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  1. I was searching for this one in the Southwest section and didn't catch that it was still in "Going Up". Maybe this should be moved there. A fair amount has transpired since the last post. For example, the Palais Royal transitioned to Gordmans then that went belly-up. The most recent leasing brochure points to a preferred space for a furniture retailer. The same brochure mentions a few new retailers planned soon including Dutch Brothers Coffee, a Houston Methodist clinic and a salon. Something not mentioned in that brochure, but picked up on Facebook is that Torchy's will be opening a location in the space formerly held by Panera Bread. They seem to be hiring for leadership at this location as well. In February, two 4 story apartment buildings dubbed Town Center Lofts opened. The leasing brochure is teasing another 4 story apartment building by the same developer to be built directly behind the Hampton Inn.
  2. I'd meant to post this ages ago - but didn't. Caught this legit bad photoshop at the end of KHOU's noon news back in December. Would like to know the thought process behind the edit of Memorial Hermann's tower...
  3. This particular morning show was actually cancelled and re-launched as "No Wait Weather + Traffic" last year. The current version of the show is actually watchable from the times I have popped in to see it. It runs from 6-10 AM and has weather and traffic every ten minutes with news and features rotating throughout the program. Sharron Melton is still the anchor. I still think it's kind of funny that the morning show is done in-house but the 9 PM newscast is produced by KTRK.
  4. On the whole, I agree with this assessment for KHOU. It's generally been too plain for my tastes and the music is whatever - minus the odd scatting and clapping stuff. That's always been dated to me. It feels like it's like "hip" but in a 2017-ish sense. It doesn't age well. The other problem with that branding is that it is incredibly standardized. The current look and the two prior to it are the result of the purchase of Belo and it's absorption into Gannett, then spun off into TEGNA. KHOU looks and sounds like the ABC stations in Corpus and Dallas, the NBC stations in Waco and College Station, the CBS station in San Antonio, the FOX stations in San Angelo and Abilene and so on - based on what I've seen on recent trips to those places. The execution is better on some things than others but in the end it's a look and sound in a box. That's the nature of the business as of late though. Back to KTRK - I don't think I'd bank on a huge change at this point. The ABC O&O Stations (of which KTRK is one) are fairly well known for holding onto a lot of their key branding elements for an extended period of time. KTRK's current music package has been in use for 26 years! The set and graphics are obviously newer, but most of either tend to get around 10 years of use on the station. Maybe in few years, maybe sooner - just educated guesses based on past history.
  5. Fun fact: He's a HAIFer too and has contributed some good photos from downtown over the years. I remember him from Corpus Christi when he was at the CBS station there in the 2000s. He went by "Keaton Fox". Good reporter. I'm sure he will do well at 13.
  6. Figured this would be a starting point for getting more information. These links point to a '120 building, only mentioned as "West Houston Hospital" at the northwest corner of Katy Freeway and Mason Road, close to the intersection with Merchants Way. https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=493182883&row=2 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=493182885&row=3 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=493182886&row=4 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=493182887&row=5 Hadn't seen anything else mentioned for that corner thus far. Anyone have additional knowledge of what's going on there?
  7. Anthony Yanez will return as the morning meteorologist on Wednesday. KPRC 2 welcomes long-time meteorologist Anthony Yanez back to Houston’s morning news (click2houston.com) I always appreciated the dynamic between him and Owen Conflenti. The piece calls it a "bromance" but to me, it was much more reminiscent of the rapport Ron Stone and Doug Johnson had on-air during their years there. Not a morning news person, personally, but I may actually click in to see them again.
