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  1. They mention that they want to attract new airlines and destinations. Anybody have any idea which destinations or airlines are at the top of the list?
  2. How prone is Caydon to value engineering? The Allen looked promising but it too became scaled down to a degree after the initial renderings. While I love the design of the building and the curves, I'm not sure how I feel about the brown. Anybody?
  3. Is it just me or do those rebar/columns taller meaning they're now beginning the office portion of the building? If so, that also means that this building should start rising faster now, correct?
  4. My heart can’t handle another BOTSWT catastrophe. I’m still heart broken over that building even tho it was proposed and scrapped before I was even born lol
  5. While I know this has been known for sometime, flights will commence December 15th, 3x weekly. No mention of type of aircraft. I believe somebody mentioned a few months ago it would be on a Dreamliner. https://m.chron.com/business/bizfeed/article/Ethiopian-Airlines-finalizes-plans-for-Houston-14434682.php
  6. I'm definitely noticing a trend in the right direction as far as Houston highrises are concerned. For so long it was 30-story this, 30-story that. 30, 30, 30. Now, 40-stories seems to be the new 30. Think about it, we have the new tower in the Galleria going up--40 stories, the tower in the upper-Kirby area--39 stories, block 46 downtown -- 46 stories, the med center condo/apartment tower just built is nearly 40 stories, the proposed highrise for the med center is like 50-stories, McNair place is the 50-story range. So my point here is things are slowly but surly growing taller. I still wish beyond anything we had the Bank of the Southwest Tower tho. That tower feels like a cyber boyfriend I never met but fell in love with and then he left me with no explanation and left me here with a broken heart lol
  7. I think they have approximately one worker on this project. This Tower is rising at a snails pace. What’s going on?
  8. Yes, this project appears to have begun. Just drove by and there’s a large hole dug in the northwest corner of the lot (Allen Pkwy side) and lots of heavy machinery. Looks like they are well underway of clearing the lot.
  9. This is getting interesting fast. I wonder how big these buildings are going to be?!
  10. BRT is garbage. Fact remains trains are sexy and buses aren't. Period. Not that LRT would be any better. I rode the train from downtown to the Dome back during the rodeo and that piece about rattled the fillings out of my teeth. Truth is METRO has their head wedged very far up their ass. The focus should be on commuter rail to the burbs and to IAH where the majority of flights are. This crap of running a designated bus through the galleria area that's already choked with traffic and un-synchronized traffic lights is ridiculous. I mean who's really going to ride this thing anyway when an Uber can pick you up and drop you off door to door. Commuter rail needs to be the line of thinking. I've heard many people say up in The Woodlands (where i reside) that they'd ride it if there was a rail system. It's also one of the few instances, anacdotally speaking, where the buses actually work and are full.
  11. What are the next phases of this project? Are they the signature towers that reach 600 feet? If so, I would image there has got to be a rendering released soon, right?
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