained yards. With 3 small kids the 20 mph traffic signs was a pleasant surprise. The homes are large and so are the yards and the prices are unbelievable.A few homes from my friends home, was a huge mansion with 4 car garage and pool on nearly half an acre for under 250k. Near my friends home is a stately English Tudor nearly 4000 sq ft, with pool on a 12000sq ft lot for around $170K. Really considering selling my old ranch style 50's home in Riverside Terrace and moving to Greenwood Forest. Checked out the schools Klein ISD, they are great .Do anyone know if this subdivision is a good buy or just too good to be true!
  6. The mid century home on S Macgregor just past Scott was owned by a Football player who started remodeling the property, but sold it before any worthwhile improvements were completed. It was a very nice looking home with it's wide glass balcony. It was damaged by Hurricane Ike as was many others in the area. The tornadoes from Ike they cut threw MacGregor Park and made a path west from the park up S Macgregor and along the bayou. Our home on Fern wood received no damaged, but along S MacGregor nearly every home had either major roof damage, down trees or both. Many trees seemed to have been pulled from the ground with their roots intact others were just torn in half. We sit the hurricane out at home and yes just as they say in the movies it sounds like a freight train when a tornado goes over!
  7. The family that currently owns the old Weingaten estate have the following homes for sale in the Riverside area. 4202 Rose neath and 5715 Scott both are very large old homes with the home on Rose neath being the best of the two. Along the 4000 block of Fern wood you can find two large homes that are boarded up and not being lived in, both homes are still very nice and maintained. Several of the stately mansions along S. Macgregor were badly damaged by the tornadoes that swept through the area during Hurricane Ike and still sit empty. Despite this there are several new homes under construction or recently completed, including a McMansion on Rose neath near the home of Congress women Sheila Jackson Lee thats on the market for over $1,000,000. Former Police Chief C O Bradford demolished that beautiful mid century home on Rose neath that graces the cover of the Documentary "This is Our Home it's not for Sale" in order to build His McMansion .
  8. I live in Riverside Terrace off S Macgregor and Oak crest. There are several boarded up homes along my street. One home is a very large 50's ranch , the owner is now confined to an assisted living facility. The other home is a very impressive two story. The front yards are stilled maintained, but the rear yards are jungles. There are also several large empty homes one on Rose neath and the other on Scott near Charleston both are owned by the same family that owns the old Weingaten estate. The home on Roseneath is very stately with a pool, the Colonial home on Scott need a helping hand. I think both homes are for sale.
  9. This is a great site featuring homes from Riverside Terrace. http://www.foursquaredesignstudio.com/arti...sideterrace.pdf
  10. An article in the Houston Business Journal state that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home in the Riverside Terrace area. Do anyone know if this is true, and if so where is the home?
  11. When I finished watching the video, I actually drove down every street in Riverside and the adjacent areas trying to see what the homes look like today. I did try to find this home with the bridge, but could never figure out it's location. That location on Sampson never came to mind as everyone said that was the old Ben Taub estate. I always thought it was on that big lot on corner of N. Macgregor and 288 because you can still see several large ravines running through property and the old apartments that were built there did have several little bridges .
  12. That section of Riverside is under going a major make over with new townhomes ,condo's and a multi-million dollar project being built on the corner of N Macgregor and 288. Very little thought is given to save any of those beautiful homes in that area
  13. With banks not lending for most new commercial projects, do anyone know if the rehab of the old Days Inn is still a go. And has anyone purchased the old Savoy Hotel. Both project would be a major lift to that end of downtown. I am aware that the luxury condo project across from Discovery Green is having such a hard time selling units that they have decided to rent them at bargain rates until the economy improves, which could spell trouble for all those other projects in the works downtown.
  14. Sorry, I only have the mailing address.
  15. Jon Schwartz's landmark documentary on the first 60 years of Riverside area and the flight of whites from the areas in the 60's is now on DVD and is more than 3 hours of Houston history I just purchased my copy, it is a 2 disc set with a bonus feature on the old Almeda movie theater. It sales for $60.00 You can purchase direct from Jon Schwartz 955 2nd St. Santa Monica Ca 90403-2447
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