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  1. I'm guessing that the AMI brand was absorbed into another company at some point. I do recall visiting this hospital back in June 2001, but only after a somewhat drawn-out ordeal. My grandma had taken a bad fall but was still conscious and was sent to a local hospital. She was transported to Bayou City Medical Center near Greenway Plaza a few hours later. This was all the Monday night before Allison made landfall, for what it's worth. She actually spent that week there, and naturally we couldn't get in to visit her due to the flooding that happened that Friday evening and Saturday. Finally got in to visit on Sunday again and not too long after that she was transferred to the Westbury Hospital. Maybe it was my mood or attitude or whatever, but it was just a weirdly quiet, overall depressing place to be. I'd never been in a hospital that seemed to be so lacking in people in terms of either staff or patients. Fairly dated just in general inside and out as well. She later passed away here, unfortunately, but those observations came about well before that happened.
  2. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/11/14/state-of-the-port-project-11.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_27&cx_artPos=7#cxrecs_s "There are $1.1 billion worth of projects underway across the Port of Houston, with more work on the horizon, officials said at the Greater Houston Partnership's annual State of the Port last week. Current projects include additional yard space and equipment; 12 ship-to-shore cranes; 19 rubber tire gantry cranes; two additional container yards; two new container berths; an additional wharf at the Turning Basin facility; and redevelopment of general cargo and breakbulk docks, said Ric Campo, chairman of the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority. The funding for these projects comes from internally generated cash and internally financed bonds; they will not raise taxes, Campo said during his keynote speech at the Omni Hotel in Uptown Nov. 10. The project, which has a total cost of $1 billion across multiple phases, will expand the 52-mile stretch of the Houston Ship Channel to up to 700 feet wide in several sections. The port has completed three of the 12 contracts needed for Project 11 within the past 15 months, Lori Brownell, director of channel improvement at Port Houston, said during a panel discussion. By January 2023, Houston-based Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp. (Nasdaq: GLDD) is expected to complete the first dredging project, Segment 1A, which runs from Bolivar Roads to Redfish, Brownell said."
  3. Adding a children's area called Typhoon Junior https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/11/09/typhoon-texas-junior-waterpark-construction-katy.html
  4. https://gov.texas.gov/music/page/music-friendly-communities At least the photo at the top is from an event in Houston.
  5. Didn't realize Village Inn made it down to Houston at any point. When I travelled more often about a decade ago, I only saw them about as far south as Tulsa. There are a few around where I live currently. Pancakes are probably a step above the bigger breakfast chains out there and the pies are consistently good.
  6. The project, Ltd. Edition 2505, didn't get terribly far before the plans were scrapped. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2021/06/18/turtle-creek-tower-sites-up-for-grabs/ Another developer picked up the land and wants to build an apartment building and a smaller condo structure on those spaces. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2021/08/04/turtle-creek-centurion-american.html
  7. Can't believe I didn't see this sooner! That's a good selection of ads from my youth as we got the Herald-Coaster at our home for years. It's funny to think about how that Wal-Mart in Rosenberg on Herndon Drive was the standard type when I was growing up and when they started building their Super Center in 1994 or 1995, I couldn't imagine how it could compete given that there was a Super K Mart at 59 and 36, which I personally preferred. Of course, we know which one is still around. I've stopped at the Wal-Mart in Blackwell, OK a few times over the years when I start driving down (or am driving back) from Texas since it's one of the few that is the "old style" version of the place. I think they even still have the snack counter and Icee machine on the north wall just like at the old Rosenberg store, but it's been somewhat updated with new paint and such. Still, it feels like a classic. Does pretty good business as well. It's also weird to think about how we had a regular K Mart in town growing up. I remember the garden center but don't recall the automotive area. I think my mom might still have some of the thicker plastic bags from the Avenue H location from the late 80s or very early 90s that have "The Saving Place" logo on it. Similar to that old Wal-Mart I mentioned, I used to go to the K Mart locations that were hanging on here in Wichita just to poke around and get that sense of nostalgia. They're gone of course now. Miss that distinct K-Mart "smell", if that makes sense. The Price-Lo ad was interesting - I didn't think of it as a warehouse store, but it definitely had lower prices than most of the other stores in town. I think there were several locations but I'm not sure where the others were. Before it was Price-Lo, it was Moore's, which was also a lower-cost grocer. My dad was someone who always was looking for a good deal so that was definitely his store. This store was most recently one of two Palais Royal locations in town for a while, but it has since been subdivided between a Melrose store and a DD's which I think has closed. The Bealls became a Palais Royal before it moved to the Rose-Rich Shopping Center (which may or may not be it's name anymore). It was in the Plaza Shopping Center and I remember that was where we would go if we wanted to get "dress-up" clothes if we didn't want to go to Westwood or West Oaks Malls back in the day. Also made for a fun word game as there was a discount store named "Bill's" either next door or a few doors down, which I think was part of a chain and could lead to some minor confusion.
