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  1. I just checked their twitter and Instagram and they’ve made the “big” announcement but no pictures and no details.
  2. I was expecting this topic to pop back to the top but figured it would be news that Chevron pulled out and the tower was dead but this is definitely an interesting development. Are both Enron towers full?
  3. Wasn’t there supposed to be a meeting or some kind of gathering to reveal new plans for this development? I wanna say it was supposed to be on April 24th or something.
  4. So with the addition of this, we’ll legit have three skylines that would rival any mid size/large city. Now if we could get get them all connected.
  5. wxman

    United New Livery

    Saw the new livery for United today. Buddy works at corporate. At first I liked it. Then I realized that there’s nothing wrong with the old Continental livery—except the fact that it’s Continental and they want to get rid of it. The new paint isn’t horrible but I prefer what we have now. https://airlinegeeks.com/2019/04/23/first-look-united-unveils-its-renewed-livery/
  6. So is there reason to believe that his project is moving forward aside from the fact that the businesses have closed? The rendering floating around of this project is super old and pretty low quality. If I know Houston, it's been VE and chopped down from 44 stories to 22 -- if it even gets off the ground.
  7. The Astoria has actually grown on me over the past year or two. I passed by it the other day and thought, ''you know, it's actually not that bad.'' I actually sort of like it now.
  8. Not to mention, I guess that shelves the other two high-rises they were going to build in The Woodlands that would have made it a complex for four 30-story buildings. LATE BREAKING: Given the industry I'm in, I'm hearing from a co-worker that employees will remain at the two office buildings. "Chevron wants to maintain a presence in The Woodlands." That's a direct quote from an official at the company.
  9. That’s a mighty long time for an ambitious project like this. It all starts good but then half way through they blame market conditions for getting a 2 story strip center and a parking garage. The pavilions downtown is a prime example. Was supposed to be three large high rises but ultimately ended up with a half baked project that nobody knows or cares about. Regent Square is another example except that one never left the drawing board.
  10. Looks like a false alarm. Report of a fire on the 19th floor of the new Hanover Post Oak.
  11. Damn. This started after Texas Tower and just might come out of the ground first. If it’s a race to the top, my bet is in this one.
  12. New York and LA are the only other cities that have three or more commercial airports and their populations are double and triple what Houston’s is. Seems like a waste of resources. Also if I remember correctly, each city only gets a set amount of TSA agents, right? Isn’t that why IAH was all up in arms about Hobby becoming international?
  13. Houston area to get a new commercial airport? Whoa! Now this would be interesting. What airlines would service this? Southwest maybe? https://m.chron.com/neighborhood/moco/news/article/Conroe-North-Houston-Regional-Airport-could-add-13637260.php
  14. Isn't that the "Bank of the Southwest Tower" lot? I've always been perplexed as to why that block has sat empty for so long. You'd think Hines would grab that block for a really big signature building (BOTSWT was supposed to be 1400 feet) instead of opting to buy a lot that a building was already occupying, having to pay to tear it down, etc.
  15. Is that the actual foundation for the high rise or something different?
  16. Is that the actual foundation for the high rise or something different?
  17. Seems like its been a while since we've had a new flag announced at IAH. I don't think we had a single one in 2018. Anybody know of any new flags in the works for this year?
  18. Anybody see the piece KPRC had on last night about the new international terminal? Sounds like Diaz is in hot water with the Mayor. So far $84 million has been spent on the project and there's almost nothing to show for it. When the project was announced back in 2014, the terminal was to cost $700-$900 million. Then it went to $1.2 billion and then ballooned to $1.7 billion. The mayor says the costs have since been brought back down to $1.2 billion but there's still almost nothing to show for the money spent so far. They can't even decide on a design from the architects. Finally, the big body gates, including ones able to handle the A380, have been scaled back from 15 to 13. Those are some of the highlights but it was a good story. Part 2 of it will air tonight. https://www.click2houston.com/news/after-4-years-renovation-project-is-over-budget-with-nothing-built-at-iah
  19. Is this still on track for a 4th quarter start? Time is quickly running out on 4th quarter.
  20. “Designed and built for the clients?” I was under the impression this was spec office. I would think the previous design is far more bold, imposing and makes a bigger splash and would woo a potential tenant easier. Not that the current design is ugly, but rotating a building 45 degrees isn’t all that “progressive.” When comparing the two renderings side by side, it makes you take a deep breath and sigh when compared to what could have been, at least IMO. It’s like being told you’re getting a brand new mustang. Exciting until you realize your spouse or parents had made an offer on an Audi RS5 but settled for the mustang. Sort of dampens the excitement for the mustang lol.
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