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  1. The lights in the crown of this building are beautiful. Totally agree! It makes the building...
  2. How do you know? Btw, are there any updated renderings for this project?
  3. So are they officially on the second floor now?
  4. Looks like this skyscraper is officially out of the ground!
  5. That lot seems mighty small for a development that robust! I’m developing an affinity for the office building, too. Hell, it’s almost equal height to the condo tower now that they’ve chopped off 12 floors.
  6. I think I mentioned in the “Allen” thread that it’s really going to be something to see Texas Tower, Preston and the Allen all rising together with all those cranes at the same time. I suspect that all three buildings will be of substantial height, with exposed columns 30+ floors up at the same time. Oh the crane porn that is to come...
  7. Certainly they weren't going to attempt nonstop service to Africa from Houston on a 738max, right? What's the maximum range for 737 anyway?
  8. Omg can we get back on topic? Who gives a rats @ss. There are dangerous areas everywhere. Crime isn’t zero in The Woodlands, Sugar Land or River Oaks. At the rate Houston is gentrifying, it won’t be long before the high rents drive us all out of town. damn.
  9. Is the elevator shaft topped out or is that still going up, too?
  10. So now that this project is, for all intensive purposes complete, what is the next step regarding the other towers that are supposedly 500-600 feet tall? Are we still expecting them to rise soon? Has anybody even seen the full rendering except for the bottom 10 floors or so? The only reason I'm interested in this project is because of those yet-to-be-built towers. Not this thing..
  11. So they did shrink the main tower then—from 42 stories to 33. I was wondering where the previous 40-something story figure came from.
  12. Do we know anything about the office tower? Is all of it expected to go up at the same time?
  13. This building will be about half way up when Texas Tower and Preston Tower downtown are topping out. It’ll be pretty slick to see that many cranes in the downtown area at one time! Maybe my math is fuzzy, but I’m only counting 33 floors. Where are you guys seeing the 40 story figure at?
  14. So is it fair to say they're working on the 2nd floor? Looks like they've made it to street level.
  15. ET = Ethiopian? I noticed it was removed from wikipedia a few weeks ago. Sad. IAH has been in a real drought lately getting new flags here. What's the deal?
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