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  1. Did Houston permanently lose any routes or airlines during this pandemic? I see Houston no longer has a direct to Sydney. That's the one that stick out to me the most since I've been on that flight several times. Any others? Are they coming back?
  2. 54 STORIES! Wow, looks like Transco finally has a baby brother on the way... At 750 feet, it should be almost the exact same height as 609 Main and Texaco Heritage Plaza.
  3. What will the tallest building of 2021 be in Houston?
  4. This building DOMINATES the skyline coming in on I-45. It's going to be a great addition to the skyline. Once they top out the last office floor, there's still like a 5-story crown that goes on top so this still has some room to grow.
  5. Can somebody explain to me the benefit of having one gate and two or three destinations from IAH when all your resources, planes, mechanics, operations are out of HOU? I mean don't get me wrong, I think it's great to have more traffic at IAH but from a business perspective, nobody thinks Southwest and IAH.
  6. Where are we at on this building? Are we getting close to topping out?
  7. Has anybody seen the blue lights on the new highrise just south of HCC? Man, it looked awesome tonight! Every balcony was lit up in blue lights and really made it stand out. I wish I could have snapped a pic but I was driving.
  8. Where are we at on this building? How many more floors? I know it's early but it doesn't look as imposing as it does in some of the early renderings to me. Is it just me?
  9. Oh man, what are the chances that Williams will have some competition soon?
  10. Hey, it’s not ghetto! 😂 I think it’s really nice. Great addition.
  11. The quintessential Houston treatment. Ghetto. That is a 1983 office building, straight up. Next
  12. Wow, well, the new renderings are nice and it'll be a major upgrade over what we have now. Too bad the entire thing won't be needed for quite sometime. While I think the new renderings are nice and clean, I still think our airport (as well as most airports in the US) lack a 'wow' factor like DXB, SIN, ICN, PEK or SZX. I wish our cities, airports and railways were the envy of the world the way we were in the 50s and 60s. Oh wellz
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