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  2. ChannelTwoNews

    Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    From the past few days...
  3. ChannelTwoNews

    Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    The clouds showed up the one time i managed to get downtown... Nevertheless, here are a few shots.
  4. ChannelTwoNews

    3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 30-story, 336-unit high-rise

    From the past few days... w/ Caydon's tower in the back
  5. ChannelTwoNews

    Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    From the past few days... From 3300 Main
  6. ChannelTwoNews

    Vacant lot south of Robbins Bros.

    From the past few days...
  7. ChannelTwoNews

    Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    From the past few days...
  8. Stuck at Firestone earlier and got this. Better photos coming soon...
  9. I'm assuming you heard about the passing of former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston Weather Meteorologist Doug Johnson ?

  10. ChannelTwoNews

    Houston sightings

    We have The Weather Channel on in our workplace all the time, and they've changed the camera they take to show an image of Houston whenever they refer to anything happening. They used to pick up Channel 2's tower cam along 59 pointed toward uptown, but now they're using a (IMO) better shot from TSU. Based on the location, I think it's on top of the library, overlooking the campus with downtown in the background. Looks great today.
  11. ChannelTwoNews

    Texas Tower (Block 58) by Hines, 47-Story Office Tower

    Very much looking forward to seeing this one come out of the ground. It's been a real treat to see some of these Hines towers start to make their mark on the skyline whenever I get back into town, as infrequently as it feels. Even the excavation is interesting because they generally haven't been smaller-scale sites in the past few projects around town. Two weeks cannot pass by soon enough.
  12. ChannelTwoNews

    Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building
  13. ChannelTwoNews

    Energy Center III, IV & V - 935 North Eldridge Parkway