  8. I wonder if it would be worth merging this thread with the Fame City/Funplex one since it was all in the same place? Just a thought. There's also this standalone thread on Adventure Bay that has a bunch of replies. Also, people might be interested in checking out a site that covers the history of all the versions of the site - Fame City/Waterworks & Funplex/Adventure Bay http://www.famecitywaterworks.com/
  9. This piece from Community Impact gives a general overview of the site up to 2012 or so. https://communityimpact.com/austin/news/2013/11/04/tang-city-plaza/ In 2019, Hakeem Olajuwon submitted a new proposal to the Missouri City Planning & Zoning Commission that would provide a mix of retail and office/warehouse space in a development called "Dream Court" that was favorably received. About a month after this, the city council approved an ordinance allowing the development of such a proposal for that location within 5 years. After that time, Olajuwon would have to resubmit his plans for that property. I remember passing the remnants of this place a fair amount when I was a kid since my mom preferred taking South Main into Houston from where we lived, and naturally this was along the way. It was weirdly fascinating to watch it just decay to the extent that it did before it was demolished - and even then the arched signage at the entrance hung on for some time after from what I recall. I seem to also remember the George Memorial Library in Richmond had a Houston tourism video in it's collection that I rented in the early-mid 90s. It was circa 1986, and there actually was a bit about Tang City mentioned, with about the only footage I ever think I have seen of that place open for business. I'd have to track it down to see if it's available anywhere still.
  10. Western Steakhouse They were located in a freestanding space on Avenue I and Miles Street. Fairly straightforward steak place whose CFS I actually liked more than the steaks themselves. Nothing flashy or fancy. I recall there was a period when they were one of a few businesses that signed up with the cable company's ad business to produce local commercials in the late 90s. Theirs was fantastic because it opened with a "family" that was acting like they were hungry, banging their forks and knives on the table - and it was all so wooden and cheaply done. Our family made fun of it at the time when saying we were hungry and still do to this day on occasion. I know they did some renovations and took the neon bull from their sign at the entrance, and placed it above the restaurant in later years. While I thought it had shuttered for good a few years back, the dishes are now available at Joe's Oyster Bar and Grill on Minonite Road - which is now mentioned as the "home" of the Western Steakhouse now.
  11. Looks to be. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/10/25/hca-galen-college-nursing-new-houston-campus.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_27&cx_artPos=3#cxrecs_s
  12. Thought this was an interesting piece, from a Philadelphia perspective. https://phillyyimby.com/2021/05/bank-of-the-southwest-tower-the-precursor-to-one-liberty-place.html
  13. I met @Jax at the demolition of the Crowne Plaza in the Medical Center ages ago... but that's about the only person I've actually been aware of from the site in person somewhere. I've sent messages back and forth with @SpaceGhost and tried to assist with some of the things he's wanted to use for his website from my old video tapes, if that counts. Probably been others as I've seen others shooting at construction sites over the years, but I never asked since they generally seemed to be in a hurry or otherwise involved. Hopefully someday I can meet more of you!
