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  1. Thanks King, Lots of great info. What makes you think HOA is such a prob?? They had my patio cover approved in 1 week. The builders I have been meeting with have never had a problem(so they say)?? I will also check out TexSun and Platinum. Thanks!!
  2. HOEF, Thanks for responding. Keep me posted if you can. PM me and we can exchange e-mail. I am in the process of talking to 7 builders. Maybe we can help each other out?
  3. I am looking to get a swimming pool. I would like input on builders. I live in Cinco SW. Also, any input (pros/cons) on decking and coping would be nice too. I have 2 small children and would like it for recreational purposes. Also, is it any cheaper to build in the winter? Thanks!
  4. They were located where Mely's used to be. USA Health and Fitness off of Broadway. They were opening a 26,000 sq foot facility in front of Sunrise lakes. Right now, the fitness facility by old Mely's says new owner, and the 26,000 square foot place is now the home of chicago title and a blood bank. That's a good idea with the credit card. I guess it's worth a shot. The only problem is, the transaction was made in 8/05.
  5. Anybody know what's happening to USA Health and Fitness' new gym?? I'm afraid I'm out 1 G! I signed our family as one of the first 100 charter members after we saw a sign that said 26000 sq ft gym coming soon. It was supposed to be complete by January of last year. When I called (MLK weekend), they told me it was building codes dragging them down, but there would be a truck on the land Tuesday starting construction. I drove by....sure enough it was true. But now, where the gym supposively was to be built, I see Chicago title and some blood bank. I checked the BBB website, and it looks as though they may have filed bankruptcy. Anybody know anything or have any advice? I still have my contract and receipts. I never even gotten so much as a letter.
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