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  1. I live on the far east side of SCR, just east of Kirby, and in the two years I have lived here I have never smelled even the faintest hint of the landfill. I have spent some time riding my bike around SCR, as well as some time at the pool on the west side with the water park, and even then I didn't smell anything. Might have just been the particular days that I was over that way...
  2. When I got the quote through the windstorm pool, I didn't have to provide the certificate, and they still gave the discount- so I guess either my builder or the city inspector supplied it to them. I looked up my address on the TDI website and it didn't come up, but when I called they said they had it on record. Also, I read an article stating that if your home was built to higher than required standards, you can get a higher discount Info Here, not sure if that is still the case. I would certainly call your agent to be sure that you are getting the discount. The $1,200 qoute is for 205k dwelling, and 155k contents. My lender isn't requiring me to have full coverage, just coverage equal to the amount of the principle left on the loan, and they couldn't care less about me covering contents. I was informed that if you purchase insurance through the pool, that they require you to cover at least 80% of the dwelling value. If I bump the dwelling coverage down to 165k and the contents down to 75k, it brings the premium down to $860. I didn't check to see what the price would be if I just had dwelling, and not contents, but I would think it would go down signifcantly more.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses. Just to clarify a couple of things. my loan documents do state that the lender may require insurance above and beyond normal hazard insurance. They are not requiring me to place the insurance through them, they are just requiring that I have it, which I would completely understand and agree with if I was living directly on the coast. From my understanding windstorm insurance in Brazoria county is done through the Texas Windstorm Pool, and that no matter what insurance company I go through the insurance policy price will be the same, and any variance in price is due to different agent fees. USAA quoted $1200 through the windstorm pool, and I have heard others who said that is about what they pay, so I question the ethics of the lender quoting $4600 (even though they have stated that it would likely be more expensive to place it through them). I understand that the lender needs to protect their investment in my loan, but I feel that I am being lumped in with areas that are truly high risk simply because I am in the same county as them. What I am questioning the lender on is the criteria by which they have decided my house is in a "high risk area". I may very well come to the conclusion that the smartest thing to do will be to get the insurance through USAA, but I would like to have all the information possible. If I decide that I don't want the insurance, then I am looking for some ammo to contest the lenders decision that I am in a "high risk area". Has anyone else tried to contest their lender's requirement for windstorm? Also, just interested to see what other people in the neighborhood are doing as far as windstorm goes. Chamo- does your lender require that you have it, or do you have it voluntarily? My insurance company did inform me before I moved down here from town that unlike my old house in Houston in which windstorm was covered under my normal hazard home insurance, that I would have to get windstorm through the Texas Windstorm Pool if I wanted it. TheNiche: I don't get the feeling that they are trying to get me to refi or default, I think that they are just lumping everyone in Brazoria county together and saying that it is a coastal county and everyone needs to have windstorm (the old cover your 6 mentality), whether it makes sense or not. Again, thanks for the info.
  4. Anyone know what catastrophe designation Shadow Creek Ranch has as far as windstorm requirements go? I have loooked on the state's website, and it lists Pearland as an "Inland II", but the map doesn't include SCR. The reason I ask is because after 2 years in my house in SCR, my mortgage company is now all of a sudden requiring me to have windstorm insurance, on top of my regular hazard insurance. The mortgage company is claiming I am in a "high risk coastal area", and due to recent events (katrina & rita) they are requiring their customers in these high risk areas to be covered, but no one can give me clarification on how they determine that. My thinking is that they are doing it by county, and I think that if I lived in southern harris county, rather than northern brazoria, they wouldn't require it. Anyone else have this issue? Also, I'm curious to see how many others in SCR do have wind and storm. Am I crazy for not having it? USAA has qouted around $1200 per yr through the windstorm pool, where as my mortgage company is saying they will get lender placed insurance for $4600. For those of you who do have it, is your coverage amount the full value of the home & contents, ie, total loss, or do you just have a portion covered, thinking that you will likely only have roof damage, not total loss. Thanks for any info you all can give. Brad
  5. From the looks of fox-properties site plan, the building that is going up right now is Academy. For some reason I assumed that the HEB would be the first one to go up. Anyone have any insight? thanks
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