  14. There are plans to improve the Brazos Riverwalk as construction continues on Foster Pavilion and an adjacent 8-story hotel. https://wacotrib.com/news/local/new-waco-riverwalk-design-seeks-to-link-riverfront-development-foster-pavilion-ranger-museum/article_20d56c88-1386-11ed-a383-f7953cb7f6c9.html https://wacotrib.com/news/local/education/steel-frame-rises-on-baylor-basketball-complex-garage-hotel-tower-to-follow/article_0974e15c-5190-11ed-a896-877ba2a1de94.html Renderings of Foster Pavilion
  15. I always though it was a bank building. It had a Wells Fargo in it before it was demolished. I think they took it out not long after the Crowne Plaza came down. I know I was there for the implosion of the latter but I don't remember if that black building was still there. I think it was for a bit.
  16. Retail Pavilion fully leased, Condos 70% Sold https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/10/20/dc-partners-texans-fit.html
  17. https://watermarkdistrict.com/ Leasing brochure: https://watermarkdistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/221020-Watermark-Brochure.pdf Looks like part of the existing campus will be demolished, but some will be retained. It's actually a pretty interesting use of space in terms of design IMO. An archive from the architect Roche/Dinkeloo has a bit on it: http://www.krjda.com/Sites/ConocoInfo1.html Cite had a good 1989-era review of the project: https://offcite.rice.edu/2010/03/FloatingOfficeConco_Stern_Cite23.pdf
  18. Not to veer too off topic about Randall's but It actually has been interesting to watch Kroger enter the market in the past few months when I've visited OKC. They have a fairly small distribution center on the northeast side of town along I-35, but they advertise pretty heavily - probably online more than television or radio from what I can recall. Lots of billboards around the metro as well. I'm wondering if they will get a return on that investment. Ironically, one of the stores now under the Kroger umbrella used to have a presence in the area there - Baker's. It was fairly reminiscent of the Safeway approach as I don't think many (or any) were built from the ground up, but were conversions of other grocers. I also don't even think they were in town for 5 years around the end of the 90s before those locations were sold off to local operators. Baker's was itself bought by Kroger not too long after they left the area.
  19. Quiet zones now active in Rosenberg for crossings at Commercial Drive, Brazos Town Crossing Blvd & Minonite Road on the southeast side of town, all within the Brazos Town Center development. The next phase will be on the north side of town at Rawson Road, Third Street & Walnut Avenue https://www.fbherald.com/news/rosenberg-railroad-quiet-zones-now-active/article_428fa7e8-3e98-11ed-9554-f712b1e47109.html I'm mixed on that second round if but for the nostalgia. My family's home is about half a mile from the tracks, and I always kinda liked hearing the trains pass through at night. Something about the chugging and the horn that wasn't too intrusive and helped me relax and sleep. Used to be able to tell if a cold front had passed through based on the slight change in direction of the sound at that distance. Then again we're not near the tracks, so it will of course be good for all the folks that live there.
  20. I have some good memories of this mall. I remember buying some books (some of the first with my own money!) from the Hastings in the mall. When we went as a family, we would typically go to the El Chico, which I am happy to see is still there. My mom especially still likes that restaurant, even though their locations have dwindled overall. Usually makes a habit of stopping at the one in Ardmore, OK when she is heading north to visit us. Anyway, I think this was one of the first "small" regional malls that I ever visited. Victoria's was the first. Also might be why it reminds me of that one or the ones in Abilene and San Angelo that have kept a decent flow of traffic by bringing in other tenants or keeping the outparcels occupied over the years.
  21. https://thefacts.com/free_share/article_697b54b3-57d7-53ec-802e-62ea6f493434.html https://rebusinessonline.com/volkswagen-to-open-114m-importation-facility-in-freeport-texas/ $114 million, 120 acre site that is expected to import over 140,000 vehicles per year after it opens in 2024. The facility will consolidate existing sites in Houston and Midlothian.
  22. future.spacecenter.org - new website for the Lunar/Mars Facility & Master Plan
  23. Wasn't this a building for Transco at one point? I seem to recall it appearing in a few of the Houston Architectural Guides - none of which are near me at this time. Maybe someone can confirm?
  24. Since it seems like the winner was by project - I can go ahead and start setting them up that way. Thank you to all who have participated!
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