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  1. So they did shrink the main tower then—from 42 stories to 33. I was wondering where the previous 40-something story figure came from.
  2. Do we know anything about the office tower? Is all of it expected to go up at the same time?
  3. This building will be about half way up when Texas Tower and Preston Tower downtown are topping out. It’ll be pretty slick to see that many cranes in the downtown area at one time! Maybe my math is fuzzy, but I’m only counting 33 floors. Where are you guys seeing the 40 story figure at?
  4. So is it fair to say they're working on the 2nd floor? Looks like they've made it to street level.
  5. ET = Ethiopian? I noticed it was removed from wikipedia a few weeks ago. Sad. IAH has been in a real drought lately getting new flags here. What's the deal?
  6. Those are some big @ss support columns. Wow.
  7. Sooooooo is there reason to believe the 'Chevron Tower' is about to break ground or are we all jumping the gun here? I get very, very excited about these things and I don't wanna be let down lol. Are the old Enron buildings even full?
  8. I just checked their twitter and Instagram and they’ve made the “big” announcement but no pictures and no details.
  9. I was expecting this topic to pop back to the top but figured it would be news that Chevron pulled out and the tower was dead but this is definitely an interesting development. Are both Enron towers full?
  10. Wasn’t there supposed to be a meeting or some kind of gathering to reveal new plans for this development? I wanna say it was supposed to be on April 24th or something.
  11. So with the addition of this, we’ll legit have three skylines that would rival any mid size/large city. Now if we could get get them all connected.
  12. wxman

    United New Livery

    Saw the new livery for United today. Buddy works at corporate. At first I liked it. Then I realized that there’s nothing wrong with the old Continental livery—except the fact that it’s Continental and they want to get rid of it. The new paint isn’t horrible but I prefer what we have now. https://airlinegeeks.com/2019/04/23/first-look-united-unveils-its-renewed-livery/
  13. So is there reason to believe that his project is moving forward aside from the fact that the businesses have closed? The rendering floating around of this project is super old and pretty low quality. If I know Houston, it's been VE and chopped down from 44 stories to 22 -- if it even gets off the ground.
  14. The Astoria has actually grown on me over the past year or two. I passed by it the other day and thought, ''you know, it's actually not that bad.'' I actually sort of like it now.
  15. Not to mention, I guess that shelves the other two high-rises they were going to build in The Woodlands that would have made it a complex for four 30-story buildings. LATE BREAKING: Given the industry I'm in, I'm hearing from a co-worker that employees will remain at the two office buildings. "Chevron wants to maintain a presence in The Woodlands." That's a direct quote from an official at the company.
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