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  1. Don't know what board they were using, but that last rendering in the piece sent the tower to Manhattan.
  2. Perhaps the Ritz Carlton plan comes back to life after a decade-plus? Even at it's shortest, it was still 53 floors. I can always dream at least...
  3. I stayed at the Homewood Suites across from this development over my last trip and was genuinely surprised by the seemingly unending line around the In-n-Out Burger. From just after opening (11A) to about 30-45 minutes before close (1:30 AM), it was fairly consistent each day of the week - minus Christmas of course. One family staying at our place seemed to be super thrilled about having survived the wait one day and came in with close to a dozen bags of food from there, eager to eat it in the dining area of the hotel. To each their own, I suppose. I'd tried it once at their location in Irving at Las Colinas and was unimpressed. Their suppliers are definitely on it though. I went out one night maybe around 2 AM for a Whataburger/Shipley's run (don't judge me!), and right behind the restaurant was an 18-wheeler already unloading stuff for the next day. I should be back in the area in June. I'm curious to see how much the hype may have faded by that point.
  4. From last night - new Sid Richardson College
  5. From yesterday - noon-ish And perhaps my favorite, being able to stand in the middle of Post Oak to take it all in...
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