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  1. American Cancer Society Hope Lodge
  2. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    A photo from Christmas Day 2017 would definitely be a few weeks ago...
  3. Allen Center Redevlopment
  4. Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    No, that's actually Hanover Montrose, which opened in 2016. The Huntingdon would be off the screen to the left, up Kirby Drive.
  5. "Dave Ward's Houston" launching this fall on Ch. 13

    Rice's Woodson Research Center has Episodes from 1978-1993, then the revival from 2007-2009. When it comes to the earlier ones... I'd be curious if KPRC also has the 93-late 90s ones as well or if they're in the posession of people from Stonefilms - the late Ron Stone's production company.
  6. '345
  7. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Profile of the architect behind "Helix Park" and a fair amount on the park itself...
  8. Fox 26 KRIV-TV Houston: Where are they now ?

    I'm pretty sure that was Hank Plante & Ginger Casey. Fran Fawcett & Jim Marsh I think were the pair during the first few years of the Fox affiliation. After he left, there was Dave Barker and then after him Mike Barajas started co-anchoring the primetime newscasts for a number of years.
  9. Teal Construction on Williams Way Blvd

    Sherriff's Administration Office
  10. Old Central Bank Building
  11. Block 58 Redevelopment by Hines, 47-Story Office Tower

    I was wondering how long it would take for something to show up! Glad the wait wasn't too long... Look forward to seeing it rise on my upcoming visits.
  12. Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    '88 - current project
  13. La Colombe d'Or Hotel Expanding with new Residential High-Rise

  14. Eado Lofts, 4-stories, 80 units