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  1. Anybody see the piece KPRC had on last night about the new international terminal? Sounds like Diaz is in hot water with the Mayor. So far $84 million has been spent on the project and there's almost nothing to show for it. When the project was announced back in 2014, the terminal was to cost $700-$900 million. Then it went to $1.2 billion and then ballooned to $1.7 billion. The mayor says the costs have since been brought back down to $1.2 billion but there's still almost nothing to show for the money spent so far. They can't even decide on a design from the architects. Finally, the big body gates, including ones able to handle the A380, have been scaled back from 15 to 13. Those are some of the highlights but it was a good story. Part 2 of it will air tonight. https://www.click2houston.com/news/after-4-years-renovation-project-is-over-budget-with-nothing-built-at-iah
  2. wxman

    Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    Is this still on track for a 4th quarter start? Time is quickly running out on 4th quarter.
  3. “Designed and built for the clients?” I was under the impression this was spec office. I would think the previous design is far more bold, imposing and makes a bigger splash and would woo a potential tenant easier. Not that the current design is ugly, but rotating a building 45 degrees isn’t all that “progressive.” When comparing the two renderings side by side, it makes you take a deep breath and sigh when compared to what could have been, at least IMO. It’s like being told you’re getting a brand new mustang. Exciting until you realize your spouse or parents had made an offer on an Audi RS5 but settled for the mustang. Sort of dampens the excitement for the mustang lol.
  4. Oh ok....then my apologies. I got excited. I didn't see the "what might of been" part. Too bad, this is a better design IMO.
  5. In the first rendering that Ubrannizer posted, read the black column to the right (better to do it on your phone so you can zoom in). The second paragraph reads the following: "Instead of the standard design that places a rectangular form above a parking podium with the same floor plate on each story, this building design feature a fariety of floor plates with different sizes and configurations--from center cores to side cores--and ceiling heights that vary based on their location of the 60-story tower. As the floor plates change, step-back roofs create several large outdoor terraces that serve as outdoor extensions of office areas accessible to all tenants." Based on that, this will be the fourth tallest skyscraper in Houston -- possibly the third (if going by roof height). Williams is 64-stories and 901 feet. This one is 60-stories so this will easily push into the mid 800 foot range.
  6. Did anybody bother to read the fine print?! This is now a 60 STORY BUILDING!!
  7. What’s the latest on this redevelopment? Is there a timeline to break ground?
  8. The official elevation of Houston is 80 feet. Katy is 141 feet and Conroe is 205 feet. So it gets high relatively quick from the coast.
  9. wxman

    1717 Bissonnet - Ashby highrise.

    It’s beautiful but what continues to amaze me is the tenacity and the strong will the developers have in seeing this through to completion. Most would have given up Lin ago.
  10. OHHHHH, my apologies. Didn't see ''former.''
  11. So much for the 50+ stories. This thing got chopped by 40%. Sigh
  12. wxman

    Future International Routes Out of IAH

    Paris is one. We we’re chatting and he said “hey, we’re getting new international non stops on United. He said a list went out to employees. i said “Mexico?” (Sigh) he said, “no....European places.” He said there are several. We’ll see.
  13. wxman

    Future International Routes Out of IAH

    A friend of mine who works at United said that we can expect some new non-stop European flights soon! I was told of some but am not at liberty to post it.
  14. Can somebody post the rendering to this again?
  15. wxman

    Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    So is this now officially under construction?