  8. Earlier this year, the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court approved development of a new multi-purpose venue in Rosenberg. Dubbed the EpiCenter (due to it's location at the at/near the center of the County) for now, it would be constructed on the south side of the Southwest Freeway between Bamore Road and Fairgrounds Road, near the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. Some of the residents in the adjacent Cottonwood subdivision have expressed concern about building such a venue and the impact it may have on drainage, traffic and infrastructure among other things. The city is expected to sign off on the final plat in the near future, with construction to begin soon after - and complete by the 4th quarter of 2022. Here are some renderings from the press release from the county. Video from Fort Bend County Fort Bend EpiCenter Project - YouTube
  9. So, I started looking at Google Maps and Street View to see if I could get any information regarding the property from that big sign I've never been able to take a picture of... was able to get a few bits at leas The site in it's current form looks to be called Reading Road Station. Gillman was the first to bite on the 44-acres and has opened their dealership. Here's a look at the graphic on the website that's similar to the sign. The only difference is that the office space & 2 pad sites immediately south of that component are now marked "for sale" on that sign. While both developments are close to this site, neither are actually part of it. Hunington Properties is leasing the Shops at Summer Park. Not sure who developed the Holiday Inn Express, but it's completion will mark the return of that hotel's flag after about a decade of it being away.
  10. Biotics Research is expanding their operations in Rosenberg, and building their headquarters within this park. They will retain the existing manufacturing facility off Spacek Road. The new location should be complete by 2023. Biotics Research Corporation Invests $9 Million In New Facility In Rosenberg Business Park | Fort Bend Economic Development Council (fortbendcounty.com)
  11. "The Nest on Dryden" Website will launch soon... Coming Soon | The Nest on Dryden Apartments in Houston, Texas
  12. Here's a little bit about the expansion... Harmony House | Axis Builders LLC (axis-builders.com) Rendering from the Architect's profile
  13. Believe it or not, there is still a plan to redevelop part of the downtown riverfront - though it's not as grand in scale as the one that the op mentioned over a decade ago. The current proposal, called "Tevis Landing" seems to be a bit more realistic and focuses on a block adjacent to Riverfront Park, which was damaged by and has yet to be repaired after Harvey. The new development proposal sits on a site currently occupied by a 4-story former AT&T facility. The city just voted to purchase that structure on Tuesday, though there's no word on when it would be demolished. It appears that the greenspace would extend the park a bit toward Main Street. The park is in an odd spot from the start, though access is better since the train tracks have been taken out. I remember a couple of visits not too long after 9/11 when access was blocked because military equipment was being moved to the Port which is immediately south of the park. The city's plan is linked below - it is kind of neat to see that for all of the areas that it could draw inspiration from, all of those featured in that plan are from the Houston area. PowerPoint Presentation (beaumonttexas.gov)
  14. I've always loved his promotional angle solely for the weirdness. My favorites include... -Multiple projects referring to "made to measure" residences. That line shows up in copy for just about every project of his I can recall at some point. -"When asked to describe (multiple projects), Randall Davis would say.... "It's the steadfast refusal to compromise". I think that started with Titan and was repurposed for Astoria, among others. -How Mr. Marlowe thought you were an idiot because you rented your residence instead of owning it. He did have some insights that were... interesting for those who might move to his home. -Choosing the designer for the lobby & amenities areas for Astoria and Arabella based on their work for Christian Louboutin stores. Reasonably certain the design budget for both of those projects were blown solely on those spaces. The final designs are generally not something I'd hope for, but I always bake that into the cake when I see a pitch from his company - so I'm never really that disappointed. That began after we all realized that the Cosmo wasn't going to get that waterfall thing fronting Post Oak. I was pleasantly surprised with Chateau Ten though. Arabella even to some extent, even after the changes. Who knows what will come of this? I'm sure it'll be... something. I think that's about all of us can expect at this point. "Something". Apologies for the tangent.
  15. It's okay, I subject my wife tour these sites with my wife whenever we are in town. We usually use it as an excuse to let my daughter stay with grandma for a while as we roll across the area. She's a good sport - hopefully your mom was as well, @Highrise Tower !
  16. The Hotel will be a Hyatt Regency. Conroe’s new hotel and convention center will be a Hyatt | Community Impact
  17. Man... Some of my earliest memories of going to school are seeing him, Doug Brown and Don Nelson on the news before we left for the day. Weird to think one of them is no longer with us and the survivors are now both retired.
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