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  1. If you go back and read the OP from August 1st, you'll see that what my idea of affordable housing (and your idea maybe) is not correct. I think 'affordable housing' units as being soviet style building blocks or some ghetto ass, run down stick apartment building -- or maybe something as 'nice' as the complex just outside of downtown on Allen Parkway, across from the Fed Reserve. But in the OP, 'affordable' units will go to those who make 80% of the median income of that area. Of the 387 units in the building, 185 units will be 'affordable' while the rest will go for market value. Two units will be set aside for on-site management.
  2. Can this topic be locked and burned? This tower is d.e.a.d. And it ain’t ever coming back. I got all excited for nothing when I saw the topic pop up at the top. Ugh
  3. Can somebody please explain what's going on here? I've never seen or heard of this before. What makes this different from all the other pours where they pump the concrete in and it's done?
  4. With Diaz mentioning Madrid, Vienna and another southeast Asia destination, I suspect one of those three will be the next nonstops added to IAH. It sounds like Air India might have some legs to it, too. I've heard Air India rumors in several places and with Diaz also mentioning it, it sounds like Delhi or Mumbai on Air India may be the next new flag at IAH. I think Rome would be a cool addition along with Tel Aviv.
  5. I didn't realize the proximity of those two buildings. I mean in a way I knew they were next door but this really puts it in a cool perspective.
  6. If 2022 is the case they better had broken ground yesterday. That seems really aggressive. Then again, they built the Empire State Building (102 stories) in 1 year so what do I know.
  7. Damn. It may not be tall but geez it's definitely a statement of a building IMO
  8. Am I the only one that sees "16-stories" still listed in the presser? I'm confused.
  9. That video mentions nothing of the airlines you mentioned. Insider info?
  10. This thing is rising fast. Now that they’re about to kick off the office floors, my dream of seeing Texas Tower, Hines Apartment highrise across the street and the Allen all between 20 and 30 stories with all the tower cranes on the skyline may be a pipe dream.
  11. Not only did my heart stop and my eyes bug out with amazement but then was punched in the nose when I discovered this is a cancelled project. Thanks.
  12. They’re seriously getting busy with this site. Lots of piling holes being drilled. Won’t be long before something starts rising on this lot.
  13. This building is now visible, poking up above the surrounding buildings as you drive past downtown on the North Frwy.
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