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  1. Y'all are great! This is even better than I had hoped! Keep it coming guys! Now, where to begin... let's see, I have to agree with Vertigo58 about the advice. That is exactly the plan. You see, even though TheNiche's suggestion of renting first is a great idea, I don't think there are too many apartment communities that would take too kindly to our 4 furry babies. So, that is not really an option. I am hoping to use the information and feedback as well as a couple of trips out there to help us localize a job/home search. My husband's job search can be tailored around the area we chose to live,
  2. Thank you (most of you ) for the advice. For those of you who doubt me (you know who you are), I live just north of Atlanta, still in the metro area, still in the traffic, and the crap that IS Atlanta. We are still in the investigatory stages of changing states, so this has been very enlightening. I must say that I am very disappointed about Chelsea Harbor, but glad to find out now instead of later. Thank you. Now for more detail so we can dig in a bit more. We are looking for something up to the 300K range, we love the water so we would like something with a real lake (that is what attracte
  3. Hello there! My name is Tammi and I am new to this forum. I am actually new to all forums! My husband and I are in the process of deciding where we would like to move. We really, really do not like Atlanta, and we think we have settled on Sugar Land. I have fallen in love with Chelsea Harbor from what I can see in pictures and wanted to know if anyone could give me some insight on the neighborhood and the area. We do not have children now, but probably will within the next year or two. I have only been able to find basic info about the area on the internet. I would like some real life feedback
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