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  1. dang...thats it. very cool, i love it. wish we had some interior shots...Mr or Mrs??
  2. any info on the house at 4306 Gibson? its worth driving by...lots of different elements including siding and support from huge dumpsters or shipping containers. beautiful work though
  3. So weird! This is THE houston arch site right? Did I post in the wrong section?
  4. 4 total tries, I've never had one GOOD experience with Lola's or DragonBowl. The food is just very sub-par , bottom line. Good riddance if you ask me
  5. I work nearby. Some good sources echo the self-storage build.
  6. A little belated , but I cant seem to find any around the web. People were snapping a lot though. Any ideas? There was really only 3-4 noteworthy properties, but one of them in particular I'd love to see more shots of!
  7. it was fun. great crowds. it did feel like austin (in the good way) . just wish 19th had a little more diversification in the ashland to yale stretch. more food/drink options for sure. a laid back bar would be great
  8. good selection but thats where it ends. place is designed terribly. its laughable some of the design cues they used. random enclosure that doesnt utilize all the back patio. random enclosure that makes those waiting for the bar squeezed in unnecessarily tight. very random, our group all said they wouldnt go back
  9. real good. similar to the Houston's/Jalexander's burger for a better price
  10. I need cliffs on this event.....never been Where do I start ? What do I bring? I have plenty of white clothing to wear!
  11. I drove by a large modern house on a substantial corner lot in the Heights a while back. It seemed cool but very out of place. It was white. and on the NE corner of an intersection. Not a townhouse or patiohome. All I know..any ideas?
  12. I've contacted you before I think. Would like a quote in heights. tomorrow? pm me
  13. eight is RIGHT next to the barrell entrance place. across the street theres something else....the owner or GC presumably is there ALL the time. really noticeable escalade out front. douchebar or not , gotta respect that kinda work ethnic. was there at 10 or 11 last nt and sparks were flyin
  14. had a fish po'boy yest. good. id go back. need seafood in the area music choice was funny/// club hits!
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