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  1. Can you give us an idea of what it looks like? Does it still retain the curved facade? Floor count?
  2. What good is this 'well planned out network' if nobody rides the stupid thing. It's embarrassing honestly. Have you seen the clientele METRO is trying to move around? I bet you dollars to donuts it's not somebody you'd want to sit next to. And btw, Harris County is home to over 5 million people -- of which METRO serves only about a 1/3 of that population. If you add in the surrounding counties, you get another 1.5 million. So the problem with congestion is coming from outside the city limits which is why the focus should be on transporting those people to and from without using the freeways that are busting at the seams.
  3. This city, known for its innovation in aeronotics and space along with advanced medicine is so freaking backwards. When will city officials understand that buses are NOT sexy and they have a negative connotation that they serve only the lower classes of people in our city--lone exception being The Woodlands Express. Trains are much fancier, sexier and attractive and the focus should be bringing commuter rail to the main suburban centers like Sugar Land, Katy, Clear Lake, The Woodlands and Kingwood. Buses are a thing of the past. They add to congestion, ride slowly in the fast lanes and are constantly stopping on main thoroughfares like Westheimer backing up cars and traffic to let one or two people off at a time. To see so much planning and energy being put into a stupid bus is typical government at work. So much money, so much time and so little in the way of moving our city into the 21st century. The high speed rail is also sort of a joke on Houston's end. The main terminal is in a piss poor location at a conjunction of two major, clogged freeways that is convenient for exactly nobody unless you live in Oak Forest. To stop before even reaching Houston is silly. I mean is it asking too much to at least get it to the Galleria area? It would be best to get it downtown like Dallas.
  4. I'm doing a 5 Asian city tour in March and I need some inside info: I'll be flying IAH to NRT on United (14.5 hours) NRT - BKK on Thai Airlines (8 hrs) BKK - SIN on Thai Air Aisa (2.5 hrs) SIN - KUL on Thai Air Asia (1 hour) KUL - PEK on Air China (6.5 hours) PEK - IAH on Air China (13.5 hours) How is the flight from IAH to NRT? Is the food decent? Is it a comfortable flight? How is Air China? I'm trying to determine if I should pack a bag with food. I'm a picky eater and would hate to think I'll be going without anything to eat on the flight from KUL to PEK to IAH. Anybody flown Thai Air Asia or Thai Airlines? How are they? Anything I should know about any of the aforementioned airlines? Thanks!
  5. Agreed. I've also heard that the Houston-Sydney route is struggling as well. I don't know that there's that kind of demand to go down under? Anybody know?
  6. A new budget, domestic carrier will launch at HOU. Allegiant air will kick flights off in May. Yawn. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/01/14/allegiant-air-adds-44-new-routes-including-boston-chicago-houston/4458672002/
  7. Anybody know the floor count of this?
  8. Can somebody please explain why soil sampling is important? I’m purely ignorant on the subject matter and would like to know. I assume that the soil sampled a block or two over (Likely sandy loam/clay) would be the same for said property. I doubt the soil changes that drastically from block to block.
  9. If you go back and read the OP from August 1st, you'll see that what my idea of affordable housing (and your idea maybe) is not correct. I think 'affordable housing' units as being soviet style building blocks or some ghetto ass, run down stick apartment building -- or maybe something as 'nice' as the complex just outside of downtown on Allen Parkway, across from the Fed Reserve. But in the OP, 'affordable' units will go to those who make 80% of the median income of that area. Of the 387 units in the building, 185 units will be 'affordable' while the rest will go for market value. Two units will be set aside for on-site management.
  10. Can this topic be locked and burned? This tower is d.e.a.d. And it ain’t ever coming back. I got all excited for nothing when I saw the topic pop up at the top. Ugh
  11. With Diaz mentioning Madrid, Vienna and another southeast Asia destination, I suspect one of those three will be the next nonstops added to IAH. It sounds like Air India might have some legs to it, too. I've heard Air India rumors in several places and with Diaz also mentioning it, it sounds like Delhi or Mumbai on Air India may be the next new flag at IAH. I think Rome would be a cool addition along with Tel Aviv.
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