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  1. Satya mixed-use development coming to Rosenberg - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com) New 312-unit multifamily project at the southwest corner of SW Freeway & 36, directly east of the Epicenter site. The existing shopping center will gain additional tenants. The project includes the return of Starbucks (under construction) to the intersection, as well as a return of Arby's to Rosenberg and a new Taco Bueno among other leases. Some of the comments from Satya's president in the piece were a bit odd IMO. The bit about it having been several years since a multifamily development was built in the city is not accurate given Sueba USA's two building project with three fewer units than this proposal opened at the start of the year in Brazos Town Center. A second multifamily project of 234 units from Sueba is also planned for that development as well, just behind the Hampton Inn. The other comment "...the next loop which is going to go around the city is Highway 36. That's the major thoroughfare plan" - I'm not sure what that even means. 36 is not a loop like 99/8/610. The only analogue to a loop locally is Spur 10, which has already been upgraded to accommodate truck traffic between 59 & 36. Maybe it's that 36-A proposal that hasn't really gone anywhere? I'm not sure.
  2. Great Wolf Lodge waterpark resort big step closer to opening in Webster, Texas - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  3. I'm curious if this even has legs anymore - sort of like the nearby Town Centre Two. I added it to Emporis a little over a year ago when I found it on Loopnet, where it's on at least the 2nd profile for the project. Project's stats haven't changed since then though.
  4. Intuitive Machines breaks ground on lunar operations center at Houston Spaceport - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  5. Camera is available for this one: Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty | Houston Baptist University (hbu.edu)
  6. I've had that desire over the years also. Every time I've been tempted to stop in the breakdown lane for a second just to get a peek, my better judgement takes back over. Oh well. Completely fantasyland, but it could be an interesting concept for an observation tower, IMO. In the foreground you'd have the inner workings of the port, and the skylines in the back of course. As for boat tours - there are already some that traverse different portions of the Bayou. BBP has (seasonal?) ones that focus on different interests. The Port of Houston Authority has had a long running boat tour as well, though that's been temporarily suspended due to Covid.
  7. A new master-planned community is in the works for Mont Belvieu. It will be located on the intersection of FM 565 & FM 3360 In addition to housing, the developers are working to develop a town center, starting with upgrades to the existing municipal campus and the aid of city government. HBJ article: Master-planned community Riceland could triple Mont Belvieu population in Chambers County - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com) Rendering from article Also found a bit about the plan for the integrated and updated civic complex from the architect's website. Some renderings....
  8. The Orange Show and Smither Park will be part of a new 8-acre campus. A Houston Outsider Art Center Beloved by Dominique de Menil Is Expanding Into an Eight-Acre Campus for Offbeat Creativity | Artnet News
  9. Construction crew breaks ground on EpiCenter project | County News | fortbendstar.com Groundbreaking for this was last week, per the article. Up to 20-month construction schedule estimated.
  10. There are worse views to be had... These pics are from the building's active profile on loopnet.
  11. Impact Networking leases office in Midway's East River mixed-use - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com) Midway's East River mixed-use development inks largest office lease thus far By Olivia Pulsinelli – Assistant managing editor, Houston Business Journal Nov 8, 2021 llinois-based Impact Networking is the latest office tenant announced for the massive East River mixed-use district planned for Houston's historic Fifth Ward.
  12. Liked this shot this morning from Ch. 13's camera - I think at Memorial at Windsor. Love those shadows.
  13. Satya Inc. to develop Tiara on the Beach condos in Galveston - Houston Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  14. She returns to KPRC as a 6 & 10 PM anchor, starting January 10th. KPRC 2 welcomes Daniella Guzman back to Houston news (click2houston.com)
  15. Two tower cranes coming... '643 Proposed Case for TX: 2021-ASW-14980-OE (faa.gov) '642 Proposed Case for TX: 2021-ASW-14981-OE (faa.gov)
  16. Longtime anchor Art Rascon will be leaving at the end of the year. His son Jacob will move from KPRC to KTRK next year as an anchor & reporter. ABC13 Houston anchor Art Rascon stepping away, but son, Jacob, will join the station - ABC13 Houston
  17. I was searching for this one in the Southwest section and didn't catch that it was still in "Going Up". Maybe this should be moved there. A fair amount has transpired since the last post. For example, the Palais Royal transitioned to Gordmans then that went belly-up. The most recent leasing brochure points to a preferred space for a furniture retailer. The same brochure mentions a few new retailers planned soon including Dutch Brothers Coffee, a Houston Methodist clinic and a salon. Something not mentioned in that brochure, but picked up on Facebook is that Torchy's will be opening a location in the space formerly held by Panera Bread. They seem to be hiring for leadership at this location as well. In February, two 4 story apartment buildings dubbed Town Center Lofts opened. The leasing brochure is teasing another 4 story apartment building by the same developer to be built directly behind the Hampton Inn.
  18. I'd meant to post this ages ago - but didn't. Caught this legit bad photoshop at the end of KHOU's noon news back in December. Would like to know the thought process behind the edit of Memorial Hermann's tower...
  19. This particular morning show was actually cancelled and re-launched as "No Wait Weather + Traffic" last year. The current version of the show is actually watchable from the times I have popped in to see it. It runs from 6-10 AM and has weather and traffic every ten minutes with news and features rotating throughout the program. Sharron Melton is still the anchor. I still think it's kind of funny that the morning show is done in-house but the 9 PM newscast is produced by KTRK.
  20. On the whole, I agree with this assessment for KHOU. It's generally been too plain for my tastes and the music is whatever - minus the odd scatting and clapping stuff. That's always been dated to me. It feels like it's like "hip" but in a 2017-ish sense. It doesn't age well. The other problem with that branding is that it is incredibly standardized. The current look and the two prior to it are the result of the purchase of Belo and it's absorption into Gannett, then spun off into TEGNA. KHOU looks and sounds like the ABC stations in Corpus and Dallas, the NBC stations in Waco and College Station, the CBS station in San Antonio, the FOX stations in San Angelo and Abilene and so on - based on what I've seen on recent trips to those places. The execution is better on some things than others but in the end it's a look and sound in a box. That's the nature of the business as of late though. Back to KTRK - I don't think I'd bank on a huge change at this point. The ABC O&O Stations (of which KTRK is one) are fairly well known for holding onto a lot of their key branding elements for an extended period of time. KTRK's current music package has been in use for 26 years! The set and graphics are obviously newer, but most of either tend to get around 10 years of use on the station. Maybe in few years, maybe sooner - just educated guesses based on past history.
  21. Fun fact: He's a HAIFer too and has contributed some good photos from downtown over the years. I remember him from Corpus Christi when he was at the CBS station there in the 2000s. He went by "Keaton Fox". Good reporter. I'm sure he will do well at 13.
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