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  1. I spoke to several of the merchants.
  2. Anyone have an address on the 27th Street location?
  3. I am curious to know if there are any other old golf courses that were "around" the loop that have vanished.
  4. The breakin despite the dogs in the house (and the 2 hour police wait) sounds identical to my situation last month. The thiefs were kind enough to return and break into the garage last week. I still don't think the police or City Council, or the Mayor's office are taking the situation seriously.
  5. I noticed signs for the Varsity Club (soccer, volleyball, etc...) at the corner of Holdereith and Hufsmith Kohrville. Actually located on both sides of Hufsmith Korhville. Anyone have any further information other than what is listed on the signs? Looks to be a huge complex.
  6. I think that the main building is still there as well. I walked the parking lot a few months ago before it became another used car place, you can still see how the old drive in was laid out.
  7. Alarm was configured that way. I made it all the way from Tomball when the alarm company called me and still beat the police by 50 minutes.
  8. My home in the Heights was broken into on Monday during the day. Thieves jumped my back fence and broke out a bedroom window....ignored the alarm, and stole quite a few valuable items from the bedroom. I arrived home, cops had still not shown up. I called to complain and was told "we can't drop everything and come straight over to your house when you call". I won't share with you my response, but you can guess it was less than pleasant. I guess the boys in blue were too busy writing speeding tickets/illegal license frame tickets on Yale or Shepard to respond in a timely matter. Glad that my wife was not home...she usually works from the house. But very concerned about the brazeness of the theft given the time of day. Of course, with three hour response times to breaking and entering calls, why would they be dissuaded? Finally, I have been hearing the mayor and police chief talking about reducing crime and adding police for over three years now. Yet, I really don't see anyone doing a thing about either problem. They sure have figured out that red light problem that was causing such a public uproar. Does anyone get the feeling that the $$$ are more important than doing acual police work? When was the last time you saw a police cruiser in your neighborhood just driving down the street (ie...doing a routine patrol?). I have been a Heights resident for 10 years. I understand that we live in the city. I do not understand why it takes nearly two hours for the police to respond to a breaking and entering call. I am sure that the businesses that were hit feel the same way. Proactive sure beats reactive. Reactive forces businesses to move from our neighborhood to a safer place where their windows don't get broken, cars don't get broken into, and they feel the police are "protecting and serving" the community and not out simply providing revenue for the city coffers by writing speeding tickets. Rant over.
  9. Any idea what date (year) that was?
  10. Looking for any old photos of the Princes Drive in on North Shepherd (around 17th street). The old sign is still there, as well as what I believe is the kitchen building. Thought maybe someone had a photo of the place while it was still open. Thanks.
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