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  1. Oh man, what are the chances that Williams will have some competition soon?
  2. Hey, it’s not ghetto! 😂 I think it’s really nice. Great addition.
  3. The quintessential Houston treatment. Ghetto. That is a 1983 office building, straight up. Next
  4. Wow, well, the new renderings are nice and it'll be a major upgrade over what we have now. Too bad the entire thing won't be needed for quite sometime. While I think the new renderings are nice and clean, I still think our airport (as well as most airports in the US) lack a 'wow' factor like DXB, SIN, ICN, PEK or SZX. I wish our cities, airports and railways were the envy of the world the way we were in the 50s and 60s. Oh wellz
  5. Anybody have any updates on the terminal? Have they completed the Terminal C north demo? I know it seems dramatic but I wonder if IAH will ever return to the air traffic we once had. If so, it'll be years I bet. Are we in danger of losing any foreign flags over this pandemic?
  6. This is going to be a very imposing building. Already is actually.
  7. Btw, I noticed yesterday for the first time that the rebar sticking up for the next floor is now visible from I-45 as you pass the aquarium.
  8. Yikes, this thing got a pretty significant hair cut. Not nearly as dominate first proposed. Looks like it got the quintessential Houston treatment.
  9. What are the benefits for a developer being confined to such a small, confined lot? At first glance, it's hardly big enough for a row of portable potties much less a highrise. It seems like if I was the developer, I'd want a full city block or at least half of one. Is it as simple as the price of the lot?
  10. Nice edition but will be cloaked from view from all sides of downtown except the east side. In-fill is still good tho.
  11. It's sad that our state's tallest building is also one of the ugliest. There is nothing special about this building at all. Just a tall, gray, bland, box.
  12. So I haven't been following this thread at all and jumping in the middle of the convo here, would somebody be willing to sum up where we are here? The only thing I know is that they'll be: -widening it by one lane from the beltway into downtown -reroute the 45 around the east side of downtown -bury the freeway near GRB -add 24/7 express/toll lanes in each direction like the katy freeway Is the gist of it? When is this supposed to break ground? The north freeway clear out to The Woodlands needs about 5 lanes added in each direction. That freeway is a death trap. Way too small for the volume it's trying to carry.
  13. I wonder if this will be the 'Heritage Plaza' of today's times--as in the last major office skyscraper downtown for the forseeable future. With the pandemic and so many people working from home, it seems things may 'never' go back to normal and many people will continue working from home. It was a forced experiment that seems to have worked in that people working from their living rooms are equally, if not more, productive than when at the office. Translation: no need for abundant office space. I'm only talking office skyscrapers, not condo or apartment towers.
  14. Did I, at any point, mention the new concrete or trees? No. The new pavement and trees is quite the improvement actually. Buses are not sexy and giving them a designated lane is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig. A bus is a bus is a bus and I highly doubt these BRT lanes will move the numbers of people being projected. Most people don't ride buses -- especially in a city built for the car. Why we don't focus our attention on commuter rail is beyond me. I'm really not even a fan of light rail. God knows the one from downtown to the dome will shake the dirt from your shoes. I realize it's not financially savvy to sell commuter rail but putting in a useless lane for a rolling eyesore is a shame. Of course, many of you won't agree and that's okay. Personally, they should stop why they're ahead and transition these designated lanes into bikes and foot traffic areas.
  15. Those BRT lines are a waste and a blight. The end.
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