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  1. Here's a little bit about the expansion... Harmony House | Axis Builders LLC (axis-builders.com) Rendering from the Architect's profile
  2. Believe it or not, there is still a plan to redevelop part of the downtown riverfront - though it's not as grand in scale as the one that the op mentioned over a decade ago. The current proposal, called "Tevis Landing" seems to be a bit more realistic and focuses on a block adjacent to Riverfront Park, which was damaged by and has yet to be repaired after Harvey. The new development proposal sits on a site currently occupied by a 4-story former AT&T facility. The city just voted to purchase that structure on Tuesday, though there's no word on when it would be demolished. It appears th
  3. I've always loved his promotional angle solely for the weirdness. My favorites include... -Multiple projects referring to "made to measure" residences. That line shows up in copy for just about every project of his I can recall at some point. -"When asked to describe (multiple projects), Randall Davis would say.... "It's the steadfast refusal to compromise". I think that started with Titan and was repurposed for Astoria, among others. -How Mr. Marlowe thought you were an idiot because you rented your residence instead of owning it. He did have some insights that were... interest
  4. It's okay, I subject my wife tour these sites with my wife whenever we are in town. We usually use it as an excuse to let my daughter stay with grandma for a while as we roll across the area. She's a good sport - hopefully your mom was as well, @Highrise Tower !
  5. The Hotel will be a Hyatt Regency. Conroe’s new hotel and convention center will be a Hyatt | Community Impact
  6. From Saturday...
  7. Man... Some of my earliest memories of going to school are seeing him, Doug Brown and Don Nelson on the news before we left for the day. Weird to think one of them is no longer with us and the survivors are now both retired.
  8. So... has anyone ever gotten any additional info on why the spires are being taken down? I recall seeing stories from last year regarding the leasing attempts but nothing mentioning anything like this.
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